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Horoscope: The New Moon Promises To Be Complicated For These Two Astrological Signs

Every week, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié sets the cosmic tone for the days to come. Here are the signs that will have to hold on a little more than the others, from March 7th to 14th, 2024.

No rest for the stars. Things were already happening in the sky between the constellations of Aries and Aquarius, but this weekend is accelerating the movement. Mercury and Neptune help you realize your dreams by shaking up your very strong ideals on March 8. The New Moon in Pisces and the arrival of Mercury in Aries officially start a new game, from Sunday. We roll the dice again and redistribute the cards. In this game, certain astrological signs are the luckiest and others will have to pass their turn without going to square one. It’s frustrating, but I promise, it only lasts a week. And since Jean-Yves Espié’s horoscope is above all very positive this week, these two zodiac signs simply have less luck than their comrades. No curse in sight, we listen to the astrologer’s advice and the stars will be well guarded.


A New Moon, for Cancers, is the equivalent of rehearsals for the end-of-year show in primary school: we have fun but we have pressure. Little protégé of the Moon, the sign of the Crab is the first to delve behind the scenes of its emotions when the satellite turns off the light. An introspection is sponsored by the sign of Pisces, which makes this ocean of doubts denser and more intense. The sea is rough, sensitivity is heightened, and annoyances and annoyances multiply. For Jean-Yves Espié, the astral crustaceans will need to use their best assets to avoid losing their footing this week. “Put away your doubts and share the richness of your intuition, your sensitivity,” he advises.

It’s time to listen to your gut. Censoring your emotions would be counterproductive. But the astrologer also advises: “Organize yourself according to your priorities and set a specific goal to achieve. » In the blur of this end of winter, it’s not easy to see clearly. Thanks to Lilith (inner strength, hidden potential) in Virgo, Cancers will be able to mobilize the greatest qualities of this sign: method, rigor, and patience. Especially since other planets give them a precious helping hand. “Jupiter and Uranus bring you creative inspiration that gives you the edge,” emphasizes the astrologer, while Mercury in Aries awakens your tenacity. More than ever, we cling like a crab to a rock and we don’t let go.


She has the impression of having been in the oven and the mill all winter: Capricorn feels washed out. The stars boosted her for her birthday, then challenged her during the seasons of Aquarius and Pisces. However, there is no question of letting up on our efforts, according to Jean-Yves Espié. “All the planets form beautiful aspects with you. » The way is clear, an opportunity to stand out not to be missed, for Capricorns. It’s stimulating, certainly, but energy-consuming. The astrologer wants to qualify: “The spirit of synthesis, the creativity, the will… But don’t expect a miracle from those around you: they don’t have the same facilities to set a course and organize themselves. » To keep up, we will have to save energy.

Perfect, since in the constellation Capricorn, it is currently Ceres who is leading the dance. The asteroid of work and method accentuates the astral goat’s taste for rigor and planning. Fatally, they may have the impression that not everyone is following. It must be said that Venus in Aquarius rather encourages the dispersion and softening of frameworks. A review is necessary. Capricorns worked as a team all winter, making several compromises in love and even giving up ground in friendship and family. It’s time to play a little personal and save time by only listening to yourself. That’s good, Mercury in Aries stimulates Capricorn’s independence. For Jean-Yves Espié, it is obvious: “You will quickly obtain results by relying only on yourself. » Sometimes, you are never better served than by your inner goat.

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