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How To Know You’ve Found Your Soulmate, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Each person has their soulmate.

Even though not everyone believes this to be true, there are many romantics who are certain this is the case.

So, what is a soulmate anyway?

Your soulmate is a person that makes you stronger, healthier, and a better version of yourself.

They complement you perfectly. Your flaws no longer seem so harsh once you’re with them.

Everything they do seems to make sense to you, even when it shouldn’t.

The way they love you is just perfect. Nothing more, nothing less.

You are certain that the two of you are forever because you can’t imagine a scenario in which they would let you down.

You trust them completely and want to share every little bit of yourself with them.

Not everybody’s “forever” is the same, though. Each one of us needs different things out of our soulmate.

If your friend needs theirs to be super romantic, it doesn’t mean that you do too.

Even though everyone is different, our zodiac affects the traits we are looking for in our forever person.

Find out which kind of personality is perfect for your forever person, or check if you are someone’s soulmate.


Your soulmate is able to keep up the pace with you. You are incredibly impulsive, energetic, and enthusiastic.

You need someone who’s able to follow you through your constant motion.

Your perfect partner has to accept two things: your competitive side, and the fact that you usually do things before thinking.

This will save you a lot of fights.

They challenge you to be a better person and keep on going, even when you feel like a complete failure, which doesn’t happen often but is very rough when it does.


Your soulmate is someone who is reliable, stable, and strong.

You don’t need them to take care of you, but you need to know that they could and would if they had to.

You need someone to surprise you and take you out of your comfort zone, since only this brings out the most wonderful side of you.

Someone who appreciates your strong will and your loyalty, and who exhibits these same traits themselves is a perfect choice.

Good company, relaxation time, and some pampering is a recipe for a Taurus forever in love.


Impeccable communication and honesty are traits you’re looking for in your soulmate.

You need to know that you can tell them everything, no matter the feelings the truth might cause for both of you.

They are the number one person you go to when you need to take any burden off your chest.

You can tell them absolutely anything.

You two communicate even when you’re not talking and you feel like they get you, support and love you no matter what.

They never ever judge you.


Your forever person is someone you can trust enough to show them your softest parts.

Being vulnerable with the person you love is a must for you, but your forever person is the only one who makes you feel you can do that and not be afraid of getting hurt.

They are sensitive to your needs and emotions and see the strength in you no one else is able to see behind your soft exterior.

You need someone kind who will take care of you the same way you take care of them.

Their good soul is what will keep you forever by their side.

Once you two connect, nothing will break a bond of emotion and trust that you create together.


Your soulmate pushes you to be the best possible version of yourself.

They are interesting and social, and bring spice into your life.

They are able to keep up with your extravagant lifestyle.

They need to be emotionally intelligent and very strong to stay confident while also putting you on a pedestal.

Whatever happens, that person is there for you to help you find the best way to progress towards a stronger, happier, and healthier self.

You love them with all you’ve got – the only way you know how.


Your forever person is someone with whom you can share a stimulating conversation.

You’re not really about the looks, but rather about what you can find underneath the surface.

They need to accept everything that’s weird and unusual about you, and love you for it.

At the same time, they need to fit in with your standards that are pretty high.

Only with them will you feel safe enough to let down your walls and let them in to reach whatever you’ve been hiding from the rest of the world and keeping for the right one that comes along.

Once you let them in, they’ll be astonished and never leave.


Harmony and peace define you and your relationships. Your forever person needs to recognize this in you.

They need to be calm, justice-seeking individuals.

Someone who you know how to make happy on a bad day and who does the same for you is your perfect partner.

Patience is a key virtue for them to have.

You don’t need to be similar to your forever person, even being completely different is fine.

The chemistry between you two needs to be right and you have to work well together, no matter the differences.

Even though you usually care a lot about other people’s opinions, no one’s will matter once you realize you’re in for good.


Your forever person sees through your negativity. They’ve seen the worst in you and choose to love you anyway.

They are able to reach the bright light you hide deep within.

They have shown you through your ups and downs that you can trust them not to betray you, whatever comes your way.

They’ve made it possible for you to relax and let go of your jealousy.

Your relationship with them has made you be a more trusting person in general and therefore made it possible for you to have a richer, more fulfilling social life.

Being with them unlocks your passionate, emotional side that was always hiding deep within you.


Even though you think that the concept of a forever person is flawed, the one who gets your wicked sense of humor, laughs with you, and is willing to live an adventurous life with you changes your opinion.

Once you realize they don’t want to take away your freedom but want to enjoy life with you, together as equals, you let go of your preconceived notions and fall deeply in love.

Someone who makes settling down look like anything but boring is your soulmate.

If they got you to commit, preferably without you even realizing it, they are the one.


Your forever person shares your values. They value stability and have a pragmatic approach to life.

They are not overly emotional and can handle criticism well.

They understand the importance of hard work and stand with their feet on the ground, never fantasizing or dwelling in imaginary scenarios.

They put effort into your relationship, never forgetting that everything that’s good in life isn’t given but earned.

They also know how to make you smile and loosen up a bit – just enough to have time to steal your heart and lock it away.


Your forever person is someone who values your identity in all its ever-changing glory.

They are the person that accepts your need for personal time, and they have a tendency to be loners as well.

They are independent and fierce, and their wits sweep you off your feet.

They know how to surprise you and are always ready to go a bit wild with you.

They are both your anchor and your boat, complementing each side of you beautifully.

Your ideal partner helps you stay calm and they push you towards learning how to take care of yourself.

Once you realize you’ve started appreciating your time with them even more than your time alone, you’ll know that you’re hooked forever.


Being the romantic of the zodiac, you need someone who appreciates and enjoys romance.

Your forever person needs to be absolutely enamored with everything you are and do.

They have to be someone who, in your opinion, is worth putting on your little pedestal.

Someone who is nurturing, sensible, and passionate.

Your ideal partner is more stable than you are and they help you realize you need to work hard in the real world to make your beautiful, imaginative dreams become your reality.

The sweetest part is that they share that reality with you, allowing you to dream on and create an even more beautiful, artistic, and creative world for you two to live in.

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