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What Type Of Woman Are You According To Your Birth Month


Your soul is calm, as long as it respects your space, you are not interested in the lives of others, you prefer to concentrate on your affairs, and you have many goals in mind. You were born to succeed and lead. You are determined, you know that life is about throwing yourself into the ring. Give up? You are never motivated by the idea of ​​seeing how far your success can go. However, this does not mean that you are superficial, you have a beautiful and courageous heart.


The independent woman, the one who gets lost in her thoughts and who never stops dreaming. Deep down, you’re still that innocent girl who looks for inspiration in everything that comes her way. You are creative, and interesting, and love to lose yourself in the beauty of the simplest yet meaningful things. Your mind is free and when it comes to bonding, you prioritize loyalty. Once you promise love, you have a hard time getting that person out of your heart.


You like to be reserved, because you know that there are people who don’t know how to love, the only thing they want is to get rid of your weaknesses. Shyness describes you perfectly. You only enjoy conversations that help you grow. Maybe your friends are few, but in reality, you know you can count on them when you need them most. You are a woman who does not understand obstacles, if you set a goal, you achieve it and that’s it.


It’s impossible not to talk about yourself when elegance is there. You are a wise, diplomatic, and very astute woman. However, when it comes to relationships, you like to be selective, because you are very clear that there are people who take more from you than they give you. You benefit from socializing because you are a staunch believer that every person who crosses your path teaches you something. There are times when they describe you as a calm person, but that is not true. The fact is that you have to be with the right souls to laugh non-stop.


You are the sensitive woman, the one who can’t help but shed a tear in the face of pain, the one who can do without everything to help. Your heart is sacred, the person who gains your companionship, gains your unconditionality. You would never leave someone who is going through a hard time to their fate. You like to be active, fill yourself with projects, spend time with your loved ones, and take unexpected trips. You are the woman who values ​​her free time, you only share it with those who make your heart happy.


You are the woman who misses no detail, you have a frightening capacity for analysis. You are caring and enjoy being around people who stimulate you intellectually. Furthermore, you show great determination and perseverance, some say you are stupid, but that is precisely what brought you to the top. Your charm is natural, you know how to connect with everyone, and you convince people. You are this exceptional woman, faithful and strong, the one who is always at the bottom of the canyon.


You are that woman who imposes, the one who steals glances, the one who inspires. You vibrate in such a beautiful way that you fill yourself with life. You like adventures, risks don’t scare you. You are a creative, open-minded woman, you lose yourself in music, painting, and writing. Additionally, you are very altruistic, your goal is to create real connections, and lies give you hives. You value your freedom a lot, you are not one of those who wait for their life to be resolved, you show them how it is done.


The efficient woman, to whom the world is not closed amid so many trials. You like to take charge, you are not the type to follow the herd. Your security sets you apart, you know what you want and you won’t let anyone else interfere with your plans. Keen? Until the end, you live each day as if it were your last, you like to give your all, even if you are exhausted. You are that friend and companion who encourages you in the worst of times, even when you are broken.


They don’t see your naive face, you just act cautiously and when they least think about it, you beat them. You are a thoughtful woman, you learn very quickly and no one beats you when it comes to storing information. You have your feet on the ground, falling into fanciful stories is not your thing, you demand truths from the start. You are sensitive, gentle, and reserved. You don’t need to be surrounded by people to feel appreciated, you know your value goes beyond all that.


Beat around the bush? Not at all, you say things clearly, even if it hurts. You are a woman who exudes confidence, you have long decided to get rid of your fears and you are not interested in the opinions of others. If they want to criticize you, let them, their stones won’t stop you. You are a talented woman, a negotiator, and very intense. You put your heart into everything you do, which is why you hardly regret your decisions because you keep the lessons.


The mysterious one, the one who gives her heart to a few, but once she does, there is no going back. You are very attractive and can read between the lines, a little conversation is enough to determine if the person in front of you is trustworthy. This is when you set your boundaries, you are not going to allow the negativity of others to ruin you. You can be understanding and tolerant, but you will never let them humiliate you or take advantage of you.


A woman with beautiful feelings, a beautiful soul, and a beautiful atmosphere. It’s you, selfless and empathetic. You like to do things to make those you love happy. You are contagious, and being with you is full of hopes and dreams. You never let reality cloud your imagination, you know that it’s always the right time to disconnect from everything and get lost in your world. You are loving, devoted, and very deep. You are fascinated by always getting to the root of everything.

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