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Horoscope: Why This Week Is Decisive For The Rest Of Spring

No, it’s not Mercury retrograde. Nor the New Moon. Not even the solar eclipse. Another cosmic event culminating on April 11, 2024 risks influencing our entire week… and the rest of the season.

There is never a dull moment with astrology. No day is the same and no retrograde is as good as another. This week proves it again with a funny cosmic dance “made in” Aries season. Sometimes, stars meet in the same constellation of the zodiac, at the same degree, as seen from Earth. In astrology, we call this a conjunction. The meanings of the planets are then mixed, creating a whole new astrological dynamic. Well this week, it’s a bit like the equivalent of a “triple word count” in Scrabble®. Three conjunctions appear over several days. Peak? The night of Thursday the 11th when the Moon joins the party. We tell you everything about this moment which acts as an accelerator in the middle of Mercury retrograde.


Hold on and buckle up. Because Saturn (responsibilities, work, contracts) and Mars (action, decision) will be at the same degree as Pisces. The advantage? We take control, we get to the forefront of things and we don’t hesitate to take control of the frameworks to redefine them. Especially since Uranus (change, rebellion), Jupiter (luck), and the Moon (creativity) are also to a degree conjunct in Taurus. This club of five forms a beautiful synergy which can be interpreted as an unexpected but positive turnaround.

Long-awaited contracts are signed. We make it official, we find an unexpected solution to a problem that we no longer thought we could resolve. Especially since Mars, the planet of Aries, accelerates everything. Mercury (communication) in retrograde (interiority) and the Sun (expression) are also united in Aries to allow us to express repressed emotions and deep feelings. All of this should help define a guideline for the rest of the spring. It’s time to make a list of everything you want to do in the coming weeks, to get the ball rolling and welcome the renewal. A change of direction presages the arrival of Jupiter in Gemini for two years, starting on May 26.


  • Capricorn (a sign of Saturn) and Aries (protected by Mars) embark on a new path and… Simply commit. For them, it is the season of important decisions that involve great responsibilities and a change of direction for the weeks to come. Uranus helps them turn a corner while Jupiter stimulates their desire to grow, evolve, and gain independence. More audacity for Capricorn, more sense of reality for Aries, and the circle is complete.
  • Leo, Gemini, and Virgo are directly affected by the meeting of Mercury and the Sun in Aries. The cosmic feline, the Sun’s little darling, is entering a period of profound changes that are redefining its identity and its goals. The proximity of Mercury retrograde allows him to ask the right questions and dare to ask for advice. Gemini and Virgo, in Mercurian signs, take this moment as a clearing in the middle of the clouds. This week has had the effect of a flash of lucidity on them. They realize things, finally see a solution that is under their noses, and take the opportunity to make the necessary decisions.
  • Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Cancer are also in the eye of the storm. They who are linked respectively to Jupiter, Uranus, and the Moon are entering a new era. Symbolically, when these stars intersect, it is the sign of the arrival of something new, positive. All week until the beginning of May, Sagittarius and Aquarius are getting a new look, or rather: offering themselves a new way of seeing things. With these brand-new glasses, they can see opportunities they didn’t know before or unexplored possibilities. In this game, Cancer will also be able to taste this wind of change under the protection of its star, the Moon.

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