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Today’s Horoscope 3rd April 2023


In the coming weeks, there will be good opportunities to make a perfect purchase, which you hadn’t made up until now because you feared you hadn’t found the opportunity. This beginning of the week, for your Fire sign, the planet of Travel and Communication enters the House of Money.


There comes a Monday that finds you calm and capable of amazing results. Starting from the beginning of this week, for you Torelli, the planet of Travel and Communication is in a pleasant conjunction. Professional life reserves respectable surprises.


You must learn not to appear selfish even when someone would expect to share something that you would not spontaneously want to share. Mercury, your patron star, is, for you Gemini, in the House of secret enemies, starting from this day. He takes diplomacy.


Mercury is an easy aspect, for your Water sign, starting from the lucky day for your sign. You will be very charming, both when talking about work facts and when dealing with feelings. Your simplicity is winning, in affection.


You will be slowed down a bit, both in your professional life and when you relate to friends and love. It will not be easy to make decisions and commit to them. Mercury, which governs Communications and Travel, transits in a dissonant position for you from Leo, starting today.


Upon resumption of normal activities, your loyalty is appreciated. For Virgo, Mercury, the star of Communications, is in an advantageous aspect, starting from the beginning of this week. In your profession as in love, you are granted important steps forward…


A period ends in which interpersonal relationships were characterized by great impulsivity. The star that regulates Travel and Communication is found in the astrological house of reform, for your sign of Air, starting from this day. You will be able to show yourself more thoughtful with the next one.


Mercury, the star of intelligence, is in unpleasant opposition to Scorpio, starting today… You have to get moving when you resume work. Otherwise, someone will precede you to take advantage of a good chance to do well in the profession.


For your Fire sign, Mercury, the planet of cunning, is in the House of daily life today. You are very passionate. A special person notices it, who, in the coming weeks, will make no secret of wanting to spend a few happy hours in your presence.


A tasty aspect of the planet of Communication occurs for your Earth sign from this day. In the next few days, you will be very sociable and you will gain the trust of someone you have always liked but who has not yet valued your merits well.


For Aquarius, the planet of Communication is in a complicated position, starting this Monday… Especially in matters of love, try not to be too passive. The partner would like to see you more likely to take the lead. Don’t disappoint him in the next few days.


For Pisces, an easy aspect of Mercury, star of Communications, is underway starting this Monday… The next few days will be characterized by the tendency to seek the pleasures of life. Don’t be afraid to overdo it: you deserved this moment of pleasure.

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