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How Aries Season In 2024 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign And Bring New Energy

With the arrival of the Aries season in 2024, marking the start of the new astrological year at the time of the spring equinox, we are witnessing spring renewal. Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, symbolizes beginnings and the opportunity to start from scratch. No matter what January resolutions may have fallen by the wayside, the real beginning is felt when the sun enters the sign of Aries on March 21st.

This season promises a mix of chaos and rapid change. Aries, seeking immediate results, may face obstacles, especially with the Venus-Saturn conjunction in Pisces on March 21, which can lead to delays and frustrations in romantic relationships. However, this time invites us to slow down and be more pragmatic and engaged in our affections. After all, instant gratification doesn’t always lead to the results you want.

This year, Aries season promises to be both intoxicating, hectic, and a little confusing. Indeed, with the entry of Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, into Pisces on March 22, your desire for action and your ego could be softened. Mars, which symbolizes motivation and aggressiveness, is thus found in the sign of Pisces, an ocean of emotions on edge. Are you ready to let yourself be carried away by these currents or will you be able to sail to shore?

The intensity of Aries season will peak on March 25 with a full moon, accompanied by a penumbral lunar eclipse at 5 degrees Libra. This eclipse is associated with the South Node of Karma, symbolizing in astrology everything we leave behind and move beyond. It could thus mark the start of a process of transformation, freeing up space to accommodate something new, particularly in the area of ​​relationships. As eclipses often bring major changes, you may have to leave something behind permanently.

However, these changes may initially seem disconcerting, because on April 1, Mercury retrogrades at 27 degrees Aries. This year, the traditional “April Fool’s Day” takes on a whole new dimension, so expect the jokes and pranks to be taken to the next level. This period of retrograde could heighten your desire to take action, but anger and impulsivity could lead you to make major mistakes that could have been avoided. It’s crucial to weigh your actions carefully, especially during Mercury retrograde. Since Mercury retrograde tends to sow confusion and resurrect unresolved matters, you may not yet know which changes are permanent and which are temporary.

The Aries period extends from the time the sun enters this sign in March until it leaves on April 19.

Prepare to be enveloped in an atmosphere of magic and romance until April 3, as Venus unites with Neptune, the mystical and empathetic. In the sign of Pisces, where Venus is at its peak, it’s the perfect time to express your feelings to someone, start a new relationship, or even reconnect with an old love. The energy is conducive to intense, almost unreal emotions, but keep in mind that feelings do not always equate to reality.

Take full advantage of this daydreaming period, because once Venus enters Aries on April 5, things could get complicated on the love front. Transiting in the sign of Aries, where Venus is in a weak position, you may be more inclined to engage in self-centered behavior, such as sending unanswered messages or pursuing someone who doesn’t share your feelings. However, it’s also an opportunity to focus on self-love and not take things too seriously, especially with Mercury retrograde.

The peak of this season comes on April 8, with a total solar eclipse at 19 degrees Aries.

This eclipse is likely to trigger major changes that will ultimately promote the healing of your identity and strengthen your sense of independence. The presence of Chiron in the same position will intensify this eclipse by highlighting your deepest wounds while showing you how far you have come.

Consider this eclipse an important lesson, where you can draw on your own experience of pain to help others overcome theirs. By being authentic and vulnerable, you are already helping to make the world a better place. With the North Node of Destiny currently passing through Aries, this eclipse will propel you into a future that has long been meant for you. Trust the process.

These eclipses have the potential to completely reshape your life and bring about radical transformations, but progress may not be as rapid as you hope. Indeed, Mars will form a conjunction with Saturn, the planet of discipline, restriction, and delayed gratification, sometimes leaving you caught between the desire to move forward and the constraints of the present moment. It’s important to remember that Mars and Saturn are among the most demanding planets in astrology, putting obstacles in your path to test your limits. While you may be eager to progress, this Aries season also invites you to slow down and strategize thoughtfully.

Here’s what you can expect for your upcoming Aries season horoscope, based on your Sun sign and/or rising sign:

Aries Horoscope

This year, your solar birthday month takes on special importance.

As Aries season draws to a close, you may see significant changes in your identity and relationships. With the Sun crossing Aries, the sign where it is at its peak, energizing your first house of self, you will feel an exhilarating energy. However, a conjunction between Venus and Saturn in your twelfth house of solitude on March 21 could mark a slow start to the season, filled with emotion and moments of solitary reflection.

Despite this soft start, major transformations are on the horizon as the month goes on. On March 25, a lunar eclipse in Libra could encourage you to abandon a relationship that has reached its end, while inviting you to become aware of the wounds that need to be healed in your interactions. Meanwhile, with Mercury retrograde in your sign from April 1, you may feel some confusion about your feelings and how to act, giving you time to reevaluate your motivations.

Finally, with the arrival of a total solar eclipse on April 8, you may be faced with life-changing events, as if destiny is taking the reins of your life. In these moments of uncertainty, remember that you have the strength to overcome challenges because you were born to face adversity.


As we move forward into Aries season, challenges seem to multiply, turning this time into a roller coaster ride.

With the Sun passing through your 12th house, that of spirituality and introspection, you will find yourself immersed in a phase of deep reflection and well-deserved withdrawal. You may question your relationships and social commitments as Venus, your opening planet, unites with Saturn in your 11th house of community on March 21.

As the season progresses, expect therapeutic advances and changes to your daily life. A lunar eclipse will impact your sixth house of work, health, and habits on March 25, highlighting your physical well-being and encouraging you to abandon harmful behaviors.

However, with Mercury retrograde in your introspective 12th house from April 1, you will delve even deeper into your healing process, confronting emotional and psychological challenges. The total solar eclipse occurring in your 12th house on April 8 could further shake up your perception of yourself, confronting you with hidden truths nestled deep within your being.

Gemini Horoscope

During Aries season, your vision will expand as the Sun illuminates your 11th house of aspirations, dreams, and community connections, starting March 21.

This will boost your desire to connect with your network and support those who are marginalized, showcasing the power of your relationships. However, as Venus meets Saturn in your 10th house of career and authority on March 21, you may feel doubt about your accomplishments, but it will also inspire you to lay the foundation for professional advancement. long-term. Fortunately, with Mars activating your 10th house starting March 22, your stamina and determination grow as the weeks go by.

A lunar eclipse in Libra will bring transformation to your ninth house of wisdom and expansion on March 25. It might inspire you to travel, return to school, or become a mentor to someone else, opening the door to new experiences and allowing you to leave outdated perspectives behind.

However, with Mercury, your ruling planet, going retrograde starting April 1, you may experience difficulty in your social interactions, whether online or in person, especially in contexts that impact your overall reputation. It might be time to reconsider your social circles. Finally, with a total solar eclipse in Aries illuminating your 11th house on April 8, new opportunities arise to positively influence your community.


During Aries season, your focus will be on your career, with the Sun illuminating your 10th house, that of public effort and social recognition.

This will rekindle your confidence in your career path, but remember that your career is just one aspect of your life, a way to support yourself and thrive. With the conjunction between Venus and Saturn in your ninth house, that of philosophy and expansion, you may seek deeper meanings and topics that spark your curiosity.

Aries season promises twists and turns as a lunar eclipse lights up your fourth house, that of family and home, on March 25, highlighting questions and plans related to your private life. You may have to abandon aspects of your domestic life that no longer serve you, thereby redefining your roots and family ties. However, with the start of Mercury retrograde on April 1, your attention will turn again to unresolved professional matters, revealing conflicts with authority figures and challenges to overcome in your career.

As the total solar eclipse approaches in your 10th house of public visibility on April 8, you may have to make important decisions about what you share with the world and what you keep to yourself.

Leo Horoscope

During Aries season, you will embark on an intellectual and adventurous quest.

Starting March 21, with the Sun passing through your ninth house, you will be encouraged to explore new horizons and take risks with an open mind. However, with Venus and Saturn aligning in your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources, you may need to reevaluate the level of commitment in your relationships and take an honest look at your financial investments.

Changes in your social circle and local interactions could occur around March 25, with a lunar eclipse impacting your third house of communication and neighborhood. An unexpected conversation or event could alter your perspective on things.

Meanwhile, with Mercury retrograde in your ninth house, you’ll have the opportunity to revisit past ideas, reignite stalled discussions, and make surprising discoveries. Finally, with a total solar eclipse lighting up your ninth house of the search for truth on April 8, you could be on the verge of reaching a profound new understanding that will enrich your wisdom for years to come.


Aries season heralds a renewed level of depth and intensity for Virgo natives.

As the Sun transits its eighth house, the realm of transformation and rebirth. Beginning March 21, you will delve into a period of exploring the deepest and sometimes darkest aspects of your life, questioning both your emotional and material investments, and carefully evaluating your interpersonal relationships. The conjunction between Venus and Saturn in your seventh house of partnership on March 21 could have you thinking hard about the adjustments needed to maintain lasting relationships. It is time to break away from the patterns that hinder long-term stability.

Between now and March 25, significant changes in your financial situation could be in store with the lunar eclipse in Libra impacting your second house of resource management and self-esteem. This moment may require material sacrifices or a reassessment of your financial priorities to preserve your resources.

At the same time, with Mercury, your ruling planet, retrograding in your eighth house of inner life and transactions, you will be faced with the need to resolve outstanding financial matters and deal with unfulfilled commitments. The total solar eclipse on April 8 marks a new beginning in your eighth house, inspiring you to work on self-confidence and make more meaningful commitments for the future.

Libra Horoscope

Aries season will highlight the importance of your relationships with Libra natives.

With the Sun illuminating your seventh house, that of partnership, from March 21. This highlights the importance of maintaining balance and diplomacy in your interactions, qualities for which you are known. However, with Venus and Saturn aligning in your sixth house of tasks and responsibilities on the same day, you may find yourself reassessing the investment you put into your relationships and seeking more harmony in your life. Maybe it’s time to replace unstable habits with routines that promote stability.

Emotions will be intense between now and March 25, with a lunar eclipse in Libra impacting your first house of personal identity. This period may lead you to accept changes that are beyond your control, but you will have the power to decide how to react to them. It’s time to leave behind the aspects of your personality that no longer serve you.

With the start of Mercury retrograde on April 1, contact with old loves and partners could resurface, while also potentially stirring up tension in current relationships that require resolution. This all leads up to a total solar eclipse in your seventh house of partnership on April 8, which can bring life-changing greetings as well as heartbreaking goodbyes.


During the Aries season, Scorpio natives are likely to focus intensely on their work.

As the Sun passes through their sixth house, that of routine and work ethic, starting March 21. However, it is crucial to remember that the sixth house is also about health and well-being, so self-care should be a priority just as much as productivity. As the conjunction between Venus and Saturn in your fifth house of love and pleasure occurs on the same day, you may realize that some activities that give you pleasure are not necessarily beneficial for you.

Around March 25, a lunar eclipse in Libra will influence your twelfth house, that of subconscious energies, prompting you to release old emotional burdens. This time can spark deep introspections, accompanied by an emotional release that is both bittersweet and sweet.

However, with Mercury retrograde beginning in your active sixth house on April 1, you may find comfort in resuming pending projects and reassessing your commitment to your daily routine. The total solar eclipse in Aries in your sixth house on April 8 could mark the start of a new routine focused first and foremost on personal well-being and self-care.

Sagittarius Horoscope

During Aries season, Sagittarians will be energized by the Sun passing through their fifth house.

That of romance and self-expression, starting March 21. This period makes them more creative and open, with an increased desire to be recognized and loved for their artistic efforts and passion. However, the conjunction between Venus and Saturn on the same day can generate family tensions, causing conflicts in an environment that is supposed to be warm. These tensions could push them to make serious decisions regarding their private lives, encouraging them to take responsibility and evolve.

The lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25 could mark the end of some social dynamics, leading them to reevaluate their social circles and community commitments. As Mercury begins its retrograde on April 1, Sagittarians could be driven by their emotions, reconnecting with past flames and facing uncertainties in their love lives. With the total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, their fifth house of love and pleasure is activated, which could lead them to fall in love with something (or someone) new and exciting.


During Aries season, Capricorns will be deeply touched, revealing their most sentimental side.

With the Sun passing through their fourth house, that of family, starting March 21, they can focus on healing family relationships and strengthening their home environment. However, the conjunction between Venus and Saturn in their third house of communication, encompassing siblings as well as close friends, may cause a decrease in inspiration in their social interactions. This is the ideal time to strengthen ties with those around them.

Around March 25, they might realize that despite some professional failures, other aspects of their careers have been successful. A lunar eclipse in Libra in their tenth house, that of professional activities, will encourage them to free themselves from illusions and transform their public image.

With Mercury retrograde beginning on April 1, unresolved tensions with family and domestic issues need to be addressed, bringing them back to their roots. The total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 disrupts their fourth house of domestic chores, pushing them to abandon old perceptions of home for an understanding more aligned with their ultimate destiny.

Aquarius Horoscope

During Aries season, Aquarians’ social lives will be vibrant.

With the Sun animating their third house of communication and friendships from March 21, they are likely to accept many invitations to social gatherings and be in tune with the zeitgeist. However, they should remember that Venus unites with Saturn on the same day, emphasizing the importance of maintaining financial stability and not comparing yourself to others. They should not judge themselves if they feel less worthy than others in certain areas.

The lunar eclipse in Libra will obscure their ninth house of perspectives and philosophies on March 25, providing opportunities for personal growth and realignment of their life path. Stepping out of their comfort zone could be beneficial, although it takes patience to adapt to changes.

With Mercury retrograde beginning in their mental third house on April 1, they need to be careful in their communication to avoid misunderstandings. The April 8 total solar eclipse in their third house of social relationships and personal expression will allow them to share their opinions in meaningful ways that can have a lasting impact.


During the Aries season, Pisces will experience expansion.

With the Sun now illuminating their second house of finances and self-esteem from March 21st. They can discover ways to improve their income or manage their expenses more wisely, but they must remember that meaningful progress takes time. With the Venus-Saturn conjunction in Pisces in their first house of self on the same day, they face challenges related to their deep-seated insecurities. They need to take the pressure off themselves and recognize that their imperfections make them unique and interesting.

The lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25 will impact their eighth house of transformation and rebirth, causing them to reconsider the level of intimacy in their relationships. This can affect their confidence, especially if expectations are not met on both sides.

After Mercury retrograde begins on April 1, they should watch their spending to avoid impulsive purchases that could lead to regrets later. Under financial stress, they will have the opportunity to clarify their goals and review their spending habits when the total solar eclipse on April 8 brings changes to their financial realm.

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