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How Does Your Intuition Work According To Your Zodiac Sign?

The science of astrology has advanced significantly since its inception and today can provide its adherents and just curious people with an extensive knowledge base about each of us. But we don’t know much about our most powerful ally, intuition. This article is written to introduce you to it better.

Each sign has its degree of development of this superpower. To determine it, you need to draw up a Natal Chart. It gives a clearer picture.

Aries: Energetic – Intuitive

His ability to feel all kinds of energy is simply amazing. Qi energy flows through every living and dead being. When we feel love, hate, or desire, these are the vibrations of this very energy at different frequencies. Aries is a born empath from an early age.

But, unfortunately, or fortunately, most of them consider this ability to be their weakness. Therefore, they consider it very important to protect themselves from all life’s disappointments by building dense and high walls around themselves. And always, whenever danger awaits them, they react very quickly and correctly. They have a very well-developed intuition: they will have time to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Frankincense will help Aries fight negative energy. It will strengthen the aura and help you to be a brave and strong warrior, able to protect your loved ones.

Taurus: Evil Detector

How your intuition works. For him, as the most fertile and family sign, everything is defined very simply: love is not love. Enthusiasm is boredom. He simply has an unquenchable thirst for sensual relationships and pleasures. They love to give and feel joy, a sense of blessing. And it’s all at the level of some instincts. And if someone tries to disturb their peace and security, Taurus will feel it right away and fight back. Taurus is ready to share his wealth, love, and secrets, but not with everyone. It is available only to a narrow circle of people. And if your intentions are not pure, don’t even try to get there.

Emeralds protect the sensual nature of Taurus.

Gemini: Mind Reader

Air sign under the rule of Mercury: for him, the world is an endless adventure, a storehouse of ideas, words, and wise thoughts. Their air carries souls and energy over long distances. Gemini, a true child of Air, guided by Mercury, reads others like an open book. Even just being close to a person, they can learn everything about him. This is sometimes scary. Do you know why they do it? Because they rarely depend on other people’s opinions. They are driven by pure curiosity. And love and thirst for knowledge!

Quartz will protect Gemini from bad thoughts.

Cancer: True Empath

This sign is ruled by the Moon and he cannot help but navigate in his intuition, like a fish in water, although he is not Pisces. Although they do not always understand what knowledge they have, their gut is always their faithful adviser. The sign of Cancer governs the abdomen. Whenever intuition wants to tell Cancer something, he will feel this strange tickling in his stomach. I think it’s called “butterflies”? Trust this feeling. After all, words can be false… What about feelings?

Moonstones will help Cancer protect their heart.

Leo: Radar of Hearts

How does your intuition work? Leos can be overly active, outspoken extroverts, but they have a purpose that not everyone sees. Their secret identity. Why? Because they know they have considerable power. And they know that it must be kept secret. Thanks to this power, they can always determine which of the people around them is moving towards their cherished goal, and who has given up, has lost faith in everything, and himself.

This sign has a subtle but strong connection to the Divine. And therefore they feel the presence or absence of this connection in others. If they develop their gift, they can change the world! They know how to give people the most important thing for this: hope!

Gold. This metal will help them reach their full potential. If you wear gold jewelry, you can direct your forces in the right direction.

Virgo: Health Scanner

This comrade by nature is always aware of everything that happens to his body and soul. And not only: also everything that happens around him. And everyone around him. Like a radar that responds to any trouble or illness. And they react to this signal with lightning speed. If you notice that Virgo is worried about something, you should too. They feel the energy of every living being. Virgos make excellent doctors, veterinarians, and nurses: they always feel if something is going wrong.

Ruby will help Virgo to block the action of energy vampires and their parasitic influence against himself and those who are dear.

Libra: Peacemaker at the level of Instinct

For Libra, everything that happens around is energy flow. From early childhood, they catch everything, everything, and nothing can be hidden from them. They trace the Divine Plan of the Higher Power in everything. And they can feel and recreate the balance of these very forces. Any disturbance of this balance causes them great pain. They need peace and tranquility. They have a strong connection with nature and their surroundings. Peace is the best medicine for them.

Sage and Lavender are the best assistants in restoring peace of mind and balance of power.

Scorpio: Hunter of Secrets

How does your intuition work? If you know at least one Scorpio, then you know that you will not hide anything from him. And even the slightest attempt of yours to do this they will immediately smell. They have a built-in lie detector. So… Don’t risk it again, okay? Just as good as a lie, they feel the slightest opportunities for self-development. And, as soon as they smell them, they immediately give themselves to them selflessly and go to the end.

Obsidian (volcanic glass) is Scorpio’s best friend. It will help enhance his abilities and protect him from the void and darkness that sucks in like black holes in space.

Sagittarius: Computing Wisdom

They were blessed by the King of the Gods of Greek mythology, Zeus (Jupiter). He always gives them a gust of wind of good fortune, under their outstretched sail. After all, their path is the comprehension of wisdom as deeply as possible. Therefore, they meet on their way the wisest of teachers, from dark and light – they are attracted to Sagittarius, like a magnet.

So they find their way in this mysterious world. As they mature, they begin to recognize the truth and lie with ease. And follow those who follow the truth. Although they will always strive to surpass them. They believe that this knowledge is the meaning of their life, and they will never stop. After all, is it possible to know everything? No. This means that this is an eternal way.

Aventurine is a form of Quartz that can greatly help Sagittarius along the way.

Capricorn: Feeling Power

Capricorn is the child of Saturn, considered the ancient god of time. Capricorn always knows how to find his place in society and this will be a privileged place. How do they do it? They feel who from their environment has power. Although few of their Capricorns suspect that this ability was given to them by Saturn, they always know how to set goals and know how to achieve them.

And although they work very hard and deserve all the benefits that they have, one of the secrets of their success is the ability to win over the powers that be. And the world of finance and politics too. They are very impressed with the power of Capricorn and strive to always support them and help in the development, formation, and embodiment of the Higher Destiny.

Palo Santo will help Capricorn to enter into sensitive contact with the ancient god of time and improve himself to the maximum.

Aquarius: The Reality Shifter

One of the strongest intuitions. Why? Let me explain. We are all surrounded by Qi energy, it circulates in us, through us, and through everything: living or dead. Everything we do is because of this energy. And every action we take affects it. This is a kind of cosmic “matrix”. Aquarius is the only one who can feel all the changes in this matrix. They always know what’s going on, in a global sense. And, if they learn to trust their feelings, there will be nothing beyond their control.

Rosemary is an ideal herb to help cleanse the aura of all negativity.

Pisces: Seeing Spirit

How your intuition works. These are real Mediums. From childhood, they feel strength in everything and this cannot but leave an imprint on their lives. Although in later life this paranormal activity is mainly manifested in their dreams and dreams, if they wish, they can learn to communicate with spirits as with living people. Pisces are spiritual beacons, a beacon in the darkness that guides lost souls. Whether dead or living.

Pearls will help awaken Pisces’ psychic abilities, and wear them to connect with spirits.

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