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Magical thinking is the official term for a person’s belief that his life is influenced by various inexplicable phenomena. Not all people are inclined to think in this way, but there are quite a lot of those who are close to such a perception of life. Adherents of magical thinking include individuals who, for example, believe in symbolism, and signs, and listen to divination and predictions. Often, because of such beliefs, such people are more susceptible to suggestions than those who approach everything rationally.

The psychologist Sigmund Freud was the first to talk about magical thinking. In his book “Totem and Taboo” he noted that it is magical thinking that underlies animism – the belief in the existence of the soul and spirits. And it is this phenomenon that is inextricably linked with religions, prayers, and various rituals. Another scientist, British anthropologist Bronislaw Malinovsky, argued that magical thinking is typical for people with a low educational level – they simply do not want to understand the nature of things and expand their horizons. He believed that educated people did not believe in magic.

However, the fascination with the occult sciences of people from high society who had a good education spoke of the opposite. Researchers of the 21st century, in turn, stated that magical thinking is a feature of the psyche. It does not characterize the mental abilities of a person. It’s just that someone sees something wonderful and mystical in something irrational, while someone is interested in analyzing the same phenomenon from the point of view of science and logic.

From our article, you will find out which representatives of which signs are more prone to magical thinking and how this manifests itself.

1 Virgo

Virgos have a unique ability to connect the earthly and divine dimensions, they have a very strong connection with the supernatural. Representatives of the sign feel the mystery in every unremarkable detail, sift the hidden matter to the surface and reveal the magic in everyday life. For connection with the mystical world, Virgos can thank their planetary ruler Mercury. This planet in any natal chart helps a person tune in to magic. In Virgos, this is most often manifested in everyday superstitions, but many of them secretly lay out Tarot cards and always listen to their dreams.

2 Scorpio

Water signs have incredible intuition and can go beyond reality, and the influence of Pluto helps Scorpios form an affinity for such areas as magic and astrology. This planet rules all things dark, magical, and mysterious, so it makes perfect sense why Scorpios are so attached to their spiritual side and drawn to all things mysterious. Furthermore, Scorpio rules the eighth house, which is associated with the inexplicable mysteries of life, so representatives of the sign more often than others have supernatural abilities.

3 Sagittarius

Restless representatives of the fiery element look at life through a spiritual prism. Sagittarians dream and fantasize to the fullest, not caring about the limitations of the rational world. Representatives of the sign seek to expand their minds and soul, this is largely influenced by the ninth house of spirituality and faith. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter – the planet that is responsible for everything related to knowledge and expansion. Therefore, people of this sign are obsessed with finding something more in life. They are open to the world around them, and this openness makes them more receptive to what others consider unscientific.

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