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How He Will Try To Keep You Without Commitment (According To His Astrological Sign)

You know the kind of man who refuses to label your relationship, but at the same time doesn’t want to leave you alone either?

That specimen who doesn’t want to make things official, but on the other hand, also refuses to leave you once and for all?

The type of guy who does his best to keep you, without needing to commit?

Well, find out how each of them does it based on their zodiac sign.


The way an Aries man will keep you attached to him, without really keeping his promises, is by making sure you never forget him.

As soon as he starts to notice that he is fading from your memory and thoughts, he will resurface to text you something that will remind you of your story.

And he’ll do it just to turn your life upside down again and make sure you won’t forget him anytime soon.


Taurus is the kind of man who, when you first meet him, seems too good to be true.

He will be very charming all the time, behave like a gentleman towards you, and make sure to attend to your every need and desire while you are around.

However, as soon as you break up, he will start to behave as if he never met you.


If your man is a Gemini, you need to be careful about the friend zone he will try to drag you into.

Indeed, he will make sure to become your best friend in the world even if he knows very well that you hope for more than that and that you are interested in him in a romantic way.


The Cancer man always plays the card of sensitivity and vulnerability to achieve his ends.

Every time you try to walk away from him because you’re tired of him not wanting to commit, he’ll invent a new problem that only you can solve.

He will always manage to make you believe that he couldn’t cope without you and will count on this as your number one weakness.


Unlike Cancer, the king of the jungle will do the exact opposite: he will lead you to believe that you need him and that you can’t get by without him.

He will be at your service all the time, he will do everything you want for you, he will do your shopping, take out the trash, and act like the man of the house.

However, the moment you start talking about commitment, he will start to become distant and pull away. Be careful, because he will certainly not be the one to pick up the phone first.

On the contrary, he will wait patiently for you to realize for yourself that you depend on him.

As soon as you ask him for help and need him, he will come back and be there to help you and bring you back into his vicious cycle of manipulation.


The Virgo man is generally not someone who runs away from commitment. However, when he does, he makes sure you never know where you stand with him.

He will never openly tell you that he doesn’t want to make things official, but he will do everything in his power to make sure you get the message for yourself.


The catch with this man is that officially, he will call you his girlfriend, but he will never treat you that way.

The Libra man will only commit to you in theory, while his actions will rarely match his words.

Even if he gives you the official title of “girlfriend”, you will never feel like his real partner.


When a Scorpio man does not want to commit to a woman, he turns this relationship into a purely sexual one.

Without you even realizing it, he turns you into the number one sex guy on his list.

The worst part is that you probably won’t even want to admit to yourself that he’s only using you for sex when deep down you’ll know it’s the truth.

Instead, you’ll keep hoping that he’ll change and eventually come to love you the right way.


Sagittarius will manage to keep you attached by opening up to you. He will make you believe that he is emotionally unavailable and that you are the only girl he can show his true self to.

Of course, he needs time to get over his breakup, and who better than you can help him do that?


When it comes to Capricorns, they are very open about their relationships and what they want with the girl in question.

The Capricorn man won’t even try to make you believe that you are the only girl in his life.

On the other hand, he will convince you that you are the only one who is special – the only one he cares about and who stands out from all the other women around him.


The way an Aquarius will get you to stick around, without him needing to commit, will be through mixed signals.

He’ll waste so much time trying to get to the bottom of him and understand him, that you’ll end up falling in love with him even harder than ever.

And the worst part is that you won’t even be able to blame him for leading you on with his feelings and for making you angry, because, let’s be frank, he won’t have done anything concrete to trap you.


A Pisces man will try to keep you in his life with grand romantic gestures.

Every time you send him away because of your anger at not giving you the place you deserve in his life, he will show up at your door with flowers, write you a poem, or do something extraordinary just so that you forget what you asked him and take him back.

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