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How Many Marriages Will A Person Have, Using The Example Of All 12 Signs Of The Zodiac

How many marriages a person will have, using the example of all 12 zodiac signs? The saying “one life, one wife” has ancient roots. Now, marriage and family formation are approached less carefully. More than 7 out of 10 unions get divorced during the first years of marriage. Astrologers have revealed an interesting pattern. The fact is that the number of concluded unions is directly correlated with the date of birth. About how many marriages will have different representatives of the zodiac, and we will tell further.

How many marriages a person will have, by date of birth: representatives of fire

They are very impulsive and energetic people. In principle, they try to convey this to their partner as well. Representatives include:

• Aries;
• Leo;
• Sagittarius.

Each of them has its unique character traits. Therefore, let’s talk about everything in more detail.


Leaders by nature. Therefore, only the first role will be played in the relationship. If the partner agrees with this, then the union will be eternal. Otherwise, a break is inevitable. Most Aries have more than 3 marriages.


How to understand how many marriages they will have? It’s a difficult question. Unions will be either extremely strong, or everything will end with a honeymoon. In general, they try to apply to the registry office no more than 2 times.


Fickle natures. They go through life quite easily and naturally. In the same way, they can break the heart of their partner. It is not uncommon for Sagittarians to marry or marry more than 4 times in their lives.

How many marriages will there be by the date of birth: representatives of the land

The most mundane signs of the zodiac. Only a careful analysis of the situation will allow them to conclude an alliance. This star family includes:

• Taurus;
• Capricorn;
• Virgo.

All of them have one thing in common – rationalism. Let’s say about all the representatives more similarly.


Alliances are concluded at a late age. At the same time, they check the partner as scrupulously and carefully as possible. Often it is with the bodies that the strongest bonds are created. They marry once in a lifetime, and divorces are rare.


Profound in their actions and decisions. Often they are guided not by the will of the heart, but by reason. Quite often leave by calculation. Divorce is an additional expense and nerve, so they ally once in a lifetime.


The constant search for the ideal is the main paradigm of the life of virgins. How to determine how many marriages they will have? Everything depends on the partner. In youth, they can make a mistake once, but they simply will not allow themselves such a luxury.

How many marriages will there be by the date of birth: representatives of water

Sensual and vulnerable natures. Of course, except for scorpions. They are also vulnerable, but the offender should emigrate immediately. Preferably on another planet. These include:

• Pisces;
• Cancer;
• Scorpio.

All members of the family are unique. A detailed analysis of each will answer the question about the number of marriages.


There is no strong moral core. With their constant despondency and slight infantilism, they will drive anyone crazy. Representatives of this sign are characterized by short and short unions. Can marry more than 5 times in a lifetime.


They quickly become attached to a partner. After that, they turn a blind eye to all his shortcomings and flaws in behavior. There are practically no initiators of divorces. Therefore, we can safely say – an alliance with cancers for centuries.


The most paradoxical sign of the zodiac. It is distinguished by incredible intelligence, but in love affairs, it often shows suspiciousness. The first union is perceived solely as a test of the pen, but the second one is more thorough.

How many marriages will there be by the date of birth: representatives of the air

These characters are used to having their head in the clouds. This applies to all aspects of their lives, including marriage. This includes:

• Aquarius;
• Libra;
• Gemini.

The character of each is quite different. Therefore, let’s talk about all of them in more detail.


They go from one extreme to another. It is as a result of this that it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of how to understand how many marriages Aquarius will have. There are two options: either one or many.


They seek harmony and justice in everything. Often these searches continue for a lifetime. They get married or marry only when they feel the corresponding aspirations of a partner. Most often they have no more than one marriage, sometimes they remain single in principle.


Their duplicity is legendary. They part easily and naturally, almost effortlessly. In this list, they can easily be called real champions. Often join 6 unions or more.

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