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How The Signs Of The Zodiac Argue And Quarrel. Interesting Information!

How the signs of the zodiac argue and quarrel. Interesting information! Not all disputes produce truth. Each sign of the zodiac argues in its way. And if you know their weaknesses, you can emerge victorious from any quarrel.

How the signs of the zodiac argue and quarrel:


As a rule, Aries wins in an argument with everyone who opposes him. In the case of this sign, the rules of logic simply do not work. If you manage to convince Aries of the fallacy of his opinion, you have the opportunity to win the argument. But do not hope that he will silently accept your innocence.


Taurus is stubborn and stubborn. He rarely changes his mind after he has decided something for himself. You can win a dispute with Taurus only if you put pressure on common sense and prove that from a financial point of view, your argument is better. In addition, you can use compliments – Taurus has a weakness for them.


Gemini quickly agrees with what you say, but this does not mean that you won the argument, because after 5 minutes they can change their mind and agree with someone else’s point of view. The secret is to outwit the Gemini and convince them of the popularity and social acceptability of your opinion (all Geminis are obsessed with popularity).


Cancers are difficult to deal with because they prefer to avoid conflict and get sidetracked very easily. Give them time to calm down and then state your reasoning.


The best way to win an argument with Leo is flattery. As a rule, Leos consider themselves incredibly smart, so arguments that show your high level of intelligence will make this person your ally. Be prepared for the fact that his ideas will be much better than yours and that with their help Leo will try to supplement what he opposed.


They are the easiest to win an argument. It is enough for you to prove that you are right. Virgo understands perfectly well what you have done wrong and will not argue if this is not necessary and you can explain the advantages of your approach.


Libras don’t argue, they negotiate. In quarrels with them, you can neither win nor lose, because these people are always looking for a mutually beneficial solution. When they see the validity of your arguments, they tend to retreat a little but do not give up their positions completely.


Scorpio does not tolerate games, omissions, and illogical arguments. If you start using them in your dispute, you have already lost. It is better to speak the truth with them, and if they see that you are fighting honestly, they may even succumb to you a little.


Any quarrel is a new opportunity for Sagittarius to learn something new. If you have reasonable arguments, he will gladly listen to you. However, if the argument is related to different perceptions of things, you will not win it, because Sagittarius values ​​his opinion too much.


Capricorns rarely stand up for something insignificant, but when it comes to something important, it is better to prepare iron arguments. Otherwise, these people will quickly stop taking you seriously and return to the things that are important to them.


Before you start arguing with Aquarius, make sure you are familiar with his vision of history. In any case, you will not be able to play on the emotions of this person, because he keeps this area of ​​his life under control.

Aquarians like things that benefit people, so if you want to win an argument, make sure your arguments are directly related to it.


Whenever possible, Pisces avoid conflicts, so they are easy to win in a dispute. As soon as something starts to upset them, they immediately give up and run away. While it won’t be too hard to beat them, think about how fair it would be to them.

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