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What Is The Influence Of The 4 Seasons On The Astrological Signs?

Every moment of the year, its energy. Basing yourself on the rhythm of the seasons could prove to be much more interesting than you might think. A sort of natural calendar that would help us develop our intuition, our creativity, or our projects. Practical Guide.

What if we decided to live to the rhythm of the seasons? In astrology, everything is movement. The stars move around the Sun, the Earth is constantly moving, and the months go by. It is based on this principle that we are invited to (re)connect with the cycles of nature. Because we do not live in the same way in the middle of winter as in the heart of summer, understanding how each season works, their energies and the atmosphere that emerges from them is important. Better still, it could even influence our emotions and help us better refine our strategy. Why is launching a project more interesting in spring? How can we explain that our desire to withdraw is more intense in winter? As some astrologers often say: everything is written in the sky.


Unlike the Gregorian calendar that we use daily, the astrological calendar is based on the movements of the Sun. Every month around the 20th, when the star of light changes constellation, we welcome a new astrological season. Aries, Taurus, Gemini… This is how the order of the signs of the zodiac is determined. And, because each of the archetypes echoes the season it represents, the astrological calendar collides with the cycle of nature. The New Year therefore takes place on March 21, with the arrival of spring.

This is also how witches who are followers of “Wicca” are accustomed to celebrating the equinoxes, solstices, and sabbats. Festivals punctuate the year and whose energies and rituals echo what is happening on earth or in the sky. Ostara, pagan Easter, invites us to sort things out to make room for new projects. Yule, the winter solstice that corresponds to Christmas, advocates a certain slowing down and more intense listening to oneself. One is a sign of renewal like the flowers that bloom in spring, and the other of withdrawal, like nature ready to hibernate in very cold weather.


Nature is waking up, the sunny days are returning. In spring, new momentum is given. It’s a unique moment to open up to the world and start sowing the seeds of projects that make us dream. Like Aries, the firstborn of the zodiac, whose birthday is in spring, we take action and we are more enterprising during this season. It is a time when everything becomes possible, when our field of action broadens, and above all a period which allows us to develop our knowledge. Taurus which succeeds Aries helps us to consolidate our achievements and our ideas to be able to promote them during the Gemini season, the sign that closes spring. During the reign of these three signs, everyone is invited to make a new start, to dare to step out of their comfort zone, and to try. A season that makes us more daring than ever!


When the Sun reaches its zenith, everything seems easier and lighter. Our vitality is skyrocketing. It’s energizing. Summer is therefore a season of all pleasures. Those of being with family or with the people we love, a value dear to Cancers. Those shining and being generous like a Leo or even the desire to know your future is secure to move forward serenely, as the big boss of the organization, namely Virgo, seeks to teach us. These three astrological signs which form the cosmic duo of summer let themselves be carried away by creativity. Cancer season frees our artistic fiber, Leo invites us to reveal our soul as a leader without complexes while Virgo redoubles its inventiveness to create Excel tables and bullet journals. Sensitivity, charm, and intelligence, Summer releases these three powers at once. The period is therefore ideal for showcasing our know-how and fully enjoying our creative freedom. It’s time to show that you have gold in your hands and a heart of gold. Virgo, the last born of the season, is also the one who embodies abundance. No wonder his birthday comes at harvest time.


As the days get shorter, fall challenges us to slow down. Soon winter and the cold will arrive. This season is therefore a period of transition, one that helps us find the good balance that Libra cares so much about. After enjoying the outside world and its riches, we gradually focus on ourselves. Scorpio, born in the heart of autumn, guides us through this journey. The one we call the alchemist of the zodiac shows us how to draw light from within us, and how to transcend our weaknesses into strengths. How to find your anchor, even when the sun is rarer. Then comes the Sagittarius season which closes this period. A Fire sign with vibrant energy, it is the last spark before winter. Through his active strength and legendary optimism, he prepares us to be reborn. Each in their way, these three characters invite all members of the zodiac to take stock of their lives. Where are we in achieving our dreams? How are the projects we launched in the spring going? Is the direction we have followed so far in line with our values ​​and desires? Sagittarius, the fine defender of everyone’s freedoms, can in this sense push us to one last rebellion before winter.


As the ice takes over nature, everyone feels the need to get warm. Like animals beginning to hibernate, we are invited to (re)rest and dream. An ideal time to exercise your imagination while taking care of yourself, winter is a time of withdrawal par excellence. Capricorn invites us to put our affairs in order, and Aquarius helps us to take a step aside to think about what the world of tomorrow could be like. Finally, Pisces, whose season begins on February 20, has the role of closing a cycle. To finish a year while preparing ourselves for the one that is about to begin. Under its yoke, we seek the tranquility that will allow us to better listen to our little inner voice, our intuition. Meditation, contemplation, and sleep. Winter is a gentle interlude where it is good to take stock and slowly start to think about the ideal to-do list that we will decide to follow the following year. As an astrology lover, you will no doubt have guessed: that this season is similar to a New Moon which extends over three months.

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