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How To Deal With Your Ex According To Your Zodiac Sign


If the connection has ended and Aries still feels attracted to you, you can be sure that he won’t hesitate to take steps to win you back. Aires are impulsive individuals and will not hesitate to pursue the one they love. Aries can be impulsive, so stay calm. Ignore his provocations and let his fire burn out. However, if the relationship has faded due to a lack of affection, rest assured that Aries will distance himself to clear his head and leave behind all the history he has built for himself.


Stubbornness is Taurus’ signature, which means they don’t handle breakups well. Don’t try to force changes here. Give him space and time to process. Patience is key with this stubborn bull. It would be worth understanding that Taurus seeks lasting relationships, so when a love affair comes to an end, it is difficult for him to forget. You will review each action to understand what went wrong. For Taurus, winning means seeking revenge. The worry turns into intense resentment towards his ex, and he prefers to move forward without looking back.


Breakups are usually not a big deal for Geminis. As capable of falling madly in love as they are of breaking away and being free in the blink of an eye. They often maintain their friendship simply to avoid acknowledging the loss of that person in their lives. Keep your boundaries clear and don’t get carried away by his changing charm. However, when they enter into a relationship, they do so with loyalty and affection. If the relationship ends following rejection, rest assured that the Gemini native will quickly find a replacement.


Under the influence of the moon, Cancers navigate their lives like sailors in an ocean of emotions. Cancers tend to be sentimental and breakups are difficult times that they struggle to get through. They become deeply attached to it and it is not easy for them to forget. Often, the memories of the relationship haunt them for a long time: when they get up, when they go to bed when they breathe. For this reason, they generally do not maintain contact or friendship with their exes, preferring to avoid them to get over the breakup without weakening. But if you are a mean Cancer, since there are crabs who can cling to the past as if it were a cult film, be understanding, but don’t let them manipulate you with their tears.


Under the majestic gaze of the lion, a universe of emotions is protected. Their pride can overshadow their vulnerabilities, which is why Leos prefers to keep their feelings safe. Even though they are in pain, they do not easily let their pain be seen. Past relationships are like chapters already read in a book that has become outdated. Yet, with their characteristic grace, they always say goodbye to their exes with admirable courtesy, subtly reminding them that in the game of life, they always have the ace up their sleeve. Now, your ex may be one of those Leos who put on a big show, one of those with “drama queen” as their middle name, who doesn’t feed their need for attention and makes it clear that the piece is finished.


Virgos are quite reserved when it comes to love. But once they fall in love, they have a hard time letting go. As exes, most are friendly and helpful, willing to maintain connections and friendships so as not to lose that person. However, this may cause them to continue feeling love even after the breakup, which rarely ends well. Keep in mind that this perfectionist sign can analyze every detail of the relationship. Be direct and clear, but avoid destructive criticism from them.


Libras, elegant as usual, don’t give up easily after a breakup. They advocate maintaining a friendship with your ex, but only after you have overcome the pain of the past relationship. They are sociable people, who like to help those who need it. Your friends are important even if your exes are in that group. In any case, don’t give in to his charm, set clear limits for him, and don’t get lost in his indecision.


Scorpios are intense in their relationships: they are either completely devoted or they just ignore it. They are very attached to their loved ones and hate losing them, but they rarely keep in touch with their ex. If the relationship ends due to betrayal, it is better to prepare for Scorpio’s revenge. They do not forget easily and rarely forgive. And if your Scorpio ex decides to persevere, keep your secrets carefully, and don’t get carried away by their intensity.


Sagittarians are just as good at making connections as they are at letting them go. They are free and adventurous beings, too busy living in the present to look back with regret. This is why breakups don’t affect them as much; They can maintain a friendship with their exes, but only if the relationship ends on good terms. Keep the conversation light and avoid delving into the past.


Capricorns aspire to lasting love, so breakups are difficult for them to accept. These little goats may seem cold, but they are only protecting their hearts. Their values ​​are a priority, so they maintain civility and cordiality with their exes, but they rarely seek to rekindle a friendship or intimate relationship. They remain secretive about their feelings and prefer to talk about them in private.


Aquarians don’t like big displays of affection, either at the beginning or end of a relationship. They prefer not to let themselves be overwhelmed by their emotions or share them excessively. For this reason, they usually get over breakups with relative ease and continue moving forward without much effort. However, they place a high value on friendship, which often leads them to maintain contact with their exes. Be honest and open, but don’t expect him to cling to the past.


Pisces, eternal dreamers, live immersed in a fantasy. When they find someone special, they cling as tightly as a child to their favorite toy, not understanding the idea of ​​letting go. Their sensitivity makes them suffer deeply from romantic disappointments, but they are like archaeologists of the heart, who carefully guard the fragments of good times. Even when the relationship hits rock bottom, they persist in maintaining a connection with their exes, as if they were ancient treasures that they refuse to lose. Be understanding, but keep your feet on the ground, and don’t get lost in their illusion.

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