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Daily Horoscope 12th March 2024


With the Moon in Taurus and the effects still lingering from the weekend’s New Moon, it’s time to do some inner healing. Take it slow, allowing yourself to feel and connect to your spiritual side. You have many ideas, as we are in the heart of one of the most creative seasons, but you should rather leave them to ferment, not rush to turn them into reality.


Flirt like your life depends on it, and let others flirt with you too. If you stop taking yourself so seriously, you’ll discover how much fun existence is when you look at it as child’s play. On the other hand, tomorrow is also a good opportunity to make more friends, the Moon in your sign making you appreciate the company of others more than ever.


The work that matters most now is the one that inspires you, the one that fulfills you spiritually and that reflects the purpose you were given when you came to earth. No other activity will satisfy you. They seem like difficult tasks to complete, but if you don’t have a job that meets these requirements, it’s best to look for one.


What would you like to change about yourself? You’ve been focused lately on those harmful practices you used to do that made you feel small or insignificant, and now that you’ve broken away from them, you’re going to replace them with beneficial activities. Signing up for a course or starting to organize a trip are fabulous ideas.


Accept that sensitivity that Pisces kindly lends you and use it to start believing in fairy tales. We’re not kidding when we urge you to adopt the perspective of a child with wide eyes and a beaming smile. Start considering the best possible scenario, not the worst, and understand that the Universe is taking care of everything.


Take the pilot position in your life. A change at work is announced, but do not panic, as you usually do, it is an essential and even pleasant part of life, if you learn to embrace it. Whether it’s a promotion or new responsibilities, you must now find a balance between internal and external validation. Don’t waste your time on everyone’s opinions, but consider those close to you.


The eclipse is fast approaching in your sign, so it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of the Moon’s stability in Taurus to prepare to face the demons that this important celestial event is ready to unleash from wherever you’ve hidden them. A little self-care, no matter what form it takes, will give you the strength you need for what’s expected of you in the coming period.


A major change, or rather a transformation you’ve been working on for a while, is starting to take final shape. Maybe it’s a super important project at work, a personal situation, a relationship, or a move, the important thing is that you start to see how all your efforts make sense. There was a time when you wanted to quit, but now you appreciate yourself so much that you didn’t.


Break an old generational curse, stepping out of the shadow you’ve been stuck in and into the light of profound liberation. You feel like you’ve been born again, and you can’t believe how light your spirit is, weightless in the fresh spring air. Savor this feeling, because it will not be repeated too many times in life.


Many times, your zodiac sign is so preoccupied with financial or professional development that it misses the true beauty of life. With the Moon in Taurus, you are more willing to focus on the sensory side. Cultivate an artistic hobby, no matter how good you are. You won’t make money from it, but you will gain something far more important.


The idea of ​​profit continues to grind your mind, but you may be seeing it from the wrong direction. Instead of adding more worries to your head, lighten up your schedule so you can focus on the activity that has the greatest chance of yielding major benefits. By removing restrictions, you will see how abundance comes naturally.


You are now encouraged to eliminate from your life everything that drains your energy reservoir. What are those activities after which you feel down and with half your energy? Who are the people around whom your good mood plummets? It is time to take heart and move away from these sources of unpleasantness.

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