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How To Express Your Anger According To Your Zodiac Sign


Mercy? This does not suit you, when anger invades you the fire is present. You don’t have time to analyze the situation, you just explode and they should leave because you’re not one to sugarcoat their feelings. Your anger excites you, and you shout and lose your temper. You are passionate and intense, you say everything, even if you regret it later.


Honestly, you are very tolerant, and you don’t give in easily to provocations, but there comes a time when you can’t take it anymore and that’s when subtle allusions become your best weapon. The problem is that they trust each other, but at any moment you can burst. Lies, deception, and betrayal make you angry.


It’s true, it’s not easy to understand you, you change your mind very quickly and you have outbursts of anger that can upset anyone. However, you don’t let anger control you, if something bothers you, you say it. However, there are times when the yelling gets the better of you and that’s when sarcasm takes over your words. You don’t need to say much, you can hit people where it hurts the most.


What bothers you the most is when people assume that you will always be compassionate, unconditional, and loving. They approach you intending to harm you and they are sure that your kindness will forgive them. What they don’t know is that your anger destroys all that sweetness. If they hurt you, they will have to put up with your passive-aggressive comments. When you intend to cause harm, you can be very cruel. It’s better not to be underestimated.


People should be very careful when provoking you because you have the temperament of a child. This means that you are extremely passionate and intense. When you’re angry, you’re not afraid that everyone will find out. You may be very rude or throw things. You are not afraid to start the battle, on the contrary, you are looking for a way to put your finger on the sore spot and make whatever needs to happen happen.


Some people think that you rarely get angry and that’s a lie, what’s happening is that you are an expert at pretending that you are fine. However, everything has a limit, and when you can no longer suppress your emotions you explode. It may seem like you’re losing control over trivial things, but that’s because you’re storing up anger. When you feel anger, you hide and ignore the person who hurts you, the other person becomes practically nothing in your life.


You and confrontation don’t get along at all. You try to avoid conflict, but that’s not always possible and that’s when you lose your temper, even if you don’t say it. When you feel angry, when you move away from everything for days, you need to meditate on the situation and put it on a scale. Is it worth continuing to have this person in your life?


People should not put their hands in your fire, you burn with great intensity. It’s scary when anger takes hold of you, the truth is that you don’t understand the reasons and your capricious side demands that the other person feels the same way you do. You’re not the type to forgive and forget, you need a little destruction to find peace. Not everyone knows your vengeful side, but those who do never forget it.


You can be an angel or a demon, it depends on how they treat you. Fire governs your steps when you get angry you do it like a flare, but you get out quickly. The problem is what you do during this time, you hate disloyal people, and it turns you on in seconds. However, you have perfectly mastered the art of trampling on those who have hurt you, that’s all.


For you, anger is a lesson that you fight every day, you wonder what it wants to teach you, but when it takes you to the limit, you become the worst critic, the one who doesn’t give second chances and loses your peace of mind. It is better not to let yourself be tested because you accumulate emotions from the past and if you explode, you will unload them on anyone and in the worst way.


Silence is your best weapon to defeat others. You can be very angry, but you’re not going to make the other person happy by seeing you lose your mind. Your intelligence is much more than that. Anger can reach you within the four walls of your room, making you cry and scream, but you are not going to expose yourself to others. You prefer to put up a barrier, once someone hurts you, it’s over. Even if you smile at him, nothing will ever be the same again.


Behind this heart so united, loving, and tender, hides one of the most formidable souls. When anger becomes your ally, it is better to run away because they will hardly be able to handle the drama that will come out of you. You can become very aggressive and remember this person’s weak points to the point of tearing them to pieces with a few words. In truth, it will remain marked forever.

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