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Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week From November 7 To 13

Do you want to know what this week has in store for you? Then quickly read the Tarot layout for each zodiac sign from the grand master of Tarot Olna Lemberg!

Aries – Knight of Swords

You’re probably going to have a week of conflict or just a week of combat. We will have to act quickly, decisively, roughly, and without sentimentality. Only instant cold calculation, only precise strikes, and you must be at least half a length ahead of everyone.

Taurus – 9 of Wands

And this week, start building, strengthening, and organizing the protection of your borders – external and internal. Relations with neighbors are better the higher the fence between your properties; partners should also feel and not cross boundaries.

Gemini – Strength

Sometimes, to clarify a situation, it needs to be escalated into an open conflict and resolved in a fair fight. So don’t be afraid to clearly and perhaps even aggressively defend your position – but they will respect and reckon with your strength if you win.

Cancer – 6 of Wands

This week, expect the well-deserved result of your efforts, you will achieve what you want and will rejoice at your victory, and everyone will rejoice with you. To which you will perform your lap of honor with the understanding that you deserve it.

Leo – 8 of Pentacles

These days, just do your job as well as you know how, and rest assured that everything will be properly assessed and paid for at a decent price. Be confident in your skills, in your relevance, and therefore don’t worry about your prospects – you won’t be lost)

Virgo – Lovers

This week, expect interesting contacts, all alliances will be concluded easily and with mutual sincere interest, everything will work out and bring pleasure to all participants. Communicate more, make contacts, and be sincere in them – and your contactees will do the same.

Libra – Moon

Everything around you is somehow vague, everything is somehow unsteady and unreliable, there is some kind of darkness inside and in the world – who is a friend, who is an enemy, and who is like that… It’s not clear what’s ahead, what’s true, and what just seems like it – can’t make it out. Moreover, something is wrong inside, and this also clouds the vision. Wait and don’t take hasty steps – they will turn out to be wrong. It will be dawn soon.

Scorpio – 10 of swords

This week, most likely, you will finally stop trying to revive what is dead and rotting – be it a project, a relationship, or any undertaking. Cry, if the deceased was dear to you, say goodbye and let go – everything has its time, and stop resisting, don’t waste your energy on the dead, live on.

Sagittarius – King of Wands

These days, it is possible to meet a good friend or someone who can become one for you. Such a person always exudes warmth, friendliness, and readiness to help and support. Don’t miss this meeting, but don’t take it for love either – he’s not just for you, he’s like that in general.


This week you will need all your creativity, your charm, and your ability to persuade. But every idea you have will be readily and enthusiastically received by those around you with great interest and enthusiasm, your enthusiasm will be contagious. So it’s time to encourage everyone to do something you need.

Aquarius – Knight of Pentacles

You’re doing pretty well now,” and any attempts to improve something can only destroy your current well-being. Therefore, do not twitch and be content with what you have, because everything is really fine. Appreciate this, appreciate the peace and unnecessary effort.

Pisces – 3 of swords

And, alas, many minor troubles and grievances, ailments and troubles await you. In general, they do not affect life but are very annoying and offensive. So it’s a so-so week – and it seems like there are no big troubles, but you shouldn’t relax. Just remember – these are the inevitable troubles of life, not a black streak, but a greyish one.

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