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How To Live On, With A Broken Heart, Each Zodiac Sign

It is difficult to continue to live as before when your heart is shattered and your soul is torn to pieces. Perhaps it sounds too pompous and exaggerated, but when a person is going through a breakup with a person whom he loved very much, then such words cannot even convey even a hundredth of the pain that he experiences.

How to survive all this and start living on? Many people ask this question and the universal answer is that time heals, you need to give yourself time to move away from what you have experienced and live through this pain. But, is it true for each of us? Astrologers dealt with this, and this is what they found out. There is a way to help each sign of the zodiac get through this crisis. And focusing on your well-being will prepare you for what lies ahead.

How to live on, with a broken heart, each zodiac sign


You do not like to sit back and torment yourself in your misfortunes. Because you are energetic and positive, you can break out of your love wreck. In your case, the ideal way to heal your pain is to turn your attention to someone else, not necessarily in a romantic way. You can devote more time to your best friend/friend or make a new acquaintance. Sooner or later you will fall in love with a new person, your heart will be indestructible.


You are not a fan of change, especially when it is unexpected; this is the hardest thing for your heart. It will become easier to heal him if you again create a daily routine for yourself. You have to rebuild your life and put everything in order. Let every little thing be in its place.

When your day is scheduled to the minute, you will feel more confident. Everything will settle down, the main thing is not to give up and work on yourself. You are a strong person!


You enjoy participating in all sorts of fun, but right now it might be getting a little tiring. You can pretend to feel good, but sometimes the best medicine is to let off steam. You need to cry and scream to your heart’s content if you feel the need to. Give it a couple of days and then start to recover.

Reconnect with your friends, and don’t isolate yourself from everyone. Loving people will help heal your broken heart. And in general, you are Gemini – a beautiful, funny, charismatic personality! You are gorgeous and should enjoy life no matter what. You can handle this as well.


Putting up walls around yourself may seem tempting during a sad love drama, but it’s not the best option. Immerse yourself in your emotions and live them. By allowing yourself to feel, you will begin to recover faster than by trying to hide them. You will succeed!


Because you know life is full of great moments, you don’t dwell on grief. When the relationship is over, you are ready to move on. The best way to heal your heart is to surround yourself with people who love you. And you are doing everything right!


How to live with a broken heart? You hate the idea of ​​focusing on the bad instead of the good. Your heart may feel broken, but it is not broken. The best way to heal him is to forgive your offender.

You have to accept that situation, no matter how nasty and mean they are. You loved and gave your all, but it happened the way it happened. Forgive the one who broke your heart and move on with no regrets. This is how you can find your happiness.


You usually don’t remember the person who broke your heart. Instead, you focus on finding a new partner to help you feel at home again. While finding new love can be wonderful, don’t rush things too fast to replace the person you’ve lost. So you can, on emotions, make the wrong choice regarding a new partner.


You don’t want someone trying to heal your broken heart. But you need to cure it, otherwise, you will have rejection and distrust of love relationships and love in general. Accept the help of people you trust and let them into your heart. They will help you heal and not lose faith in love and happiness.


You like to be optimistic and look on the bright side of life. Healing a broken heart will be easier than you think. Just keep thinking positively! It will be easier for you, like no one else, to survive love troubles. It will only take a little time. Perhaps a trip to a country unknown to you will be the best medicine.


Bridging a gap can take time because you’re always hyper-focused on everything. Instead of letting a broken heart distract you, put your time to good use. Make new friends, go in for sports, start a business. Do what you do best!


You cry when you lose a loved one or friend, especially if they are very close to you because you know that you only opened up to them. Tell yourself it’s okay to let others see your emotions.

Don’t dwell on the loss, think about the new opportunities you might have. Your life does not end with the departure of one person, and not all changes are for the worse. Now you are free and can build your life the way you always wanted. When you understand this, everything will change dramatically. Forward!


For you, nothing can be better in this situation than to ease the pain with cleansing crying. A broken heart is terrible, and your first reaction is to get rid of all the sadness that overwhelms you from the inside. Let off steam, release your negative emotions, and cry. Find someone you trust and let them listen to you. After that, you will feel better. You must start living on.

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