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3 Zodiac Signs Might Lose Their Jobs Soon: a Storm is Coming Into Their Lives

What are the 3 zodiac signs that could have difficulties at work?

The retrograde of the asteroid Ceres began on February 3 and continues until February 22. This retrograde could cause problems in the professional life of the natives of these 3 zodiac signs. Because of the energy of Ceres, they will not be able to find the necessary help to overcome the difficulties they will experience at work. They will feel powerless in the face of the delicate situations they will experience.

  • Gemini

During this week, Gemini will be pretentious and arrogant. This excess of self-confidence that he will feel will not be advantageous for him.  It might even get him in trouble at work. Moreover, the native of this sign will have to be wary of his colleagues during this week. Thanks to their curiosity and their ability to adapt,  Gemini knows how to shine and make people talk about them.  However, he could attract envious people during the next few days. Indeed,  unscrupulous colleagues could steal his ideas.  These people could, moreover, create problems for him which could cost him his place at work. The stars advise Gemini not to deviate from reality, and keep your feet on the ground. Trust should not be granted easily. Moreover, what does not help this Air sign to stay long in a job, is also his spirit qualified as light.  Gemini, curious by nature, are interested in different areas, but they do not take the trouble to deepen themselves in a specific area and make it their vocation. Gemini is also an unruly sign that runs away from routine and responsibilities to free itself from the constraints that suffocate it.

  • Capricorn

Capricorn is a hardworking and serious sign by nature. In life, work is his priority.  His personal life is always relegated to the background. Despite his assets,  the native of this sign will experience serious problems at work during the week of February 13. The energy of Ceres affects his performance,  but also his relationship with his colleagues.  Moreover, his tensions with certain colleagues will be the origin of the worries that this Earth sign will experience at work. More than that, the native of this sign will consider a colleague for a long time as an enemy and will accuse him of all the problems which overwhelm him.  It is with the time that he will discover that he was wrong on his account. Capricorn is a pessimistic sign by nature. He sees evil everywhere and broods easily. Focused only on his thoughts,  he finds it difficult to open up to others and communicate with them. This is why he is often accused of coldness and indifference. It must be said that his temperament does not always help him in his business. That said, Capricorn will be able to overcome the ordeal that awaits them in the coming days and even get by.

  • Pisces

The Pisces will experience worries at work during this week Because of his family problems, and pressure at work, the native of this sign easily loses his concentration on his tasks. He might even neglect his responsibilities.  Moreover, Pisces is a sign of a versatile nature, which rarely has its head on its shoulders. His negligence during this week could also cause him significant financial loss.  This Water sign will find itself powerless in the face of the problems that will block it at work. Moreover, Pisces is an elusive sign who prefers to flee from delicate situations rather than confront them. His fate is sealed these next days, the stars advise Pisces to accept the situation and recognize the mistakes made at work. It might work in his favor, but he shouldn’t hope for things to go back to the way they were. This difficult ordeal for this sign of a sensitive nature, however, will allow him to learn good lessons,  especially since  Pisces is a naive sign who can easily surround himself with ill-intentioned people.

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