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How To Properly Manage The Energies Of The New Moon And The Solar Eclipse Of October 14

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Here’s what you should try to do. It will be time to focus on your relationships.

Get ready for an exciting lunar event! The new moon, accompanied by an annular solar eclipse, will occur on October 14, 2023, under the influence of the sign Libra, known for its quest for justice and harmony. However, since eclipses are often associated with tension, this lunation may bring some imbalance.

The overall atmosphere of this new moon solar eclipse on October 14 will be heavily focused on healing relationships and finding personal growth through our interactions with others. Libra is linked to all facets of our interpersonal connections, whether romantic, friendly, family or professional relationships and much more.

When three or more planets are in one sign simultaneously, it is called a stellium, meaning we will feel an increased concentration of the energy associated with that sign. In the case of this eclipse, five celestial bodies will gather in Libra, including the Sun, Moon, Mercury, asteroid Pallas, and the Lunar South Node of Destiny, further enhancing its impact.

To make the most of these cosmic influences, here are some tips and recommendations to follow for the October new moon.

Tips and warnings to consider for this October solar eclipse:

DO: Think about your summer

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This eclipse is part of an 18-month journey that began in July, as Montufar explains. As Pluto, the planet of karma, heads into October 10, this solar eclipse encourages our spiritual growth.

Thus, it is advisable to take a moment to revisit the lessons and experiences of this summer. If necessary, make changes to better meet your emotional needs. This might mean taking a break from dating apps or looking to make new friends.

Don’t: Try to please everyone

Fairness is a valuable quality, but when taken to the extreme, it can backfire. After Pluto moves direct again on October 10, it’s recommended that you address any tendencies you may have to always seek to please others.

It’s important to find a balance by being diplomatic and understanding while letting go of the need to meet other people’s expectations at all costs.

If you’re in the habit of sacrificing yourself to keep the peace, it’s time to cut back on those efforts.

DO: Express yourself from the heart

Libra people excel in the art of romance. This eclipse, by bringing emotions to the surface, offers the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, the opportunity to openly express its desires and needs, whether in the emotional or intimate domain.

Being clear about your wishes is essential because it allows others to fulfill them for you, and vice versa. This is all about the power of manifestation.

Don’t: Avoid Difficult Conversations

In all honesty, who wants to discuss delicate subjects with their loved ones? Still, some difficult conversations are inevitable, especially since solar eclipses naturally bring up uncomfortable emotions. Why not tackle these delicate discussions now?

With Pluto’s presence during this lunation, we have a better understanding of the changes we need to make, which may require engaging in delicate conversations with those closest to us. Fortunately, Libra is inclined to take the initiative, especially when it comes to strengthening relationships.

DO: Establish Boundaries

Libra, as the mediator of the group, often seeks to maintain justice and fairness. However, this can sometimes lead to excessive compromise and social burnout.

In this time of seeking more freedom and authenticity in our relationships, it is essential to be clear and honest about our expectations of others. Don’t be afraid to decline an invitation if you don’t feel like it. It’s perfectly okay to ask for space to recharge your batteries.

Don’t: Break your commitments

Libra people are sometimes known to cancel plans at the last minute. Although there may be good reasons to do this, it’s best not to make a habit of it. Try to stick to your responsibilities, whether it’s dinner with a friend or chores that have been pending for a while.

DO: Evaluate your relationships

Since Libra rules partnerships, this new moon is the perfect opportunity to cultivate healthy relationships. This is especially true with the lunar south node of destiny, which symbolizes your past and the patterns to be dealt with, moving into the sign of Libra.

It’s time to leave behind the romantic patterns that no longer serve you and consider a brighter future.

Relationships that are not conducive to your growth will need to be revisited or left behind by January 2025. Rest assured that these karmic changes are part of a larger lesson.

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