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How Trustworthy Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Whether we are desperate to uncover a secret or in dire need of advice, there are always people in our lives we can trust. Can you be called a trustworthy person? Can you tell your secret and be sure that you will keep it? Find out if you are trustworthy based on your zodiac sign with this horoscope!


No one will ever accuse you of a lack of confidence, but perhaps it is this strength that prevents you from keeping secrets that you consider insignificant. There is no doubt that your friends will come to you with their life dilemmas, but they may think twice before confiding in you about their love adventures.


Everyone knows that you can be relied upon, which means that people come running to you for advice and the need to relieve their souls. Because you often focus on your insecurities, you find that helping others solve their problems has a therapeutic effect. This allows you not only to help people with advice but also allows you to know yourself better and learn from the experience of others.


Your kindness and curiosity make you the ultimate keeper of secrets. Everyone relies on you to share your thoughts, which proves your usefulness and relevance.

But the best thing about being trustworthy is always being able to surround yourself with friends. It brings you very close to other people. And it is also a great way to find out different news and even intriguing gossip.


Your protective nature ensures that you will do everything to keep your loved ones safe, including hiding all of their skeletons. Since you are often too careful about sharing information about your life with someone, reliability allows you to enjoy your relationships and life without fear of criticism. After all, you hate criticism, which is why you rarely share your secrets.


While your attractive personality draws in people willing to share their secrets, your stubbornness often prevents you from giving the right advice. You want others to see you as someone they can rely on, but your loved ones may be hesitant about this. Before sharing any of their drama, they will think twice for fear that you will not take them seriously.

Your generosity is admirable, but remember that respect for you from others makes all your judgments more significant.


There is no doubt that your analytical skills will come in handy when you are giving advice. And in combination with your devoted nature, you become the absolute keeper of secrets.

Everyone knows that they can trust you, especially since any of your criticism is more often directed at yourself than others. When it comes to others, you are extremely open and your emphasis on kindness goes a long way.


Libras are regular on social media and this puts you in the middle of secrets and other people’s dramas. Fortunately, your hatred of injustice makes you take everything seriously, showing those around you that you feel you must help.

Just make sure you avoid your tendency to hold a grudge because this habit can damage your credible reputation.


You are the definition of an ideal friend when it comes to emotionality and honesty, but your skeptical nature usually prevents you from gaining the trust of others. After all, it is difficult to trust someone prone to overanalysis and doubt. Therefore, you need to learn to believe in others, even if they are only a select few.


How trustworthy are you? Your great sense of humor ensures that you always have a large group of friends who depend on you. But because of your lack of social responsibility, you are not trustworthy.

Everyone likes to make harsh statements from time to time, but people are afraid to trust you because they think you won’t be able to empathize and will be judgmental. Try to learn how to change your way of thinking when it comes to your loved ones to give them useful non-standard advice.


While your friends and family value your maturity and your ability to make them laugh, they often avoid opening up to you because they fear your judgment. A lot of love is concentrated in you, and no one will ever accuse you of deliberate harshness. But not everyone knows you so closely, and your outward mysteriousness and sometimes harshness can prevent others from trusting you with their most personal secrets.


If you’re a typical Aquarius, then you thrive on independence, but that doesn’t mean you don’t rely on the company of others as well. You hate it when your friends and family members break their promises, which is why you always go out of your way to keep any juicy secrets. You won’t give them away for anything.


How trustworthy are you? Your wisdom and compassion make you an ideal listener, but the trust you have in others can often hurt you. While it’s important to keep your conscientious nature, it’s a good idea to become more vigilant so that those around you don’t let you down. After all, you will not let anyone down.

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