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How you deal with failure, according to your zodiac sign: Leo is red with jealousy

When the hoped-for success becomes a chimera, when all the efforts and hopes were in vain and everything you managed to build went down the drain, it’s time to accept failure. It can happen to anyone, but what makes us different is the way we treat not only success, but also failure. Here’s how each zodiac sign views a failure:


You use your failure as a means of motivation to try again. You want to prove everyone wrong about you.


Failure overwhelms you. You start to wonder why you even bothered to try.


You lose your temper, because you are convinced that you were supposed to succeed. You think it’s not right that you made a mistake. 

You are not surprised. You always expected the worst, but when it happens, you are still disappointed.


All those who succeed annoy you when you fail. Jealousy is gnawing at you.


You analyze what went wrong so you don’t make the same mistake in the future. It is an experience from which you learn.


You are indulgent with yourself. You know you gave your best and you are proud of yourself.


You start thinking about all the mistakes of the past and you feel overwhelmed by regrets.


You plan. You sweeten your bitterness with ice cream or beer without restrictions.


You immediately get to work. Don’t waste time getting upset over what happened. You focus on the future.


You pretend you don’t care. You tell yourself that you are fine, even though you know very well that things are different.


You hang on to your friends – you rely on their advice and encouragement.

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