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Hypocrisy According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. They Love To Play Roles

Hypocrisy by the zodiac sign is an interesting question. How much you can show your real “I” in communication with others depends on the horoscope.

1) Sagittarius.

Sagittarians often give the impression of being cheerful, and optimistic, but completely frivolous. It is hard to imagine that wisdom and a deep intuitive understanding of life are also hidden behind the inexhaustible positive of Sagittarius, but meanwhile, this is exactly the case.

Many Sagittarians so often wear a mask of unshakable fun and optimism that they get used to it, and refuse to support conversations on more or less serious topics, to discuss the distant future.

2) Gemini.

The element of Gemini is air. Just like air, they are fickle and changeable, easy-going, and active. Gemini is important intrigue, complex psychological relationships, and new acquaintances.

Gemini is a sign of the Zodiac that tries on the mask of a “hypocrite” to protect its vulnerable soul. They often think one thing and act quite differently.

People born under this zodiac sign are very two-faced by nature. They are ready for any deception and humiliation for the sake of personal success. For example, they will not miss the opportunity to flatter their boss to move up the career ladder.

3) Cancer.

Cancers play the role of Mother Teresa. All for relatives and friends, not a crumb for yourself. Yes, and give yourself to your relatives and friends too – without a trace (of course, no one asks relatives and friends if they need such happiness).

Cancers are very selfish (yes, they just like to bring down and tame their loved ones) and, by the way, vanity is not alien to them.

That is, if Cancer becomes famous, he still won’t leave his own, of course, but in general Cancer was not hired to sit in a shell all his life, so you know.

4) Leo.

Their main goal is to present themselves in the best possible way, to please others, and to be irresistible in the eyes of others.

Naturally, one has to build “Potemkin villages” – to portray girlish lightness, overcoming the pain in the legs from high heels, and smile, even though cats scratch at heart.

Lions are not averse to showing off both real and invented advantages. But they are not capable of lies and hypocrisy in the bad sense of the word – Lions are too noble.

5) Libra.

Scales on the outside are quivering, tender, vulnerable and emotional. Fragile creatures, completely devoid of skin: touch – it will break. At the same time, they are innocent – kind, faithful, philanthropic.

Quivering Libra does not like to offend people, they are afraid of injuring them, they try their best to avoid conflicts and that is why they risk being branded hypocritical.

Because of the need to wear the mask of a sweet, understanding, and consonant person, many Libras pour many tears into the pillow – this mask is heavy and takes away strength.

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