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If You Were The Most Special Person For The Signs

If you were the most special person for Aries

He would give you everything in his power to see you happy, his generosity would have no limits and you would be an idiot if you didn’t know how to take advantage of it. Aries is independent and although he can sometimes be jealous, you would also have your space, a space that he knows is vital. Aries will bring you joy, will give life to your life, optimism, and yes, from time to time drama but so what? The reconciliation that will follow will be incredible, like everything Aries does… You will learn new things and suddenly you will be surprised by details you never imagined. When he wants, he does it to the death, to the end, with his heart, and despite everything, it’s worth it… Don’t be stupid and enjoy what you have.

If you were the most special person to Taurus

He would share him with you. All. Taurus is used to being independent, and very secretive with his affairs, but when you are special in his life, he transforms. He wants you to be his other half and that’s why he wants you to feel part of what is his. Maybe he’ll do it little by little because Taurus isn’t running or is in a hurry, or maybe he’ll jump in the pool and give it to you in one go. When someone comes into a Taurus’ life and also matters a lot, everything changes. Taurus becomes affectionate, Taurus wants to love, and this person’s heart and name seem to be drawn on his face. This shows. A lot. He will want to do everything with you, and he will let himself go, and he will support you and be a fundamental pillar in your worries, and he will carry the weight that you have within you because the most important thing will be to see you later, happy… What idiot doesn’t want something like that?

If you were the most special person to Gemini

There will be no time when you feel neglected. Yes. Maybe a little overwhelming at times? It might be, but if it’s not, you’ll miss it. Plus, it’s very like that, one day we can have kisses and hugs, and another day it’s a little more distant, so… Enjoy! Gemini will brag about you, they will take you by the hand and take you to a million places, they will want to plan new things, go out, come in, have a good time, enjoy every minute with you, and live! That’s why think about everything he can give you, and enjoy it a little, give him the same life he gives you, don’t get bored, sometimes he will need you too, and if you are not on the same level, he will eventually get tired of always giving. With Gemini, things work when there is reciprocity. If so, he will give you everything. Do not forget…

If you were the most special person for Cancer

He will do everything possible for you, that’s for sure. But going out of his way to unsuspected limits… Don’t take advantage of the fact that you know he will do anything for you because he’s not stupid either. And he will be able to endure and endure but the day will come when, if he doesn’t feel the same way from you, he will end up saying goodbye. If you are a special person for a crab, you have everything you want. Cancer gives and gives, and also, often, even if he should receive more, he doesn’t, but that’s okay because he doesn’t care if he loves you, he doesn’t give to receive the same thing but that’s why you I don’t want to give anything… Cancer puts his life aside to make his loved ones happy and love him because it’s his real reason for living now… He values ​​the crab because nothing lasts eternally.

If you were the most special person for Leo

Everything will be pure passion and pure fire. Maybe we can believe that he goes too fast with everything but Léo is like that, if he feels it, he doesn’t think about it, and moves forward, without fear. He will do what he wants to do at any time, he will tell you a thousand times how beautiful you are, how kind you are, what you are worth. He will boost your ego, make you feel special and from time to time he will surprise you with special details which, he knows, mean a lot to you… Leo listens to you as much as possible, listens to you, and above all cheers you up. morale whenever you need it. He would follow you to the ends of the earth if necessary, he has no problem with that. Treat him well, as he deserves, a lion or lioness would give his life for the person he loves, so you must value what you have in your hands, and take care of him, take great care of him.

If you were the most special person for Virgo

He may seem cold at first, but later, when he gives himself to you, everything will change and you will become someone he would give everything for. Virgo wants to love, he wants to give everything, but he is afraid, and even if you are a super special person and he can love you to death, he will do it very slowly, little by little. And sometimes you will believe that his heart is frozen, that he lacks passion as if he cannot trust at all… But believe me, you are still a special person, and little by little he will open up to You. , and when you least expect it, he will show you that you will always come before anything or anyone, in the most difficult times you will see it. When Virgo cares about you, she won’t always tell you with words, but she will tell you with actions. All the life…

If you were the most special person to Libra

He will let you know. Libra is polite, everyone should put a Libra in their life. Everyone. without exception. Because yes, because it brightens the days because they may have a lot of ups and downs but they are sincere and honest, because they give really good advice because they are incredible, everything simple. Well, when you are special to them, all of that is multiplied by ten. Libra will travel with you, they will leave what they must leave to be by your side, they will risk whatever is necessary and if there was nothing left for them to spend the rest of their life with you, they would. do it. Libra gives everything, but it can also take it from you in the same way, so be careful how you treat it…

If you were the most special person for Scorpio

You will feel the most intense passion you have ever known. Scorpio’s love is never forgotten, nor is how he will treat you, and even more so if you are a special person. Scorpio absorbs you, makes you feel part of everything he does, surprises you with details, with endless nights, with his intelligence, with his audacity… And if you are someone important, he will give everything he can for you, he will overprotect you from anything that could harm you, even if sometimes he seems aggressive while doing it… He is afraid that something could happen to you, just that. Scorpio loves too much, sometimes it even seems breathtaking… It will be worth it to be the most special person Scorpio has by his side. Sometimes it can be difficult, but it’s worth it… Scorpio transforms their important people into even more important people.

If you were the most special person to Sagittarius

Your world would change. Sagittarius would come to your feet, shake your hand, and accompany you to the ends of the earth if it had to be done. He is not used to having a special person around him, he may have a lot of friends, a lot of people he loves, but not that special person. That’s why when you have it, everything changes. Sagittarius changes. And even Sagittarius sometimes doesn’t believe what is happening to him. He will want to travel with you so that you can discover everything together, he will be optimistic, and he will bring out your wildest side but also your most tender. It will bring life to your life, but also moments of relaxation and calm. He will contribute to you and will always be a person who adds, not subtracts. The most important thing is the effort you make to make sure everything goes well. You can’t imagine it…

If you were the most special person to Capricorn

You would know that you are. He is cold, yes, and very much his, his thoughts and feelings are almost impenetrable, come on, no one knows them unless Capricorn says what he thinks. But when you’re the most special person in your life, everything changes. He leaves his “dryer” side aside and heat fills his body. He’s detail-oriented, and he’ll give you special attention, and he’ll probably tell you more with actions than words, but you’ll always notice that he’s there for whatever you need, in your sad moments, in your happy moments, when you have to talk. And he will listen to you with his heart, and give you the best advice in the world, and above all, he will protect you from anything that could harm you. Being the most special person to Capricorn is quite an honor… Enjoy it!

If you were the most special person to Aquarius

He would give you everything in his power to make you happy. Even very often and even if he knows that it hurts him, he gives more than he receives, and it costs him nothing, and he does not look beyond… But you have to be careful because if you don’t don’t If you don’t keep what you have, Aquarius can take everything away from you in one fell swoop, and from giving you anything to giving you nothing. But as long as you are the most special person, he will share everything with you, he will bring you closer to his world, a world that he does not teach to just anyone, he will take care of you, and above all, he will respect you. You. He will always improve your virtues and do whatever it takes for you to leave all your fears behind. A love, a fucking love that deep down you know you have to take care of as if it were your life…

If you were the most special person to Pisces

You would realize that he feels something special, that he appreciates you, that he cares for you, but in a different way than he treats others. others. He is more shy with you than with others, he wants to express what he feels but at the same time, he is afraid to do so. He protects you without you knowing it, he does almost everything from behind just because sometimes he’s embarrassed. And no, he doesn’t want to move away from you, he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you, he doesn’t want you to be able to forget him. Pisces can’t pretend, they can’t do what they don’t feel or stop doing what they feel. You will feel that someone special is always there for you, who will try to make you forget your problems, who will want to see you happy and be able to grow with you… If you were the most special person for Pisces, you would not miss anything… Never.

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