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I’m Not Complicated, I’m Just A Virgo

We don’t take criticism well, not saying this is a good thing, but we’re tough enough on ourselves it beyond stings hearing it from others.

We love to plan! Invite us somewhere and we will do most of the planning, we are not leaving it to chance.

Virgos love to feel needed and we usually pick up strays along the way to try and heal them. This is how we end up hurt most of the time, when the people we help can’t reciprocate.

We strive for perfection in our work, in ourselves and sometimes in others.

We get extremely frustrated if we turn in less than perfect work. And Virgos don’t take making mistakes or failure lightly.

We are very loyal, once we let you in our hearts you are there forever. This applies to friendships and romantic relationships. Just don’t break our hearts or trust. We can be forgiving, but the damage will not be repaired.

Punctuality is very important to a Virgo, we spend a lot of time planning and obsessing so when people are late it ruins the plans.

Please don’t leave a mess. Excessive messiness makes a Virgo feel like they don’t have their life together and things are spinning out of control. We hate chaos.

No drama! We don’t like it, for we are too busy focusing on developing serious and long-lasting human interactions. We don’t have the time for petty fights.

We get hurt easily! Virgos are too focused on their own imperfections so when someone hurts us, we begin to re-examine our whole existence. Is it something we did, what could we have done better?

We might be over analytical but we are very curious. Curiosity is what keeps Virgos adventurous.

Virgos are smart because we have a thirst for knowledge and always want to be the first to know facts and stay on top of things.

We have a hard time expressing our feelings or having confrontations, therefore we keep a lot in and return to it at not very appropriate times.

We are very reliable and don’t like to let people down. If you have a problem or need help, a Virgo is your person.

Virgos are capable of great kindness. We might be tough on ourselves but have the utmost respect for others and we love to provide nourishment for their soul.

Virgos always find a way. This is due to our natural problem solving abilities and our tendency to over analyze all the possible scenarios.


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