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Love Tarot for all Zodiac Signs: February 27 – March 4

Tarot for Aries – Sun

The warmest and most tender feelings can be traced in your personal life this week. You might even receive a nice gift. However, this does not mean that your relationship is acquiring any seriousness: the rapprochement between you occurs gradually. The situation will develop according to the “wait and see” principle. But this does not mean that you are wasting your time. Remain for now in the position of an observer – and also his behavior, reactions, actions, and feelings. Try to evaluate a man from all sides and understand whether you need him.

Tarot for Taurus – 10 of Wands

There are no specifics in your personal life yet. It seems that there are options for a future together, but you are not sure that with this choice it will be bright. Advice from the card: accept advances from a more assertive man. But only if you have sympathy for him. The card also recommends that you become more open to males. Because of your reticence, the situation becomes false and vague. And, in general, a lot depends on you, which can affect the outcome of your personal life.

Tarot for Gemini – The Tower

During this period, you are reassessing your values, your worldview, and your inner world. You begin to understand that you previously lived completely differently and walked the wrong path, and this led you to a dead end. The good news is that this week there is every chance to meet a man who will bring you out of such a troubled state. If you planned to tie the knot this week, you made the right decision: the time is right.

Tarot for Cancer – 9 of Pentacles

This week, your energy allows you to attract what you want in love. This period is super lucky for you. But with all this, you may feel some kind of inferiority in life. In general, the card has a very favorable meaning for love and relationships. There are no lies and hypocrisy in this period. If you have recently entered into a relationship, the card tells about its further fruitful development. That is, you will receive pleasure from spending time together and you will begin to move to a more serious level. If you are lonely, this will not prevent you from feeling great and alone. Moreover, at the moment you are not sure that you need a personal relationship.

Tarot for Leo – 9 of Cups

And my head turned from love… It would seem that these are words from some romantic song, but no. These are words about your condition for this week. And it didn’t take any effort. You are aiming for a serious relationship. And perhaps this week you will receive a marriage proposal. The card advises not to reject your partner. With him, you will feel like you are behind a stone wall. And the Nine of Cups also predicts material success for you and your partner if the relationship and marriage take place. When you are next to this man, you will not experience material needs.

Tarot for Virgo – Ace of Swords

This is a week of lightness, falling in love, and flirting. Great time for dating! Do not deny yourself pleasure whenever possible. In a word, there will be no difficulties this week. Everything will happen in a mode of ease and relaxation. Don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy!

Tarot for Libra – 4 of Swords

Have a great week ahead of you! Finally, you will feel peace and tranquility. If you are in a relationship, problems may arise, but not so serious that the relationship breaks up. Misunderstandings between you and your partner, your secrecy, and withdrawal from reality into your inner world can shake them and bring coolness into them. If this happens, the relationship will not fall apart. But there may also be no talk of warm, trusting relationships. The most important thing is to be yourself and don’t isolate yourself!

Tarot for Scorpio – King of Swords

Show a little patience: with your assertiveness, you can scare off the young man. You need to moderate your aggression, show less authority and inflexibility, be more forgiving, and not forget that all people have shortcomings. But there is also good news. Men value you for your wisdom and ability to give truly valuable advice.

Tarot for Sagittarius – Page of Swords

This week you have a chance to lay the foundation for a happy love life. We can say that luck smiled on you! By the way, the man you are considering for a relationship today is a potential father of your children with many children. Trust this man, and a happy future awaits you.

Tarot for Capricorn – Strength

This week is perfect not only for meeting your love but also for starting a life together and starting a family. So far, your personal life cannot be called ideal, since there are some shortcomings. But over time, everything will settle down, and complete harmony will come to her. The more tender you are to your boyfriend, the more you will get from him in return. And don’t forget to love yourself, this is where love in a relationship begins.

Tarot for Aquarius – Moon

You are enveloped in a romantic mood and prefer not to notice the minor problems that initially plagued your union. Your relationship, if you continue to turn a blind eye to seemingly minor problems, may reach a dead end and misunderstanding will reign in your couple. If you have the opportunity to meet a young man this week, the card recommends taking a closer look at him, because he would be a good fit for the role of your future husband. But to achieve happiness in your personal life, you will need to change something in yourself: become more serious and smarter. It’s time to grow up!

Tarot for Pisces – Magician

This week you attract men with your sexuality. But they may be slightly put off by some things. The card advises you to become softer, more feminine, and more flexible. And stop strangling men with your authority!

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