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Love Tarot For All Zodiac Signs: January 16th-22nd.

What to expect from a relationship with your loved one - quarrels or harmony? Who will be lucky to meet their soul mate? Tarot cards know the answer.

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Tarot for Aries – 8 of Wands

This week you will have to experience the psychological pressure of your partner. This can manifest itself in different ways: anger, jealousy, and other unpleasant emotions. The reason will be some news that will require more careful interpretation.

The aftertaste will not be entirely pleasant; because of this, the internal state may be apathetic and depressive. There is a high probability of experiencing this forecast if you are married, even unofficially.

In any case, you should save your nerves. The more confident and decisive you are in this situation, the sooner the imbalance in the relationship will end. But be prepared for the fact that it may end if the relationship itself breaks down.

Tarot for Taurus – 8 of Cups

You lack the determination to take responsibility for your choices, but change is inevitable. You need to realize that the time has come to let something go. Typically, the Eight of Cups appears when a separation occurs due to circumstances beyond a person’s control – for example, due to a move or illness.

But, as they say, a holy place is never empty: when space is freed from the old, something new will certainly come to replace it. If you do not have a soulmate, or you are in a couple, but your relationship does not foreshadow anything like this, separation is still inevitable, but with your attitudes and principles.

In any case, whatever your status in amorous affairs, this period will force you to take off your rose-colored glasses. Treat change with understanding and gratitude.

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Tarot for Gemini – Knight of Cups

There is a risk that someone will conquer you with their charms. You will feel a magical effect on yourself and will be ready for any conditions, just to get closer to your choice. The most pleasant thing in this situation is that your attraction will be mutual, but you will learn about it not from your partner, but from the people around you.

If you are single, then, most likely, you will meet a man of your age or even younger than yourself: the card predicts the emergence of a creative young man with atypical views on life. By the way, the destined man has a desire to start a family soon.

If you are actively looking for a relationship, your happiness is closer than you think – you just need to be more attentive and objective about the opposite sex. But there is no need to go too far when searching for your betrothed: if this has not brought any results for a long time, it is useful to take a passive observer position.

Tarot for Cancer – 10 of Swords

There is no need to dramatize the situation: these seemingly terrible circumstances are the beginning of success, and the path to victory lies only through difficulties and troubles. Perhaps we are talking about renewing relationships after a serious quarrel. It is also possible that you are going through disappointments with a person who will become your protection, support, and, of course, love.

There is no need to blame yourself for the past – just learn from it. This is your work on yourself, and you need it to start a new life. Stop thinking that you will never be able to find happiness again – this is not true. Before you finally break off a seemingly outdated relationship, think several times – it’s better to avoid this step this week.

Tarot for Leo – Priestess

This week you may feel a strong attachment to a person, but most likely you will not feel reciprocity. The chosen partner will show you respect and trust, but it is unlikely that you will be able to experience the desired emotions with him

Act intuitively, listen to your heart. You can also seek advice from a certain lady, whom the card often interprets as a friend. When meeting a man, pay attention to your very first thought – it will be the most reliable.

If your relationship is just beginning, the card recommends building it in such a way that you always have your own space and time, otherwise, you will not be able to last long in this union. If you want to talk it out and reveal your deepest secrets, it’s better to do it with the friend mentioned above – it’s not time to let your partner get so close to you yet.

Tarot for Virgo – 3 of Wands

This week there will finally be clarity in your personal life. If you are in a long-term relationship, the card promises stability, trust, and understanding. It’s time to make long-term plans for a future together. You may be planning a move or other changes. Perhaps you will receive a marriage proposal.

Despite everything that has been said, you should not trust every word of your partner – the promises he makes on emotions can be broken. If you support his dreams, which concern both of you, you will have to help your partner create a clear plan and monitor its implementation.

Tarot for Libra – The Hermit

Your personal life begins to acquire seriousness and stability, but this does not exclude the decision to be alone, so as not to share your personal space with someone. This feeling can also arise in a relationship if you feel lonely in it. At the same time, you won’t want to explain anything to anyone, but you still have to talk to yourself: finally, look into your soul and understand what you need.

Tarot for Scorpio – The Chariot

The week promises to be busy. No matter how much you would like to influence your soulmate, you will not be able to do this yet, which will take you out of emotional balance. You will try to control other people’s actions and thoughts when you should focus on your own. To do this, you should first figure out what exactly you want – a lack of understanding of what is happening around you may be a consequence of the fact that there is no clarity within you. It’s something you have to work on, and it’s going to be a tough road ahead.

Tarot for Sagittarius – 4 of Cups

Expect a fateful meeting and a fateful sign. The man you meet this week may give you what you have been looking for in others for so long. Before this, you may feel as if you had foreseen this meeting.

But remember: for something new to come into your life, you need to clear the place by getting rid of the old. When parting with an outdated relationship, leave yourself only to experience it, and then your amorous affairs will reach a new level. There is no need to rush things – now you need an adequate approach without unnecessary emotions.

Tarot for Capricorn – 10 of Swords

Problems in the personal sphere will remain, but their resolution is approaching. Very soon you will be able to get rid of all the negative emotions that you experience. Even if you have a very hard time, accept these circumstances with gratitude and understanding. Pain, quarrels, and tears will go away, only valuable experiences will remain – thanks to this you will change and grow a lot. But this is possible only under one condition: you cannot sit idly by. Take action!

Tarot for Aquarius – 2 of Swords

Harmony and tranquility await you. If you are in a quarrel with your lover, reconciliation or an improvement in the situation will soon await you, even if you thought that it was impossible to restore the relationship. You will still have unresolved questions for your partner, but even they will not interfere with the impending idyll. Don’t rush to draw conclusions and act—drastic actions can lead to irreversible consequences. If you feel that your partner cannot be trusted, at least pretend that you are ready for this, and follow the principle of “trust, but verify.”

Tarot for Pisces – Moon

This week you will be torn apart by feelings of uncertainty, jealousy, and mistrust due to instability in your relationship. Someone is playing a double game, but only one of you is happy with it. You need to hear the voice of your mind, only then will there be a chance to restore harmony. In pursuit of personal happiness, you risk missing out on other aspects of your life and undermining your health. Think about it. Maybe it’s time to stop?

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