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Love Tarot Forecast For All Zodiac Signs: Week Of August 29 To September 4

What to expect from a relationship with a loved one – quarrels or harmony? Who will be lucky to meet their soul mate? Tarot cards know the answer.

Aries – 6 of Wands

The card speaks of overcoming difficulties, some kind of victory on the love front. Most likely, you had a difficult period before, but now everything will be resolved and will be resolved in your favor: fate is favorable. Arkan advises not to lose optimism, and to remember that there are no hopeless situations. And especially zealous “fighters”, who with honor passed all the tests and did not give up, he promised a reward for their deeds.

Taurus – Judgment (reversed)

Reversed Judgment is a bad sign. In a relationship, she promises serious losses, conflicts, cooling, or parting. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change the situation. The week promises losses and insurmountable difficulties. Instead of decisive action from a partner, you will get slowness, cowardice, and weakness.


Map of delusions. Everything is not what it seems. Your thoughts are very deceptive right now. Be careful, do not trust anyone, and do not agree to anything. At the same time, the Moon does not say that bad prospects await you, no, it just warns that everything is too foggy now. Let the night go. The situation will become clearer later.

Cancer – Temperance (reversed)

Arkan speaks of disharmony, that something went wrong, and the puzzle did not work out. And the problem most often is that you were too impetuous, behaved thoughtlessly, and unbalanced. Perhaps she took more than required and violated someone’s boundaries, and this led to a conflict – with others or with herself. The lesson of this lasso: “Calm only and calmness.”

Leo – 7 of wands

This is a good card, although it promises difficulties. You have a struggle ahead of you, from which, thanks to determination and courage, you will emerge victorious. It will be difficult, someone will try to counteract you. You may have to protect your love space. However, strength and truth are on your side. Rivals will be eliminated, even if in the first moments it seems to you that luck is on their side.

Virgo – Knight of Cups (reversed)

The card warns of difficulties in relationships and contacts, perhaps of illusions that obscure the mind. Meetings will be postponed and there may be delays in resolving issues and conflicts. Arkan says that partly you are to blame. You are running from reality, and deceptive thoughts and images, castles in the air, are born along the way. You do not want to see what is happening, thereby deceiving yourself. It is worth remembering: when you run from something, only this owns you. Try to look at the situation clearly and do not believe everything they say.

Libra – 7 of Cups (Reversed)

Once upon a time you chose the wrong path, being blinded by illusions or not thinking through your actions too much. But the reversed Seven of Cups says that the time has come for the eyes to open. Now is a great period to make the right choice, not overshadowed by the temptations and desires that arise with a hot head. You can prioritize correctly and go the right way.

Scorpio – Mage

Don’t be afraid to take action! The time has come, and the cards are in your hands. There are new opportunities ahead, development of events, and you will be able to make not only important but also the right decisions. Now you can create the best conditions for yourself, improve your life, and realize your plans. And even a small step at this time can be the beginning of a long journey.

Sagittarius – Temperance

Arcanum of restoration and finding harmony. It is considered a good omen in love and feelings, peace with oneself is what all people strive for. And you have just such a peaceful period in your relationship. But for this, you will have to make compromises yourself. Perhaps you are expecting too much. Moderation calls for humility, patience, self-control. And then all your problems will be solved by themselves when the right time comes for that.

Capricorn – Knight of Swords

The situation is heating up. This card portends not the easiest times in your personal life, and the reason for this will be excessive enthusiasm for beliefs. The case when a person aggressively imposes his point of view and this causes a conflict. Whether you become the source of this conflict or someone else, disagreements (and rather strong ones) are inevitable: the suit of Swords leaves its mark on the card, foreshadowing a real battle. Maintain stamina and strength of mind. And remember that everything changes.

Aquarius – 4 of Wands

This card calls for benevolence, harmony, self-confidence, and reunion with a loved one – with someone with whom your soul rejoices. Difficulties will be left behind if you benefit from the experience that you have received in the past. This is the moment of stopping when some hard work has been done and you need to exhale and enjoy its results. Often this lasso brings peace, something important will finally be completed, and you will find peace. This week, this card opens up an opportunity for new beginnings. The main thing is to trust fate, it is now mercifully set up and will lead you on the right path.

Pisces – Moon (reversed)

A small lie will be revealed before someone is harmed, and the situation of ambiguity, instability, and deceit will end. You can take off your rose-colored glasses and find yourself wasting your energy on shadowboxing. The card also indicates a meeting with frightening and completely “impossible” circumstances.

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