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Tarot Forecast For All Zodiac Signs For The Week From September 5 To 11

Do you want to know what this week has in store for you? Then quickly read the Tarot layout for each zodiac sign from the grand master of Tarot Olna Lemberg!

Aries – Queen of Swords

This week, be strict, reasonable, rational. Intelligence and determination in your actions are what will help you start autumn with dignity. Set real, thoughtful tasks for yourself and those around you, strictly monitor the implementation of instructions and no sentimentality – everything is accurate and on time.

Taurus – 3 of Cups

This week is a time of quiet fun, friendly gatherings, and joyful meetings after the summer holidays. Have a bachelorette party, bring a cake to work, call your girlfriends, chat, go seasonal shopping together, and be carefree girls.

Gemini – Strength

These days you feel a great surge of internal energy, and you can use it as you wish – if some kind of conflict arises, you will certainly win the fight; a passionate, hot romance may happen; or just go in for sports, run or throw a ball)

Cancer – Salt copper

One day you may feel a strong inner impulse in action, a new idea will come, a certain push and a state of drive – you will feel that everything is within your power, all obstacles are surmountable, and the desired goal is ahead. Take advantage of this state and release your inner fire.

Leo – Page of Swords

This week, look and listen carefully, collect and analyze all the information around you, be very vigilant, and don’t take anyone’s word for it, check everything. And don’t be frank with anyone, the accumulated information will be useful to you.

Virgo – Knight of Wands

If you want something this week, do it, right now, Don’t put it off, it’s not the action itself that matters, but the moment and your mood. Many things are sometimes decided like this – on impulse, instantly, at the moment of a surge of energy and unbearable desire. Then you’ll be surprised how it all happened at once).

Libra – Knight of Cups

For a few days you can indulge in narcissism – you are so beautiful, you love everyone so much, and everyone should be so happy that you exist in the world))) But don’t get carried away. You can play around with such an image, but let others understand that it’s all just a game, so they don’t take it seriously.

Scorpio — 6 of Pentacles

The week when cash flows are activated, but remember – they must flow in both directions: receive and spend, accept help and give it, do not be wasteful, but be generous, do not waste money, but do not be stingy. And then you will always be profitable.

Sagittarius – 5 of wands

There are some quarrels around you, small but loud skirmishes, and a general nervous and conflict situation. Try to distance yourself from the struggle of ambitions and stubbornness, but if it doesn’t work out, show that you are stronger and therefore right.

Capricorn – Wheel of Fortune

Expect sudden events and changes these days. Autumn always brings something new, and unexpected, it is impossible to predict, but you can be ready and attuned to sudden chances. Change your seasonal wardrobe – sometimes not only your image but also your destiny changes along with your clothes.

Aquarius – 8 of Pentacles

You are a professional in your field, so make the most of it. Set the price of your work yourself, carefully consider the incoming offers, and meticulously choose the best, You know that you will never be lost and there is always a choice, people like you are always needed and desired in your field.

Pisces – 10 swords

Well, it’s over, yes. And summer is over. Everything is natural, and no one has yet been able to revive what has died, and to prolong dying is not to live. So mourn the dead and move on in some other way. Let it comfort you that everything is finite, and grief for the departed too, and every mourning has its own time and no longer.

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