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Love Tarot Spread for All Zodiac Signs: Week from March 12th to 18th.

Aries – King of Pentacles

This week is good for starting a family. If you are planning a wedding shortly, your family will be strong and happy! The same applies to conceiving children, if you have been putting it off for a long time, know that now is the most suitable period. If it’s too early to talk about such serious things, then you can just relax and enjoy a reliable relationship. Now you can safely trust your partner.

Taurus – King of Swords

You have confused yourself and your partner. The point is that it’s time for you to decide what you want in this relationship: to dominate or to be flexible. If you are single, this week there is a chance of meeting a man with whom a relationship will be built very easily and will last a long time, if you accept his excessive narcissism. This person in your life can become a reliable partner for a long time, or maybe a headache. In general, the development of the situation will largely depend on you.

Gemini – 9 of Wands

This card is associated with struggle. The real question is whether you are fighting with someone or with yourself. You need to independently analyze the situation and understand where the problem lies. It may not be about you or your partner. Perhaps we are talking about a stranger who is trying to interfere in your life. In this case, you need to show maximum attention to prevent serious problems. If you are single and meet your chosen one this week, to enter into a full-fledged relationship with him, you will also have to show character, ingenuity, and assertiveness. You will have to fight for happiness.

Cancer – Justice

The outcome of the relationship this week will not be the most successful. This card can even mean divorce. If you are not married, then there is a lack of sincerity in your relationship now. They now seem to be based on profit rather than feelings. If you are looking for real feelings and a serious long-term relationship, the card advises you not to have high hopes and be prepared for disappointments.

Leo – 3 of Wands

The Three of Wands signifies clarity of purpose and intention. This lasso also suggests that your relationship is characterized on the positive side and is associated with reliability and seriousness. If your couple has moved to a new place of residence, now is the time to create comfort and build a family nest together. If you are not yet married, you may receive a marriage proposal this week. If you want maximum fruitfulness from your relationship, you need to clearly define your desires and goals. This way you will be ready for change and maintain a positive attitude. If you want to make some drastic decisions this week, know that now is not the best time to take risks.

Virgo – Moderation

This week there may be conflicts and misunderstandings in your personal life. And none of you will want to meet each other halfway. Today you do not have a completely balanced and objective approach to the situation, because you are at odds with yourself. Perhaps the fact is that your relationship is more connected by a certain material issue than by a sensual one. Instead of making things worse, you need to balance yourself.

Libra – 6 of Wands

Perhaps we are talking about meeting a new reliable partner, perhaps about a marriage proposal. It may be that your man promised to improve, but everything turned out to be in vain. Take this as a test. It suggests that you have not fully decided on what you want. Also, the 6 of Wands can mean a love triangle, which most likely will not end well. The card’s advice is that it is important to take steps honestly, through a brave struggle, overcoming difficult moments, without betraying your values.

Scorpio – Moon

The moon symbolizes uncertainty about your partner, about the long-term and promising prospects of the relationship. Perhaps unclear circumstances will emerge that, although not directly, still affect the development of your relationship. Don’t build castles in the air. And try to perceive all the nuances less subtly. You may have to fight a feeling of fear. As a rule, the feeling of fear gives a feeling of the unknown. The fact is that you can hardly imagine what awaits you in your personal life in the future. But this is no reason to succumb to illusions. In any case, don’t be upset. This experience will make you much wiser and stronger. The situation is interpreted much better if your relationship is just beginning to develop. In this case, the card may indicate that you are simply going through a “grinding in” stage, you are looking closely and studying each other.

Sagittarius – 6 of Cups

The card primarily signifies a truce. But this truce is completely useless now. She also talks about the desire to part with her past, to forget about the past. It seems like you’re still too attached to the past. Old feelings only interfere with new love discoveries. Card advice – start life with a new leaf. You won’t lose anything! Just buy it.

Capricorn – 4 of swords

You may be going through another crisis right now. If the crisis is indeed another, then it’s time to think about what periodically revives it. The conflicts that occur in your couple can be completely avoided. It’s time to analyze your reactions to the situations that have occurred and draw appropriate conclusions. If you don’t have a partner, then this week won’t change anything. Maybe you want to change something, but circumstances don’t allow it yet. Pause your desire. Happiness will come on its own, at the right time. Take care of yourself, and restore balance and harmony.

Aquarius – 2 of Wands

It’s time to work on your self-esteem. Your dislike for yourself affects not only your mood – you can also easily “hang noodles on your ears.” You’ve probably felt a sense of loss more than once because of this. Don’t give in to temptation. You have to be careful and you still have a lot to learn. The card indicates that the passion, spark, and romance have gone out in the relationship. Card advice – make decisions without emotions!

Pisces – 7 of Wands

The card promises a successful way out of a critical situation, the revival of relationships that seem to have already exhausted themselves, and an unexpected act that can save your union. In turn, the card recommends that you show honesty, courage, and perseverance. This week there will be an unexpected resolution to a protracted problem, a way out of an impasse, and a long-awaited overcoming of a difficult personal situation. Although a threatening cloud may hang over your union, it is still possible to save. Don’t be afraid to act and you will win on the love front!

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