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Signs He’s Secretly Thinking About You Based On His Zodiac Sign

Do you like him but don’t know if he feels the same way about you? Maybe he’s the type of guy who doesn’t really want to make the first move and hides his feelings, but there are some signs that he’s secretly thinking about you!

If he secretly thinks and likes you, the Libra native will become indecisive. He is a great lover, but he is also the master of balance and peace. When he falls in love, his worlds are turned upside down, so he’s super cautious and will weigh all the possibilities before really getting involved. He wants to know if the person is worth it or not.


Even though he seems very calm, the native of Scorpio worries a lot. He thinks you might have someone else or that you don’t like him the way he likes you.

He is known for being fiercely loyal to the people he loves, so both early on and afterwards he will be quite possessive. With him it’s all or nothing!


If a Sagittarius likes you and secretly thinks about you, he will want to do everything with you. He’ll suggest going on weekend trips, take you to places you’ve never been, and try to make you laugh. The more he experiences with you, the more interested he will be.


You will know that he likes you and is secretly thinking about you if he asks you questions about the future.

The Capricorn native likes to plan everything and will always be down to earth. He doesn’t like not knowing what stage he’s in, and he won’t continue to be interested in you if your relationship isn’t going anywhere.


If an Aquarius likes you and is secretly thinking about you, they will definitely put their personal goals on the back burner in favor of you. An Aquarius is always connected to his work, so if he distances himself from this plan of his life to spend time with you, you will know that he is really interested in you.


Basically, if he likes you and secretly thinks about you, he will write poems about you and cry a lot. When this native starts falling in love, he behaves like a typical and bohemian lover. It will be creative and very romantic.

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