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Today’s Horoscope 1st August 2023


Today, Aries’ interest in the social background and the future is growing. At the same time, material matters, especially those related to paying for vacations, hobbies, children’s affairs, and receiving income from creativity, may require separate attention: it’s time to look at them differently from the near and far perspective. It is worth considering income opportunities through deferred creative ideas, investments, or collective resources.


This day can increase the ambition of Taurus and increase their interest in achieving the goal. At the same time, not all Taurus will be individualists, concerned solely with their benefit or career, many representatives of the sign will proceed from the interests of their friends or family. In any case, these days contribute to the growth of requests and appetites at any level, it does not hurt to remember the sense of proportion.


Today, Gemini can count on luck, but taking into account that it can come unusually and be somewhat shocking. Out of surprise, under the influence of friends or the environment, many Geminis will be inclined to change their minds a bit, expand their originally planned budget, or change a habit. The likelihood of such surprises is higher away from home, for example, when traveling, or at a party.


Today, the stars remind Cancers of the need to maintain informal contacts with friends or a group of practical interests. Communication of this kind will not only allow you to once again communicate with like-minded people but also help you stay up to date with critical news and take additional precautions in time in potentially problematic situations, including financial ones.


Today, the stars advise Leos to focus on the environment and be sure to choose a course of action taking it into account: the reputation and impression made may depend on this. Depending on the plans, the mood of a loved one, the atmosphere among friends, a work team, or a professional community, the social background or mood in the ranks of the target audience can become a guideline.


On this day, the stars do not advise Virgos to make accurate detailed plans, as the usual conditions can temporarily change and force them to improvise on the go. The likelihood of adjustments in your or someone else’s daily schedule, unforeseen tasks, or unexpected expansion of the field of work will increase. Surprises from pets, assistants, and wards, certain oddities in well-being are not ruled out.


Libra this day invites to a creative course of action, hinting that it will be the most productive. Often luck will be possible thanks to friends and children, as well as their own talents and extraordinary skills. Having shown a creative approach, there is a chance to do without outside technical, informational, and financial assistance, to perform the necessary actions not according to the standard protocol.


Today, Scorpios can expect surprises in the family, in the circle of friends, or in terms of housing affairs, as well as in some other areas with which their interests are now connected, for example, in plans regarding a career or children. A specific person may turn out to be key: on this day a lot may depend on her personal friendliness, material generosity, or spiritual nobility.


Today, the stars advise Sagittarius not to ignore the situation around themselves and their home, whether it be the situation in congenial social strata, or the psychological atmosphere among friends, colleagues, or neighbors. Do not discount the opinion of assistants (for example, subordinates, incoming household staff). Awareness will add non-standard opportunities, and expand the scope of the search or choice.


Stars tell Capricorns that this day is capable of provoking unexpected spiritual outbursts and pushing them to non-standard expenses. If certain unplanned expenses are really necessary, you should carefully approach the selection and purchase process, otherwise, the risk of additional unnecessary purchases will increase. If it is an old debt, you may have to pay it with high interest.


Today, Aquarius should not attribute everything to circumstances, since the development of events largely depends on them, for example, on their habits, individual reactions, current mood, and well-being. Much will be connected with the attitude to the house and relatives. Both gestures of nobility and generosity are possible, as well as clashes of personal interests, including on territorial and ideological grounds.


Today, the stars advise Pisces to take (or extend) a pause in their planned important affairs in order not to make a serious mistake in them. A strategic mistake can be made under the influence of friends, a non-trivial psychological atmosphere, or extraordinary external circumstances that involuntarily induce non-standard actions. However, this is not the worst day if you want to selflessly help others.

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