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The Universe gives us a gift: the whole week after the New Year will be very favorable for any recreational activity. Therefore, you can plan an eventful vacation filled with travel, visiting various events, hiking in the winter forest, meeting nice people, and socializing. Enjoy!

Monday, 2.01

On this day, make the most of the support of other people. A close relative will help solve a problem that you have struggled with alone for a long time. It is advisable to schedule each important meeting for a time interval between 13.00 and 14.00 to achieve a result. Bright blue clothes will bring you good luck today.

Tuesday, 3.01

The prospects for a romantic relationship will be excellent. Don’t miss the chance to make new friends. Life will make you remember some recent events and understand: it is far from always possible to foresee what fate will bring you. Take it for granted and enjoy the good times while you can.

Wednesday, 4.01

During this period, you need to carefully monitor nutrition. It’s time to understand: mood and vitality are directly related to what you eat. Therefore, it makes sense to think about the right diet. Balance your physical and mental needs by feeding your body with healthy food and your mind with positive thoughts.

Thursday, 05.01

If you have a long-term partner, you may want to take your relationship to the next level. Lonely people will have a chance of a promising acquaintance. In general, this is a fantastically successful day: take advantage of the favor of fate by communicating with family and loved ones. Lunar energy will help you gain control over yourself and others.

Friday, 6.01

Health will require special attention. This is the right time to change your eating habits. Try to avoid fast food and alcohol, as this threatens to worsen your well-being. If you can give up some bad habits right now, by the end of the day your energy potential will increase noticeably.

Saturday, 7.01

On this festive day, family and friends should be at the center of your attention. It is worth spending time with those who have been longing to meet you for a long time. At the end of the day, you will be glad that you were able to share your excellent mood with your loved ones and recharge with their positive response. Today will bring happiness white color in clothes.

Sunday, 08.01

You can meet interesting people in some unusual surroundings. Or you find that some stranger grabs your attention. Be yourself instead of trying to be the life of the party and picking up unwanted habits. Today you should focus on making the transition to a healthier lifestyle.

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