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Zodiac Signs

Messiest Zodiac Signs Ranked For Work, Home And Mind.

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While for some astrological signs, order seems to be an innate thing, others are locked in a permanent mess. It’s cluttered in their home, on their desk, in their head: these signs can’t cope and it affects their daily lives! For example, when it’s time to clean up, the cunning Leo has swept everything under the rug and the procrastinating Scorpio hasn’t even gotten up from the couch. Fortunately, not all signs have this problem! The manic Virgo puts away everything she has disturbed in the minute, just like the fastidious Capricorn. But who are the messiest? Discover the messiest signs of the zodiac!

The messiest sign: Pisces, the least manic at home…

Sentimental Pisces is an accumulator. His house is full of memories that he could not get rid of under any circumstances! Very sensitive, he kept the letters from his first love and the poster of his favorite singer. Tidying up your house would mean hiding memories and this Water sign can’t do that! Fortunately, he is comfortable in his mess, which he will try not to show to the Marie Kondo people around him!

The messiest sign: Gemini, the most scattered in his head

A great dreamer, the son of Mercury is capable of many little things. The dizzy Gemini runs everywhere and forgets his appointments with the dentist or calls his mother again. Above all, Gemini natives have a mess in their heads! Due to the hubbub that constantly reigns there, they frequently say things they should not or lose the thread of conversations. This forgetful Air sign has something endearing… until the moment he misplaces that book we held so dear!

The messiest sign: Aquarius, the most eccentric at work

It’s not easy to work with an Aquarius native! The surprising Aquarius is not necessarily messy, but his character is very eccentric and this is felt in his work and his organization. Files are piling up on his desk, tools are disappearing and he doesn’t see the problem! His colleagues don’t understand the way he works and are outraged by the mess he leaves behind, on his desk and in the break room. Working with an extravagant Aquarius often requires patience and understanding!

If you belong to one of these three signs, don’t worry, your loved ones love you anyway! Behind your mess hides your great sensitivity and your creativity. You are unique, but just remember to tidy up a little from time to time!

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