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Opposite Sides Of Each Zodiac Sign

You have probably heard the phrase “Everything has two sides”. Light is incomplete without darkness. Life has no meaning in the absence of death. Even a coin has two faces! It’s the same with us humans. In each of us, there are both positive and negative, and in many ways, this is the influence of our zodiac sign.

Opposite sides of each zodiac sign:


Aries are highly spiritual beings with great enthusiasm and energy for life. These people appear to be highly motivated, ardent, and passionate and therefore breathe positivity into their surroundings. They don’t believe in losing and never back down when challenged.

However, if we dissect their character, we see an aggressive and dominant nature. They may flare up over small things and suffer the consequences of their anger.


Taurus is about walking stability and loyalty. They do not hesitate to work hard to earn enough to create a cozy nest. They like to be consistent, which is very good for life and relationships. But they are not without flaws, one of which is their phenomenal stubbornness. In addition, they are demanding and persistent, and like to do things their way.


The Gemini sign speaks for itself. These are dual natures, but not necessarily frivolous. They are kind, open, always ready for adventure, and love to learn. However, these same people can be depressed, impulsive, and sarcastic. At such moments, they want to hide from the whole world, and it is better not to touch them.


They are loyal, determined, and deeply devoted people. They tend to care for others and provide a helping hand to those in need. They know how to listen and empathize, but at the same time, they will not say a word about themselves. Many abuse their kindness. Therefore, they easily fall into anxiety and depression and engage in self-discipline for a long time.


The lion cannot do without praise. These ambitious, fun-loving, and self-confident people can seem a little self-centered and superficial. Moreover, they are overconfident. They periodically suffer from delusions of grandeur, underestimate others, and consider themselves the best people.


Virgos are rare bores, and they will always find something to complain about. They are petty, logical, disciplined, and like to analyze everything. But they are incredibly patient and know how to solve problems and listen to people.

On the other hand, they tend to exaggerate problems, don’t know how to relax and take life too seriously. They need a plan and a routine to feel comfortable and secure, which makes them inflexible in the eyes of others. They love to criticize themselves and others.


They have a real talent for organizing their lives and treating everyone with respect and kindness. They just love people, they are tactful and polite. They try to keep balance and avoid any arguments. But their indecision does not allow them to receive what they have long deserved.


They are intelligent people with a sarcastic sense of humor, which may come across as distasteful to those they offend. They are good at hiding their feelings, and because of this, people cannot hurt or offend them. They are passionate, organized, independent, and resourceful, but also loyal and trustworthy. Their worst traits are vindictiveness and manipulation. Scorpios often show their other side when threatened or betrayed.


People under this zodiac sign are desperate optimists, travelers, and party-goers, but at the same time, they are systemic and know how to work. On the other hand, they may have problems focusing on one thing, but they will still look for something new. Sagittarians are impulsive and temperamental, and among other things, jealous.


Hardworking Capricorns are smart, motivated, logical, practical, and well-organized. They will be ideal leaders because of their ability to see a broader perspective and deliver on what they have promised.

On the other hand, Capricorn is sometimes stubborn, but also uncompromising and rebellious. They don’t listen to other people’s ideas because their pride won’t let them. They are also moody and irritable.


They love to travel, explore new cultures, and meet new people. They love to talk and argue, but at the same time, they are peaceful and well-mannered. However, they may seem emotionally dry and unavailable. Aquarians know how to fight back and protect their boundaries. In work, they achieve serious success but often do not believe in themselves.


They are very emotional, caring, and sensitive people with artistic taste. Almost those who were born under this zodiac sign are very empathetic. They are loyal to their loved ones, friends, and family, and will do whatever it takes for them.

However, they also have disadvantages. They are often naive, jealous, and annoying. Pisces will often act first and think later, and this goes for both work and relationships.

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