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Most Poisonous And Toxic People By Zodiac Sign

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If we take toxic people and rank them according to the signs of the zodiac, from most dangerous to least harmful, we end up with the following list.

The Most Poisonous and Toxic People. Toxic People by Zodiac Sign

We have heard such an expression more than once – “toxic people”, but we have not always thought about who they are. In any case, associations with this term are not the most pleasant: a toxic substance, a poison, and a chemical – all this, it turns out, can be “excreted” by a person in a psychological sense, poisoning the lives of others and spoiling their mood. Toxic people are somewhat like vampires who say or do things that make other people give up their energy and feel bad.

A significant difference may be that a toxic person may not use the energy that is given to him in response to his actions at all. While a vampire mostly deliberately causes negative emotions in a person to feed, toxic personalities do not eat anything but simply ruin the lives of others just like that.

This, of course, is not always the case. Often between toxic people and vampires, you can safely put an equal sign, because both of them cause negative feelings and emotions.

For a person to be called toxic, it is worth considering the following:

1) Toxic people ruin your life, making it worse in many ways: they constantly spoil your mood and lower your self-esteem, in return, they give disbelief in their abilities.

2) You feel bad around toxic people, you want to run away, evaporate, and cut these people out of your life (which is far from always possible if this is your relative, for example).

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3) It is unpleasant to communicate with a toxic person, after talking with him you are left with a feeling of disgust, anxiety, humiliation, and other most unpleasant feelings.

If a person seems toxic to you, this does not mean that other people will consider him just as unpleasant. It’s just that your compatibility with this person is just that, perhaps you are toxic to him too.

If we take toxic people and rank them according to the signs of the zodiac, from most dangerous to least harmful, we end up with the following list:


The most toxic people who are very dangerous to others are Pisces. Remember that not all Pisces are toxic, among them, of course, there are more kind and disposable people! But if you come across toxic Pisces, you will have a hard time.

Toxic representatives of this sign are easily rubbed into trust, they know how to pretend to be a victim and leave other people guilty and exhausted after communicating with them. Moreover, it is also not always possible to refuse them. They usually do everything so that you simply cannot refuse.

You become immensely sorry for them, and you also wake up with a desire to help and support them. As a result, at some point, you just sit on your head. For any reason, you are used for their purposes (more often as a vest, but also for other purposes), and after communication, you are left with a feeling of emptiness, sadness, and anxiety.

They usually always have a lot of problems that they try to impose on you, tell the most heartbreaking stories in detail, and make it clear that they simply have no way out!

To the banal question “How are you?” they begin to complain about life, health, relatives, and you already regret that you asked at all.

Most likely, the next time you notice this person from afar, you will do everything so that he does not notice you.


Everyone knows that Scorpios are the most dangerous people when they are vampires, but they are twice as dangerous when they become toxic vampires. Toxic Scorpio is a fiend at the lowest level of development.

The easiest way is simply not to communicate with such people, and if this is not possible, take their barbs, envy, and resentment not at your own expense. Remember that usually such people are deeply unhappy and do not want to admit it.

You have to be prepared that they may say bad things about you behind your back or try to turn other people against you in various ways.

If such a Scorpio is smart enough, he can do everything so masterfully that no one will ever think badly of him.

If such a person lives in your environment, do not let him close to you. It is these women who steal husbands from their girlfriends or make you feel like a gray mouse next to them. Scorpions deftly know how to put pressure on the sick and get everything they want.


This is the third dangerous toxic representative of the Zodiac, which will suck all your strength and leave you to worry and worry about your abilities. Whatever you say, you will be criticized harshly, sometimes not even harshly, but quite gently, but this will still not make you feel better!

These people don’t have empathy. It is difficult for them to praise something that is not the work of their own hands; they harbor black envy for what others have.

Restraint and cold calculation – so often describe their behavior when they need warmth, support, and understanding. If such a toxic Virgo is your mother or other close relative, you can only sympathize. Remember, no matter what you do, you will be dissatisfied.


Toxic Taurus is a rather greedy person, he is used to measuring everything in terms of money. He can even make good money on his own, but at the same time, he is sure that everyone owes and owes him.

Everything in this life should be given to him for free, and if someone demands money from him, this causes a storm of indignation.

If a Taurus is just being greedy, they are far from being a toxic person. He becomes toxic when, for example, having received some kind of service, he refuses to pay for it, explaining this for various reasons, running into and scandal.

He begins to criticize and exasperate the one who provided this service, putting the person not only in an awkward position but also leaving him in doubt about his expertise or knowledge. The toxic client is the nightmare of anyone offering their services.

By the way, if such a Taurus himself provides services, he can change the cost as he sees fit, and usually upwards. Clients feel very uncomfortable with him because they do not know and do not understand why and for what they should pay more.

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