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Original Horoscope For Women. Men Can Read

The original horoscope for women with caustic comments about each sign of the zodiac. Some of them look very true, the main thing is not to be offended and not to take it too seriously! Look for yourself, compare, and use!

Capricorn woman.

In general, I am sure that any woman under the sign of Capricorn is simply obliged to become a teacher of something. Trust me, I have lived with my Capricorn mother all my life. And there is no subject in this world on the topic of which she could not give me advice. Men, having met a Capricorn woman, just learn. You will always do something “wrong”, don’t worry and don’t stress, Capricorn will teach you someday. It is difficult to meet a more practical and stubborn woman. Well, about the same amount she is low emotional.

To touch the heart of a Capricorn woman, you will have to learn how to cut the thorns on roses with your teeth, open the wine with the power of thought and fuck standing on your head. And not the fact that she will be impressed. It seems to me that it is after the failure of Capricorns that some men begin to be afraid of women and even change their orientation. But on the other hand, almost any “Creature” is a couple for her. Cancer is perfect, due to its masochistic inclinations and the desire to conquer the unconquerable. Virgo can also ride if there is no stabbing on the topic “Who knows better how to do it”.

Perfectly fit into a pair, a mirror-boring Capricorn man. Taurus is great. Leo is patient. Pisces is possible. In general, a Capricorn woman gets married either so as not to worry about changing her sexual partner, or for her benefit. What kind of happiness is “in love”, she does not know.

The original horoscope for women. Sagittarius Woman.

Bullet Fool Woman. From the unhealthy activity of this woman, you can not get sickly confused. Therefore, emotionally unstable and mentally defective, it is better not to get involved. Will bring either to the hospital or the last orgasm in life. Where is this crazy woman running? Either she shakes her ass in the hall, then she changes a broken tire on her own, or she already flies to the “end of the world”, because she had such a dream today.

Too versatile personality, for a calm and happy life.  In old age, she will go into fashionable Coaches, for something, and will be harmonious in this. Choosing between a wallet and a soul, he will choose a soul. Therefore, in conquering the Sagittarius Woman, the main thing is not luxury, but an idea. She leaves all her exes in the friend zone, and they periodically run to cry into her vest. That any normal man is rather annoying than happy. It is impossible to be offended by her for a long time, because she is like a 100 bucks bill, delights your friends and your mother likes it.

It will be great if you are also a Sagittarius. It will be interesting and fun for you both together and separately, and it will not bother both of you. Aries is also suitable, especially for marriage. With him, the Sagittarius woman will be ready to give birth to children and engage in idiocy.  Leo will strain with his “cult of personality”, but the unassuming Sagittarius woman can easily abstract from this. It will be difficult with Libra, there are too many doubts for the determined Sagittarius. With Aquarius, it’s great to hit all the hard and even break the law, but nothing serious will come of it. Twins are useless. Pisces are suffering. Scorpio is a bitch. Cancer is sad. Capricorn is boring.

Aquarius woman.

Universal Soldier. With ease crawls out of any life troubles. She sews on a typewriter and cross-stitches. Only hardcore. Meticulous. The spirit does not tolerate when they lie. I do not advise you to try to deceive the Aquarius woman. Mom’s eyes, Dad’s smile, character – Stalin, deduction – Miss Marple. “Zamorochka” 80 lvl. If you want to conquer Aquarius, you have destroyed the problem before her eyes, get rid of the cops, and unleash the Second World War. Eva Braun was on the sign of the Zodiac – Aquarius. It will work out great with Aries because they don’t bullshit and follow the “bazaar” and can conquer the world. There are also Leo and Sagittarius. Gemini – to be. Open a common business or organize an organized crime group.

It will work out with Libra, the main thing for Libra, as usual, is not to doubt and not to lie. (DO NOT LIE!) Taurus is too easy to understand and too unenterprising. Cancer is a housewife. Virgo is a pedant. Fish are too sensitive.

The original horoscope for women. Woman-Pisces.

Easy prey for abusers and sadists of all stripes. Sensual. Amorous. In the head most often porridge. Series and films about love. In general, I would not advise men with a strong psyche and a strong life position to get involved with Pisces. Because sooner or later, you will either become a vest or a sponsor. Fish is a Drama queen and she is fine with that. She just has a very subtle soul, and that’s all. In general, there is nothing wrong with her being an actress. Sharon Stone, by the way, is also a Pisces.

If you want to endlessly take care of a woman. Take the Fish, it’s yours.

Of course, a prince is suitable for her, one to one such as Taurus. Calm, sensitive, earn money. Capricorn – is also normal, but he will never understand suffering. Here is Gemini, they can directly distract Pisces from suffering and directly decorate her life in bright colors. All the rest, simply No.

Aries woman.

So hot and impulsive that she can reach a stabbing. It will easily develop a conflict from scratch. But honest. She will tell you the truth-womb, in her mind, not embarrassed by epithets and vocabulary. What he thinks, he carries. It is impossible to convince her of anything, if a wedge has entered her head, then it cannot be knocked out.

But he will not betray, the inner “Captain Justice” will not allow it. Very often too “strong independent”.
Sincere and not fake.

Sometimes it may seem rude, and sometimes it is. It’s better for the twin not to even try, he will turn it into a rag and wash the floor with it. The same Alfaci like herself, such as Sagittarius and Leo, will come up, they will beat people and make fights since these two are greedy for all sorts of such agitation.

The original horoscope for women. The woman is Taurus.

The most adequate female creature on the planet.  Who knows how the stars converged and in what house the Moon is, but obviously, in the house of adequacy. The feeling that even PMS does not take it.

Everything is in time everywhere and does not recognize life’s dramas.  Responsible, disciplined, uncompromising. It’s easy to amaze her with her adequacy.

Sometimes it seems that she is impenetrable, but this is not so, she simply does not bring down her emotions for show. She is the same, made of flesh and blood, like everyone else. 100% will vaccinate children. All kinds of choleric people like Aries and Lions will pass by. Parasites like Gemini, there too. Because, well, why the fuck does she need it?

With Virgo and Sagittarius, a normal union, marriage, and life. With Capricorn, they will get rich. The main thing is not to mess with Cancer, why such an ideal woman, that’s all.

Gemini woman.

A very, very, very carefree woman. Easy-going, sex, drugs, and even marriage. A woman who is completely unconcerned with you. She doesn’t relax because she doesn’t tense up. Sometimes it still goes into a state of nervousness, but it still won’t affect you.

Just do not encroach on her personal space, her affairs, and her life. That’s all it takes. Gemini + Gemini = LOVE. These guys can live their whole lives together without straining each other and maybe even without meeting. And Aquarius, definitely Aquarius.

Cancer Woman.

The same mother who endlessly screams from the window, either calls her husband and child to “eat”, or collects them around the district.  In general, any sane person will be tormented by his concern.

And if you don’t appreciate it, he will be offended even at night, he will stick a knife in your heart. Or it will simply be methodical to pour arsenic into your coffee.

Simply, appreciate your little Cancer,  even if she took the last money from home, some kind of witch who will conjure you wealth, joy, and the kingdom of heaven.

Well, she is greedy, for any such Satanism and esotericism. They will be great with the Virgin. They will rub plates to a shine and sort panties by color. Good contact with Taurus. It will not work out with Capricorn, because he should be an idealistic icon in the family, but she will not go for it and will tire her with care.

Leo woman.

Wow! Loves himself.

She is stunned at how such a clever and beautiful woman walks around the world and who will get such a treasure. Storm her heart with compliments and gifts. Just bring gifts to this God and don’t care who you are according to the horoscope. Loves luxury. Well, what is there to argue? Lioness. More often secular. And if not, then it suffers from underestimation.

Virgo woman.

This one even has a bag for bags, carefully ironed and matching the color of the kitchen. Correct. And if you do not agree, then I do not advise you. This woman should have order in everything, so it is easier to rule.  Everything is under control.

Ideally, Virgo is also, but even he can’t pull out responsibility. Aries is an overly enthusiastic idiot, and she doesn’t approve of laughter for no reason. All fiery idiots like Sagittarius and Leo are also not an option, firstly, it’s impossible to control chaos in their heads, secondly, no healthy pragmatism.

Here is a family man – Cancer, reliable Taurus, and stubborn Capricorn, what you need, there they build a cell, a house, and a penthouse.

Libra woman.

Nothing to do with balance and balance, don’t be fooled. If you don’t want to hesitate for a long time, just take everything with your hands, and quickly, you don’t have to ask too much. All sorts of problems, it generates at the speed of light, you won’t be bored.

Sincerely capable of admiring any man, everyone is suitable. In general, everything. Be sure to find the good in them and cultivate them.

Scorpio woman.

That’s where the thriller lurks. He appreciates that everyone around is idiots, and she is smart and objective. Also an aristocrat. And a deep and mature personality.

I don’t advise crossing that woman’s road, she will take revenge, grind into powder, feed hungry dogs. She doesn’t forgive, she doesn’t forgive. Skillfully understands everything he has to do. Persistent. Very tenacious. But despotic, you won’t have to wait for concessions here. Men are determined by scent. And how does she do it?

Here’s who you can’t fool. It singles out the best qualities in a man and objectively promotes them to achieve maximum heights. I advise you guys. Very motivating. Just show me what you can do and she’ll figure it out. She’s really cute, she just hides it well.

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