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The Most Faithful And Fickle Women According To The Sign Of The Zodiac

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Is your heart prone to betrayal? Of course, many factors influence this: upbringing, your personal choice, whether your love is strong, etc. But the stars also contribute. We learned which signs of the Zodiac are the most faithful, and which ones are not very, and why.

The most faithful and fickle women according to the sign of the zodiac.


You love competition. So if you don’t feel like your partner thinks you’re the hottest thing in the world, then you can start looking for someone else. Your true partner will see you as the most desirable and beautiful.


You are known to be a stubborn girl and very loyal, and if you meet someone, it is for life. But if you feel that your partner is not giving you the love that you deserve, you can start looking for it on the side.


You already know that you are rather indecisive and cannot concentrate on one thing for a long time. Unfortunately, this can lead to you needing more from the relationship than one partner can provide.

And it is also very important for you that your loved one has a similar sense of humor and you can laugh with him.


You are a fountain of emotions and crave stability, which makes you one of the most reliable signs.

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On the other hand, since you have a very kind heart, you are afraid of hurting your other half when you want to leave her. Therefore, it can be easier for you to quietly cheat than to honestly say that you love another person.


You need to feel like the star of all the films on every screen in every city, and if your partner is not ready to give you this role, you are very likely to cheat on him.

If he doesn’t put you on a pedestal, you will surely look for someone who will, and you won’t even feel guilty about it.


You worry about even those problems that have not yet arisen, so trying to stir up something with a lover while your husband is at work is such stress for you that you are not able to survive.

However, if your partner doesn’t live up to the high standards set by your perfectionism, you’ll look for someone better.


You are naturally so passionate and flirtatious that one would expect treason from you. But you place such a high value on romance and love that you probably won’t.

If you do cheat, then most likely it is under the influence of strong emotions, and not out of boredom and not to amuse your ego.


Until you meet your one and only, you’re having a great time. You are seductive, charming, and attractive guys. But once you meet someone who suits you emotionally and sexually, you commit yourself to him.


You don’t have a filter that filters out what you can say and what you can’t. So it’s hard for you to have a secret affair because sooner or later you will spill the beans.

Also, you view sex as a fun game without rules, and if your sex life starts to look like it’s been planned for years ahead, you may want to get out of the rut.


You are loyal and reliable, but you are not particularly concerned about finding love. To some extent, this is important to you, but you would rather have a career than focus on creating a family.

You will rather choose a man who will contribute to your advancement, even if for this you have to leave someone.


In general, having met the right man, you are not inclined to cheat on him. “Treason” in your performance is rather a light flirtation, meaningless playful correspondence.

If you love your partner, you will quickly stop even such an innocent game before it goes too far.


You are ruled by emotions and empathy, so you will only cheat if you are trying to end a failed relationship. And anyway, leaving for the sunset with a new guy, you will reproach yourself for treason all your life.

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