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Pink Full Moon In Scorpio On April 24th, 2024: Its Meaning For All Astrological Signs

On the night of Wednesday, April 24 at 1:51 a.m. precisely, the Moon will be full in the sign of Scorpio. What does this Pink Full Moon mean, according to astrology? What is its symbolism for your zodiac sign? We’ll explain it to you.

“On Wednesday, we wear pink. No, the Full Moon of this Wednesday, April 24, 2024, does not follow the precepts of the “Plastics” clique in the “Lolita despite myself” cult. Sorry, but the Moon will have its usual color, since “ Pink Moon ” is simply the name given to the April Full Moons, at least in France. Disappointed? Not so fast. This Full Moon in Scorpio has many other tricks up its sleeve. At the very beginning of the splendor of Taurus season, this Full Moon comes to call us to order. Enjoying and sleeping in is good. But to be able to flutter from flower to flower, you will have to go through the crucial stage of the chrysalis. Yes, we’re still talking about astrology: follow the guide.


“I look at myself in the mirror: I want to change my clothes, my hair, my face. » As Bruce Springsteen and his natal Venus in Scorpio sing in “Dancing in the Dark”, certain needs for change are not long in coming. The Full Moon in Scorpio this spring supports this subject, the area of ​​expertise of the arachnid sign: molting. This can translate into a visceral and urgent need to change oneself or to modify one’s environment. Declutter your home, or your computer, cut your hair, or even do a huge administrative sorting. We mourn what we no longer want to make room for what comes next.

Chris Semet lists the best of this moment in “Planetary Transits” (Hugo Poche), “beautiful survival instinct, good intuition, thirst for the unknown, ability to question oneself”. But the astrologer does not forget the less positive sides of this transit: “Family tensions, irrational fears, adaptation difficulties”. You will understand, that you will have to do it, but it’s worth it. In “Flourishing with the Moon and Honoring its Talents”, Christelle Arondeau writes: “It is always with an evolutionary goal, to allow you to grow.


  • Arcana number 13 of the Marseille tarot, that of Death nicknamed “Arcanum Without a Name” for more drama, corresponds perfectly to this transformative atmosphere. No bad omen, I swear. This card speaks to us of new beginnings, of cycles that end and inevitably: new ones that begin. We are inspired by his ability to create something new with something old.
  • The Force and the Hanged Man. To transform yourself successfully, you must be able to accept a new look. Bend your resistance to change just enough so that it doesn’t break. This duo perfectly represents the balance between control and letting go. Lucidity and abandon, are the best of both worlds.


  • Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Heaven invites you to let go of everything that has been weighing you down for a while. No more superfluous things that suffocate you. In your closet, in your relationships, in your priorities, everything must disappear. Well, everything except the essentials. Don’t panic, the duo Uranus (change) and Jupiter (luck) ensure that this spring change is a positive and joyful turning point.
  • Virgo, Capricorn, Aries: you breathe. Like Water signs, the accumulation of repressed emotions can finally flow freely. Aries takes the lead in taking charge of themselves emotionally and seeking help. Virgo and Capricorn allow themselves a little more vulnerability and dare to differentiate between what is useful to them and what feels good to them.
  • Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra: the desire to run away from your emotions is strong, but don’t panic. The strength of this trio of astrological signs? His capacity for lightness, humor, and de-dramatization. Are you experiencing an existential crisis? A retraining that stresses you out? Your best weapon for starting a new cycle is to put things into perspective and know how to surround yourself well.
  • Taurus, Leo, Aquarius: some tensions to expect. Yes, when the Moon shines in Scorpio, the other three fixed signs form complex angles with it to manage. Resistance to change works for Taurus. Leos will have to deal with ego wounds and Aquarius will have to accept that they were wrong. A hell of a program, we grant you, but beneficial for the rest of the spring. Besides, all Aquarius will tell you: “It’s just astrology, not the end of the world!”

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