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They may even take some time to get into a relationship, but once they do, you can be sure it will be for life!

Some say that we are living in a phase of “liquid love”, in which love connections are increasingly worn out and ephemeral because, in a sea of ​​infinite options, we seem not to be satisfied with anything. According to this logic, we would be seeing fewer long love stories, as the new generation would not be mature enough to face the routine of a union.

First, it is necessary to understand that this decrease in relationships can be a reflection of liberation because, with the advancement of the women’s struggle movement, they now know that they do not need to remain in failed relationships or go out in search of husbands to be validated. It’s not that we have fewer “long love stories”, but fewer people stuck in something that doesn’t satisfy them by mere social pressure.

And be aware that yes, there are still people who dream of long relationships. A marriage of years, until death, do them part… Many of us still dream about it, and that’s okay.

According to the observation of the stars, we can even know the sign of these hopeless romantics. Below, you can see the top  3 of the signs that are looking for a love for life!


The kings and queens of stability would of course appear in this ranking. People who are born under this sign or have a very strong presence in the birth chart value more than anything stability in their romantic relationships.

Some might call Taurus old-fashioned for this, but the truth is, this sign can’t have romantic interactions with someone without some prior connection. It may seem impossible for some to think about this possibility, but this is how it works for Taurus: there is no kissing, caressing, and even passion if there is no exchange beforehand. You will hardly see Taurus people hanging out with everyone at the club, although they are very “fiery”, but they best express this passion when it is built and not in a lapse.

It may take a little longer, but it’s these Taurus attitudes toward love that secure lasting commitment.


Melted butter, with emotions on the surface. Even those who don’t know anything about astrology can identify the stereotypes of the Cancer zodiac sign, and in that case, you can be sure that it’s all real! Cancerians are always in touch with their feelings, even the most difficult ones to deal with. They don’t shy away from a good relationship discussion, and this point, which many may view as a negative, helps them maintain relationships.

It’s not that Cancer “cuts” fights in the relationship, but he’s certainly not afraid of them, and talking about his feelings can be a challenge for most people!

Cancer will speak clearly and openly with their partner about what is bothering them in the relationship, in a gentle way so that no one feels attacked. And, in the same proportion, he always welcomes what his partner has to say.

It is in the feelings that the greatest strength of a relationship lies, Cancer believes. And the dialogue is the best way to address these important components of affective life.


Some might say they play “games” and that might be the case, especially when it comes to flirting. But what many don’t see behind this relaxed way of being is that Aquarius is looking for a partner for life.

As a sign with an incomparable way of thinking, Aquarius tends to take longer to let his heart rest in love affairs. And this sign greatly appreciates those who stay by their side, even after some “ordeals”. One of the key elements for this sign in a relationship is patience and respect, which will certainly make it go far.

What Aquarius seeks is a life partner, someone to grow with. United by love, each one following its path without ever sublimating the individuality of the other.


If you’re expecting a declaration from these signs, you can wait seated. They don’t talk about their feelings and are unlikely to open up to you!

While some signs are very attached to their feelings and never have a problem declaring themselves to those who win their hearts, others tend to be more closed and hardly open about what is going on inside them.

The signs of the second group are usually more cold and analytical, they consider that exposing themselves a lot, especially about feelings, can put them in a position of vulnerability, and at some point cause them some discomfort. Therefore, hearing an “I love you” from them is one of the most unlikely things that can happen.

Find out what these signs are below and, if you’re dating one of them, be prepared for a less romantic mood!

1. Gemini

Fun and communicative Geminis have some difficulty dealing with their feelings, especially those towards other people. Their heart can live in an eternal dispute between reason and emotion, and this can make them never know whether or not to open up about their romantic feelings. You can wait a long time for a position from these people. It takes patience.

2. Taurus

Taureans don’t trust just anyone and don’t give their feelings into anyone’s hands. They need to be reassured that they are on safe ground and that they are not at risk of being betrayed or left behind. This may take some time, but when they gain someone’s trust, they truly give. If you can wait, you can reap great benefits.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians are free and independent souls who love their routines and are always looking for something new to live for. This can hamper the progress of their relationships, because they are always hesitant to come out, for fear that the bond with another person will harm the way they live. Therefore, they think very carefully before showing any feelings, as they put their goals first.

4. Virgo

Virgos are very methodical, analytical people and not so open about their lives. They don’t take a step without thinking through all the possible problems and outcomes, and they can be even more demanding when it comes to their feelings. If possible, these people would put their feelings on a scale or chart to determine whether it pays to open up emotionally to someone. So when you interact with these people, you already know what to expect.

5. Capricorn

Capricorns are some of the most rational people you will ever meet. They don’t consider romantic relationships a priority and are always working on big personal projects, which can make their emotional side more hidden and make them not live up to what some people expect of them. However, they can have a person by their side, as they appreciate stability, this will just take longer than with other signs. It takes persistence to be with them.

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