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Ranking Of The Signs With The Biggest Hearts

12 Scorpio

Scorpio, we’re sorry we have to put you last. The fact is that your sign is so strong that you sometimes resemble an iceberg. Anyone who knows you well knows that you have a huge heart that cares about those close to you, what happens is that you have earned the reputation of being a venomous person the hard way. Sure, your sting can do a lot of damage, but the reality is that you don’t live thinking about that because you are noble by nature. The one who wants to understand it well, and the one who doesn’t want it to.

11 Aquarius

Aquarius, being so independent places you among the last positions in this ranking. It has nothing to do with your heart because the truth is that if one of your people asks you, you will leave as soon as you can, but, indeed, you often leave alone. Sometimes you have so much to do that it seems like you’re never present. The reality is different, you try to organize your time to carry out your projects and devote time to your family, your partner, or your friends. The problem is that a day lasts 24 hours and you can’t always find time despite your busy schedule… What are we going to do?

10 Taurus

Taurus, you have a heart that doesn’t fit in your chest, you are very attached to your loved ones, but whether you give them more or less attention will depend a lot on your romantic behavior. Although it is difficult for you to admit it, this poses a serious problem for you because when you fall in love, your world revolves around the person you love. Most likely, your partner will be delighted, but your friends and people who have always trusted you may not be. Until they realize where your change is coming from, they will think that maybe you weren’t as good as you seemed…

9 Gemini

Gemini sometimes calls you an unfriendly person, but nothing could be further from the truth. You are always ready to listen and help your friends or family, what happens is that many people tend to always repeat the same story, and this tires you. Your attitude will be cold if you see that the person who is supposed to need you caused the situation they are going through. You are good, but you are not stupid and you are not going to waste your time if it is of no use… Very intelligent of you, Gemini!

8 Libra

Libra, in everything you can do, you will help the people you love and you will be a fundamental support. What you would do is exactly what you would expect from others if you ever needed them, no more, no less. You know that the vast majority of the time your employees need you, you won’t be the one who can solve their problems, but you will be there to listen and give them a few words of encouragement. You are very realistic in this sense, Libra, and even if you feel that you must be at their side, you know that everyone must overcome difficulties on their own…

7 Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you are ranked number 7 because, although you are very independent and follow your path, you have a heart of gold. Most likely you have a lot of friends and good friends, people love you because, in addition to spending a good time with you, they know that you are loyal and unconditionally. It is clear that if you do not find out what is happening to one of them, you will not be able to do anything, but as soon as you find out, you will be there to give them strength and encouragement. You are very wise Sagittarius and your advice is always comforting…

6 Cancer

If you’re right in the middle of this ranking, Cancer, it’s because no matter how strong you are, you’re also one of the most sensitive and tender signs of the zodiac. People who know you well know that you don’t skimp when it comes to displays of love. Even if you don’t always say how you feel, the people who love you know that you are always there for them. Your devotion to your loved ones is authentic, it comes from your heart, the one that hides under your shell, but which is very big Cancer.

5 Pisces

Pisces, you fully deserve position number 5, you are deeply in touch with your emotions, but also with those of the people you love. You relate easily and tend to take on the feelings and problems of others as if they were your own. The truth is that you show understanding and care for your loved ones which is hard to find. Even if you are somewhat undecided about the exact solution, you will exhaust all options to help yourself. Pisces, you will only rest when the people you love are more or less well and you will offer your shoulder whatever the situation.

4 Leo

Leo, you are undoubtedly one of the most generous signs of the zodiac and yet, you don’t always get enough credit for it. The ability you have to cheer up your loved ones when they are depressed is admirable. On top of that, you have no doubts about their defense, you are loyal unto death and very, very protective of them. You don’t include just anyone in your life, they have to pass some sort of check-in first and that’s why when you love someone you make sure to let them know how important they are and valuable to you.

3 Aries

Aries, you possess an energy that is both overwhelming and contagious. Your emotions are always on the surface and you also express them without any qualms. Although your intentions when you are interested or concerned about someone may seem a bit excessive, the reality is that you want to show them that they can count on you. You want the best for your loved ones, Aries, and you are quite protective if someone tries to cause problems for one of the people you love, they will also be your enemy…

2 Virgo

You are generally said to be very reserved and critical, but you have a gentle and giant heart, capable of giving everything for those close to you, Virgo. You try to protect yourself because you know how intense your emotions are and how far you can go for the people you love. In difficult times, you will be the solid rock they can hold on to until the river calms down. When there are obstacles, you are very clear about what Virgo should do and what she should not do, and you will guide her along the way when she finds herself lost.

1 Capricorn

Capricorn, you won first place with a landslide victory, just like Virgo, your reserved nature seems to make others doubt your emotional depth. However, you possess a giant heart that contains much more than you bargained for. How you care for your loved ones is more practical than personal, but you will do it any way you can. You don’t always feel comfortable expressing your emotions, but your support is unwavering for those close to you. By your side, they know that they can share what they feel with complete confidence and that this is priceless today…

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