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Money horoscope for January: Capricorns are very successful

Mercury continues to be retrograde until January 18th. Here’s how January will be financially for each zodiac sign.
Read the January predictions and find out what the stars have prepared for you financially for the first month of 2023!


The January mantra for Aries will be “after work, and reward”. As you work, as you dedicate yourself, as you invest, you will be rewarded accordingly. Focus on your own strengths and knowledge and you will only gain. Trust yourself and listen to your gut when it comes to new projects and earnings.

In other words, go for it, you won’t go wrong!


You have never shied away from work, work has never scared you, and you have always believed that the only way to achieve substantial earnings is through hard work. January starts, for you, with a lot of appetite for work and new projects. You will have some delays in your income, but the money will come to you at the end of the month. You just have to be patient!


You are extremely concerned about the financial aspect.

You need money or are raising money for a personal project (vacation or home improvement) and things don’t go the way you want them to, and that throws you off the rails a bit. You have to set real goals and follow all the key points to get where you want to be. January’s watchword is planning.


The month of January starts well for Cancers and marks a good start for 2023 as well. Although Mercury is retrograde and sudden changes occur, you will manage to turn them into an advantage and orchestrate everything in your favor.

You will know financial success in this first month of the year, and this will define your strategy for the following.


Leos start the year strong, overflowing with energy and new ideas. With a little discipline, nothing can stand in their way. They will be unstoppable when they set a goal. New opportunities for collaboration arise, new fields to explore and you accept challenges without thinking. January’s watchword for Leos is courage.


It’s the month of paid policies for Virgos.

Everything that remained untaxed from the past, you will compensate now. Changes are happening at work and it’s your time. You will benefit greatly from these changes, you will advance in your career and you will also have the opportunity to look into the eyes of the people who have hindered you in the past.


Libras are lucky financially this month. Everything is going well for them, and without investing much effort, the money comes to them. You shouldn’t lie on your back and start thinking that it will always be like this. Enjoy the moment, but keep your wits about you!


Scorpios have a major conflict at work this month, from which they win on one side and lose on the other. With a little care and diplomacy, you can turn a loss into a win, but you have to take care of all the details if you want to do this so that you don’t suffer in the long run.


You start the year with enthusiasm and a promise to yourself that you will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

One of your colleagues is making your situation difficult at work, which you will understand in time. It’s important to stay focused on what you have to do and achieve your goals.


January is your month, from all points of view, but especially financially! The recognition of all the work comes only now and gives you immense joy. In addition, pen to pen pulls. Earnings now generate other earnings. You will start the year in a better way!


Change is the key word of January for you.

You have to make a decision about the job and that will bring about changes. With a careful, honest and thorough analysis, you can choose the option that will change your life – give you a restart in your career and substantially increase your income.


The month starts with good news for you, especially if you have been enterprising in the past. At work, you’re waiting for a raise you’ve been asking for for too long and it seems like it’s taking a while to come, but you get firm assurance that it will happen.

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