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Ranking Of The Zodiac Signs Most Eager To Have A Romantic Relationship

1. Cancer

Afraid to love? Not at all, you know that loving is complicated, it involves going deep into your fears and having the courage to give in to them. However, you like to connect with others, you are protective and very straightforward. You long for a beautiful love, the one that takes you by the hand and calms your life. A love that accepts you as you are and does not minimize your sensitivity, you want that or better still nothing.

2. Pisces

Your love is tender, understanding, and emotional. Your love is what causes sighs, but also a lot of serenity. You strive to make the other person feel your warmth, you want them to realize that they are important to you. You are tired of pretending not to feel, you want a love that allows you to express everything. Someone who isn’t afraid of your intensity and who loves you as much as you love them. Half-loves are no longer for you.

3. Libra

One day you decided to make peace with your loneliness, you learned to love it and then you started to love yourself. This is why you now value your time, your energy, and your dedication. You want a love interest, but you’re not going to settle for anyone’s leftovers. You must find love free from chains, jealousy, fears, and control. You need a partner who looks you in the eye and feels lucky to have you by their side. This puts a lot of strain on you.

4. Taurus

Yes, you are in a hurry to love, but sincerely. You are in a hurry to find someone who you don’t need to beg to be faithful to you. A love that gives you stability and is not scary if you include it in your future. Someone who can recognize each of your faults and respect them. An accomplice with whom you can grow in every way, someone who causes you more happiness than tears.

5. Gemini

Honestly, along the way you met some wonderful people who awakened your curious and loving side. However, the hearts you are truly connected with are rare. You’re afraid of staying with someone who doesn’t match your adventures. You are in a hurry to love deeply and healthily. Who doesn’t want something like this?

6. Leo

You’re amazed by the confident way people claim you’ve become demanding when it comes to love, they say you’re asking for more. However, that’s not true, you’re asking for what you deserve and if others are used to getting crumbs, that’s their problem. Your heart is energetic and passionate and you desire a love that matches you. You’re in a hurry, but to find someone who inspires you, admires you, understands you, and loves you like you do.

7. Aries

For you it’s very simple, you have to enjoy life, every second, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to store memories in your mind and your heart. You want to meet someone who won’t run away when your intensity is present. A love that has its dreams, hobbies, and visions, but decides to go the extra mile with you. Therefore, when you see it, you will not hesitate, you will take the risk.

8. Scorpio

Hurry up is your worst enemy, you no longer want to fall into the trap of a pretty face, unforgettable kisses, or gentle caresses. You want more than that, which is why you have become so wary of opening your heart. You’re not going to trust your loyalty and vulnerability to the wrong person. You already understand that you need to protect yourself and that the less chaos there is, the more likely it is that the love you deserve will arrive.

9. Sagittarius

Love as a couple is beautiful, but it’s not everything in life and you know that very well. You’ve done so much work on your insides that it would be foolish to let in the first person who smiles at you. Your freedom and your passion are not up for debate, if someone can’t stand to see you fly and grow, they don’t deserve you. You’re tired of relationships where you need each other, where you want to choose, not need.

10. Virgo

Your analytical side doesn’t let things flow easily, it’s not that you’re closed off when it comes to love, but you’re not willing to give the best of yourself to someone who doesn’t make the minimum effort. You want a love who shows you that it’s you, who feels unique next to you, and who is not afraid when he sees that you like routine, long relationships, and plans.

11. Capricorn

The fact that you are in the penultimate place in this ranking does not mean that you are cold or that you cannot love madly. You do it, but you are very selective. You don’t want any more addicted loves. You have so much to accomplish that you won’t waste time taking on someone else’s responsibilities. You refuse to be the savior of broken loves. This is why you are in no hurry, you prefer your solitude a thousand times over rather than falling back into toxicity.

12. Aquarius

Look at you, you exude independence, you were born with the gift of putting aside your emotions whenever you feel like it. You know how to enjoy life and appreciate company, but you are very clear about the type of partner you want for a stable relationship. You like to be yourself, so free, so spiritual, so changeable. You are not willing to become the puppet of someone afraid to run away. You are in no hurry to love, as soon as the right person comes along, you work on your self-esteem.

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