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Today’s Horoscope 23rd April 2023


The curiosity that characterizes your way of acting allows you to take excellent steps forward in managing a complicated family situation. On the day of rest, a pleasant disposition of the nocturnal star followed, for you of Aries. You have a great desire to do and we follow you.


With your resourcefulness, you will be able to find a project that satisfies you and that could change your professional trajectory for the better. For your Earth sign, the night star is in the House of Economies on this day. Know how to embark on adventures.


It will be a Sunday in which you will be able, with your irony, to like someone who needs to deal with intelligent people to feel at ease. Today, for you Geminis, a favorable aspect of the Moon followed. Your desire to do is rewarded.


Your loved one may feel shallow if you never say how you feel. On this last day of the weekend, for your Water sign, the Moon, your guiding star, passes through the House of the Unconscious. Be careful not to make jokes that can make you appear standoffish.


Those who frequent you find you very shrewd. On the day favorable for your sign, there is a favorable transit of the nocturnal star for you Leoncini. Your irony allows you to impress a person who loves people who know how to laugh at even the most complicated things.


Some think that you look around too much, in the grip of an unusual narcissism for your sign. For Virgo, a difficult aspect of the Moon is underway, on the day dedicated to relaxation… You need to be more humble in your relationship with others, above all so as not to disappoint those who love you.


You are very versatile and can devote yourself to anything that pleases you. On this last day of the weekend, a pleasant aspect of our satellite continues, for your sign. Your ideas are as original as they are concrete. Someone who doesn’t like the ordinary will come closer.


It’s a day when you can do something very practical and useful around the house. The Moon is in the astrological house of reconstitution, for Scorpio, this Sunday… You are imaginative and have no difficulty organizing an occasion for fun with those close to your heart.


On the day dedicated to relaxation, for your Fire sign, there is still a difficult moment for our satellite… Your loved one would like to see you less standoffish… Now it seems that what he says is obvious and repetitive. How would you feel in his place?


On the day dedicated to rest, the nocturnal star is still found, for your Earth sign, in the House of Health and Work. You will arouse the curiosity of a person who until now had wrongly found you ordinary while preferring originality. He will love your irony.


On this day, a positive aspect of our satellite continues, for Aquarius… In the company of both family members and those you like from a personal point of view, there will be moments of pleasant conversation and confidence that you did not suspect in no way…


During the day dedicated to relaxation, an unpleasant aspect of the nocturnal star is still in progress. You should enjoy Sunday but you are too influenced by the inability to understand who you want to hang out with on this day. If you can’t make logical decisions, use a pair of dice.

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