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Ranking The Most Toxic Boyfriends In The Zodiac

1 Virgo

The Virgo man is very intelligent, and often, he will use that to use against you. You will have to be careful because he is quite critical and complaining. Before agreeing with you, he will try by all means to justify himself and emerge victorious. He will use everything you have entrusted to him against you and can blame you whenever he wants. He is very good at manipulating others and is super cold and indifferent when he deems it necessary. He is the one who must always be right and have the last word. He is also controlling and jealous, he will want to know what you are doing and who you are talking to through messages. He tends to act unconsciously, but he will be there and attentive to every step you take. He will rarely control his temper and if things don’t go well, it will be your fault. He will try to make you adapt to his life and will manage yours at his discretion. So now you know…run away before it’s too late!

2 Aquarius

Second place goes to the man of the Aquarius sign, the least romantic and sentimental of the entire zodiac. The boyfriend who will bring the most frustration and confusion into your life is this one. He’s also not big on commitment, so he’ll give you a million thoughts before getting serious with you (if he ever does). Unfortunately, this man wants to live his life freely and as he pleases. He will also not be willing to open up and devote himself entirely to the relationship. He may be a selfish person who only wants to satisfy his needs, without caring much about what you need. With him, you will always feel like you are not fully appreciated or loved. Sometimes you may feel like you don’t exist. And then, that you are the best person he has in his life. Well, to avoid any confusion…best to move on and not get involved with a man with these characteristics.

3 Capricorn

Capricorn’s sign boyfriend can be very stubborn and stubborn when he is at his worst. You will have to be careful if you want to be with him by your side because his temperament and way of being can be exhausting. In addition, he will always be more focused on his work than on the relationship, and he will hardly change his priorities to be with another person. He does not express his feelings easily and tends to be introverted when it comes to his problems and problems. He is not (at all) a romantic man and will always be very direct with his opinions, without worrying about how you might feel later. He will want to be right at all times and you will have to adapt to his times. He also won’t give up his space and he will set the bar pretty high for you because he won’t want to lower his expectations.

4 Sagittarius

A Sagittarius man is usually quite complex when entering into a long-term relationship. However, with a little reciprocity and camaraderie, it can be quite positive. It is his indecision that makes him confused and incoherent. This makes him an unreliable boyfriend and his lack of commitment only makes things a little more complicated. The reality is that this sign likes to experience everything and he won’t always want to do it with you by his side. He is an independent being who does not want obstacles or a person who overwhelms him emotionally. If you are patient and want it, go for it. But if you don’t have these characteristics, you’re better off moving on. To date a Sagittarius guy, you have to want to be around him.

5 Aries

If you want intensity, you’ll find plenty of it here. However, an Aries boyfriend can be very toxic sometimes. He even falls into manipulation and selfishness. He is quite controlling and will not trust you 100%, no matter how much you give him every reason to do so. But this is due to his nature, as he is quite unfaithful and will want to get what he wants whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s the impulsiveness that speaks for itself. He is also self-centered and judgmental, so think twice before becoming romantically involved with a man with these characteristics. He may be interested at first, but over time, if he gets bored, he will chase another person who is newer and more stimulating to him.

6 Taurus

With a Taurus boyfriend, you will have to have a lot of patience if you want to be with him. Because even if at the beginning of the relationship he is enthusiastic, over time you will see that everything becomes monotonous and you will receive different treatment from what you were used to. The Taurus sign will only focus on their work and professional life and will prioritize their business before their relationship with you. He also won’t trust you completely and may become possessive and controlling if you give him reasons. His toxic side blossoms when he starts wanting to mark territory and make it clear that he is the one with you. As if somehow he wants to make it clear that you are his property.

7 Libra

In general terms, Libra’s boyfriend can be good and bad in equal measure. Depending on his maturity, this will be the way he conducts his relationship. He can be a great companion or the worst of all. You’ll also be somewhat undecided about whether or not to commit, but that’s the least you can do in the long run. The important thing in this case would be to emphasize that he can be a good boyfriend, attentive and devoted. He is friendly and trustworthy, so you will be able to share very special moments with him. If you are not with the right Libra, you might experience a lot of deception and betrayal. He will not feel any type of guilt and will justify all his actions by giving them the twist that suits him best. You’ll need to evaluate what type of boyfriend you want if you’re considering Libra as a future suitor.

8 Pisces

The Pisces boyfriend will be one of the most sensitive you can have. This man is usually very affectionate and receptive, so you will never miss caresses and cuddles. However, Pisces is often referred to as toxic because they usually carry wounds from the past that don’t always heal with time. This is a man who moves from relationship to relationship quite easily and does not give the corresponding closure with his exes. For this reason, it can complicate things a bit. But if he can understand this stuff and wants to get involved with you, everything can end well. You just have to try it and see how well it solves it. You can be very romantic and believe in true love.

9 Gemini

Life with a Gemini boyfriend can be very stimulating and adventurous. This man won’t be perfect, but at least he will be honest with you and show you from the start that he wants to be by your side. And even if his personality is jovial and friendly, that doesn’t mean he’s going to be unfaithful to you or want to hurt you. It’s just part of his personality and it won’t change his feelings towards you. Once he falls in love, he goes all the way. He is looking for an ideal partner and once he finds her, he will take care of her with all his might. He is a very gentleman and will be there when you need him. If he expresses his feelings and emotions with you, you can be sure that things are serious.

10 Leo

Your Leo boyfriend will be passionate and give everything to the relationship. He’s one of the best boyfriends you can have, so take advantage of him. Although he has high expectations within a relationship, his nobility makes him much more understanding and he can easily adapt to any circumstance. You can also become very romantic and enjoy those romantic encounters that you love so much. He will pay attention to details and want you to feel loved by his side. His level of toxicity is minimal because it is certain that by his side, you have everything. He doesn’t need to be suspicious, because he has a lot of confidence in himself and knows he can trust you too. And if he’s in love, nothing and no one will make him change his mind. With Leo, you will be able to build an ideal relationship.

11 Cancer

This little crab friend will be one of the best suitors you will have in life. A sign like Cancer will constantly bring emotions to the surface and overflow with love when they are with you. It can be a little toxic when jealousy arises, but if you can manage it, you can have a great partner by your side. You will have to provide him with the security he needs and you will have a good heart, ready to give everything to continue the relationship. Your developed intuition tells you how to interact with others and within the relationship, which will allow you to overcome any conflict. He loves to love and be loved. You also want to create a strong bond with your partner. You need to feel that the complicity is mutual and that you will both be able to overcome any difficulty.

12 Scorpio

Finally, and to everyone’s surprise, the sign that turns out to be the least toxic is the Scorpio of the zodiac. You will find in him the most faithful, reliable, and companionable man, once he falls in love and breaks all the barriers that he usually uses at the beginning of the relationship. Once Scorpio gets involved and commits to you, they do it forever. He doesn’t do half-measures, it’s all or nothing for him. He is also very intense and passionate, so you will experience incredible moments with him. He is detail-oriented and will know everything about you before taking the first step. He will want to form an unbreakable bond and will work hard until it is achieved. You long to live the relationship of your dreams and find the right company that doesn’t play with your feelings. If you want a firm, secure, committed relationship, then this is it.

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