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Rating Of The Most Faithful Wives According To The Signs Of The Zodiac: Marriage Without Marriage

“A woman always remembers where and when she got married. But very often he doesn’t remember why, ”the men joke. But as they say, he who laughs last laughs best. Rating of the most faithful wives according to the signs of the zodiac. We remind you that there are exceptions to every rule, and stars can also make mistakes.

Rating of the most faithful wives:

ARIES. 5 out of 10

Aries choose their men on their own and often start romances out of interest. If a man is attractive to her, then he is interesting to her. And what is it, Aries will want to know better. Marriage in this situation is not a hindrance, alas. What will she say to her husband? She will tell you as it is, and at the very beginning of the relationship. Will accept – excellent, indignant and will not reconcile – well, goodbye and for now.

SAGITTARIUS. 6 out of 10

And here’s how it goes. Sagittarians love to be beautiful and to be fun. And without restrictions. No, it’s not even a matter of a tendency to cheat, Sagittarius just wants bright colors and without tediousness. She chooses men for herself, and if she loves a lot, she will stay, and if not very much, she can leave or change. It is pointless to bind such a woman to yourself, she will become attached herself. If he wants.

PISCES. 6 out of 10

Pisces love with all their might and spend themselves completely, and when this happens, their mind is turned off. And if a beloved man calls, such a woman will get up and follow him. And nothing that her husband is sitting next to him.

It will go anyway, even run without looking back and regrets. Yes, Pisces can do different things, but they are unlikely to apologize, and not because they are bad, but because they sincerely do not understand – how can one make excuses for love?

LIBRA. 8 out of 10

They usually sing about such women that they are like magnets. Weird, but true. Women born under the sign of Libra attract to themselves, and it is extremely difficult to resist this. What is the reason? In an amazing combination of femininity and mystery. In addition, Libra knows how to keep a distance, which inflames men even more.

It is not surprising that Libra’s personal life often proceeds violently, and such women marry more than once and not forever. At the same time, Libra is not strong in terms of betrayal – they don’t need it, and men get too easily for them to risk good relationships.

SCORPIO. 8 out of 10

Passions, emotions, and strength of character are Scorpios. And these women feel very well who their man is. Sometimes one meeting is enough for them. If the choice is made, Scorpio will get his way and will not change. In the end, cheating on your chosen one means admitting that the decision was wrong. And this is below the dignity of Scorpio. So husbands, be calm – they have received you, they will not leave you.

CAPRICORN. 8 out of 10

In any case, gradualism is needed, right? Capricorn will take his time to arrange his personal life. And let them say that time flies and you need to hurry. No need. Therefore, Capricorn is ready to generously spend his strength and days in search of his man. And when the search is successful and the job is done, Capricorn will relax.

And no more effort will be made. No looks to the side, no thoughts. Representatives of this sign do not like to redo the work, especially if it is flawlessly done. Husband found? Found. And bass.

AQUARIUS . 8 out of 10

The strange nature of the women of this sign surprises not only those around them but themselves too. Sometimes even discouraging. Like, she did something, but she didn’t understand what. Sociable, cheerful, and very mobile, Aquarians easily fit into any adventure, except for the very frankly obscene ones.

Aquarians are infected with idealism, they have their ideas about love and the only man, and they are not ready to give them up, even if in real life they don’t come across these ideal men. Aquarius can enter into marriage more than once but is still not inclined to betrayal.

CANCER. 8 out of 10

Also almost ideal. She always dreamed of a family, dreamed of a husband and children, and these dreams were not the result of some stereotypes hammered into her head – no, it was her desire, her nature. Therefore, having married, Cancer will be faithful to the end. Another question is whether a man can not disappoint her. And if, God forbid, disappoints, Cancer will take the children and leave. But it won’t change.

LEO. 8 out of 10

The Leo woman also thinks with her head, but a little differently than Cancer. She wants the very best. She perfectly captures the difference between love, marriage, and sex. It will be possible to find someone who will give her all this at once – fine. Fail – Leo will receive everything piecemeal. But, most likely, even if he gets along with someone without ardent love, he will not change him. Why cheat on your partner? This is not a business approach.

TAURUS . 9 out of 10

There are Virgos and there are Divas. This is just about Taurus. They are beautiful, stately, deep in nature, and very conservative. In addition, Taurus adheres to iron principles, including “do not forgive treason.” It is gratifying that women of this sign apply such requirements to themselves. So they cannot be caught cheating; for them, such assumptions are even offensive.

GEMINI. 9 out of 10

Here is an almost perfect sign for a wife, including about fidelity. Gemini is very feminine and at the same time very smart, more precise, reasonable, and reasonable. And don’t be fooled by the ease with which they communicate with any men – it means absolutely nothing. This woman loves you and will be faithful to you, all other representatives of the stronger sex are nothing more than a background for her.

VIRGO. 9.5 out of 10

Looking for the ideal? Is your wife a Virgo? Consider that you have found it. Indeed, Virgo women combine the best qualities necessary for marriage. Tenderness and common sense, sexuality and patience, humor and everyday pragmatism – all this is Virgo. And fidelity, of course.

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