Zodiac Signs

Reasons Why Each Zodiac Sign Hasn’t Texted You Back Still


They are the ones who saw your message, made a mental response, and then forgot to respond to you.


Taurus has been struggling to come up with the ideal retort for a long time and is puzzled.


They wrote a number of responses to you but didn’t send one. Since they are perfectionists, they procrastinate.


Cancerians prefer to call you instead of messaging. They are going to wait till they have enough time to chat.


They were preoccupied with whatever TV show or book they were watching or reading. It absolutely escaped their notice that they should respond to your message.


Your message went unnoticed by them. They would’ve replied instantly if they had.


They are too preoccupied with responding to a thousand more messages. You are really not the only one who is waiting for a response because their inbox is full.


Scorpios are in a nasty temper and wouldn’t want to lose their cool. They’d instead wait till they’re feeling happy and colorful once more.


They are out having a good time. They would just rather be out in the field than glued to a device.


Caps are too preoccupied with their jobs to have time for pals. They must put their profession first.


They would not want to disturb you at an inconvenient moment. They’re concerned that if they message excessively, they’ll bother you.


They are really not responding as they’re too preoccupied with understanding your words. They are the ones who are striving to comprehend precisely what you mean.

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