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Requirements You Must Meet Before You Start Dating Each Sign


To date a sign like Aries, you will need to be on the same level as him. He will only notice you if you can match his level of energy and drive. You want to date someone who presents themselves as unattainably challenging. Aries needs to feel stimulated about this. He also likes spontaneity, so if you want to go out with him, you will have to improvise and be quite creative in your proposals. However, don’t pressure Aries, because he will escape if you get intense. You want to maintain your personal space and only give in if you deem it necessary. Aries is rebellious, so a person with a weak character and who does not bring passion into their life will ignore this and continue on their path.


To date a sign like Taurus, you will need to be very specific and dedicated. The Taurus of the Zodiac does not want to waste his time with people who are unstable, dramatic, or who don’t know what they want. You need to be very direct in your evaluations, but also considerate and polite. Taurus loves the pleasures of the world, so you will have to make an effort to show him a good time. Whether it’s good food, music, or a moonlit evening, everything will have to be planned to perfection. This sign is very observant and knows very well what it is looking for in each person who crosses its path. He will also hate it when you change his plans at the last minute because he doesn’t want his time or his feelings to be played with.


If you want to date a Gemini, you will need to be very careful about how you express yourself. Well, this sign is very unstable and tends to constantly change its opinion about the people around it. You will have to make an effort to understand what he wants from you. He also handles sarcasm very well, so be careful not to get hurt. Gemini likes people who can motivate him, so a basic requirement will be that you are intellectually interesting. This sign loves outings and social events, so you’ll need to be creative and innovative with your dates. His dual nature makes him very active and involved in many activities. So if you can follow him, his commitment will be guaranteed.


To date the crab, you will need to be very sincere and honest with your intentions. This sign is sensitive and emotional, so a person who does not empathize with it, simply follows! Another basic requirement will be that you can have fun, Cancer likes to spend good and happy moments with the person he loves. You will also need to take into account their changing moods; you may not always be able to understand these mood swings. As long as you are patient and understanding, you will be fine. Family is everything to Cancer, so you’ll need to love your loved ones if you want to date this sign. And finally, to win his heart you will have to be worthy of his trust and know how to live up to his romantic expectations.


Mainly to win over Leo and start dating him, you will need to attract a lot of attention to him. This sign wants to date people with good aesthetic taste and eye-catching, just like him. He needs to feel special and flattered most of the time, so if you’re expressionless or reserved, consider implementing another strategy. Leo only dates people who are genuine, intelligent, and attractive. You want to stand out and for your partner to be on the same level in the face of circumstances. But you will also have to be attentive to the small dramatic scenes that he can create from time to time. Leo is not a sign that wants to go unnoticed… ever. If you like to live large, learn to show your most ostentatious side and become ideal for the Leo of the zodiac.


This sign will have many demands when it comes to agreeing to date someone. Well, Virgo is somewhat picky and selective, it must be said! Not everyone will live up to your expectations, which are usually VERY high. This sign is one of the strictest and most meticulous of all, so you will have to be very observant if you want to conquer him. Will not accept improvisations or delays. He will be annoyed if you play with his time. You highly value cleanliness and order, so you better be neat and always presentable. Planning is essential for Virgo, so if you’re distracted or disorganized, you’ll experience the worst version of it. Try to be practical and attentive to their needs. He also likes to spend time alone. If you are intellectual and an interesting person, you will be guaranteed their attention.


To date Libra, you will need to be very good-looking. This sign is very observant and will want to have an attractive but also intellectual person by their side. Libra likes to discuss many topics, so you will need to be a good conversationalist. Libra is a social butterfly who loves social gatherings and fun get-togethers. If you want to date him, you must have an outgoing personality who knows how to share his general lifestyle. This sign also has difficulty making decisions, so you need to be a good advisor and support him in the most difficult times. Another basic requirement will be patience because Libra is not always in a good mood. This air sign is very romantic, so you need to pay attention to details to make every meeting with you unforgettable.


To date the Scorpio sign, you have to be very interesting to him. Not everyone attracts your attention because this sign is very mysterious and selective. You should know that he likes a bit of drama and acts indifferently. However, once you gain confidence, you will be able to discover another side of his personality. This sign is very passionate and by your side will want to share intense moments with another person. Their conversations are usually deep and with this sign, you can talk about anything. You will have to be yourself, without masks, if you want to conquer it. Well, in the long run, Scorpio will know what kind of person you are, since intuition is their best weapon. Don’t betray their trust either because there will be no going back.


To start dating a Sagittarius, you will need to secure their new adventures and opportunities. This sign enjoys experiences that stimulate them and allow them to connect with diverse people. You also want someone who understands your needs and won’t worry about your withdrawal. Sagittarius is a free soul who doesn’t want commitments. He hates that they are behind him and wants to clip his wings of freedom. If you want to date him, you will have to share this lifestyle. This is a fundamental requirement for being with a Sagittarius. No pressure or demands, and everything will be fine. If you can keep up with him, he will feel comfortable and want to make plans with you. But remember that no matter how much he loves you, as soon as you try to pressure him, he will run away with all his might.


If you want to start dating a Capricorn, be prepared for a series of requirements that you will have to meet. This sign is very planning, which is why he wants at his side a person with the same sense of responsibility, both emotionally and in life in general. He also doesn’t like to deal with drama and sentimentality, so you will need to be very realistic and direct with him. At his side, he wants a thoughtful person, who is not only guided by the heart but also uses reason. This sign is materialistic and concrete, so if you are one of those who move around a lot, forget it. He doesn’t tolerate people playing with his time, so someone who knows how to value him will attract his attention. A sense of humor will also add points to make you smile.


If you plan to start dating Aquarius, imagine that he won’t respond to your messages, at least for a few days. This sign lives immersed in its world and will not be aware of you (or anyone). He is a free person who wants to be accompanied by someone who is on the same wavelength as him. A requirement that you must meet is that your way of being is authentic and very original to attract the attention of a sign like Aquarius. This is someone who pays a lot of attention to the intellect of others and will not want to get bored or waste time with boring people. Aquarius wants something new, to have experiences, and to take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves to them.


If you want to date the most affectionate of all zodiac signs, keep the following requirements in mind. For Pisces, emotions are very important, so you will have to be very careful when expressing yourself with him. You must take their opinions into account and listen to their needs. The Pisces of the zodiac is somewhat unstable in terms of his feelings, so you will have to be patient and accompany him in his darkest moments. However, it will also be essential that you want to get involved in his ideas and creativity because he enjoys sharing special moments with his favorite people. He also loves art in all its forms and at his side he wants a fun person who will participate in living these experiences. He loves romance, so you can use this to your advantage and surprise him with romantic details.

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