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Sayings About The Signs Of The Zodiac, Reflecting Their Whole Essence

The character of each Zodiac Sign can be reflected in sayings. Find your Zodiac Sign and find out which folk sayings match your character and lifestyle! Sayings about Zodiac Signs that reflect their whole essence:


“Go there, I don’t know where to bring that, I don’t know what.” Only Aries can cope with this task. Especially if there is an incentive!
“Nothing is over for one who is alive.” Don’t break the ram! No matter how life beats him, he can always get out of a difficult situation.
“A head without passion is like a barren tree.”  This is the whole Aries – he is characterized by manifestations of passion, strong emotions, and impulsiveness.


“Across the sea, a heifer is a half, but a ruble is transported.”  Taurus does not like to be disturbed, especially over trifles, and even sent somewhere against his will. He will find a thousand reasons to stay where he is. It’s hard to convince him.
“Life is measured not by years, but by labor.”  Taurus love and know how to work. They need to see the result of their labors, then they will have an even greater incentive to achieve something.

“To find here, and not to lose there.”  Taurus is very practical and cunning, so he always tries not to miss the benefit, or even better, find a double benefit! He knows how to calculate and analyze.


“Everything that is done is for the better.”  Geminis are optimists by nature, so they perceive any failure as an experience and an incentive to move on.
“It is better to see a lot than to live a lot.”  Representatives of this Sign are very inquisitive. They value impressions, not stability, so they strive to live life in such a way that there is something to remember.
“Throw him into the sea – he will come up with a fish in his mouth.”  Gemini is lucky. They are lucky in trade, negotiations. They are fast, agile, and resourceful, and therefore very tenacious!


“My home is my castle”. Home for most Cancers is a sacred place. It is at home that they can truly relax and be themselves.
“It is better to walk and sit down on the way than to run and lie down.” Cancers are cautious and accurate natures, and besides, they are also slow. Therefore, they try to take on impudently, but with patience, and endurance.
“Velvet all, but there is a pity.”  Many Cancers seem defenseless, white, and fluffy. But there comes a time when they show their sting.


“It’s quiet in the swamp, but it’s bad to live there.” Not a single Leo can be forced to live a quiet, measured, and gray life. Around them, there must be a holiday, brightness, music, and people.
“To be afraid of wolves – do not go into the forest.” Lions are very brave, and they despise cowards. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign often take risks without thinking about the consequences.

“He who goes to great things does not look back at the barking of dogs.” This is a typical Lviv worldview. They love recognition and respect, they love to be appreciated and admired. But when it comes to criticism, they just don’t take it in their direction.


“To live without work is only to smoke the sky.”  A real Virgo cannot live without work. She is ready to work to achieve her goals.

“They speak at random, but you take it into account.” Virgos are gray cardinals. They notice everything, they notice everything. They have excellent memory and an analytical mindset.

“Measure seven rows, cut once.” This saying reveals the approach to the business of most Virgos. Before they start something, they will think over and analyze everything a hundred times.


“Well, where we do not”.  It seems to many Libras that where they are not, it is better and more fun, so they are always drawn somewhere.

“It will be, it will be. If it doesn’t, then something will happen.” This saying speaks of the doubting nature of Libra. They find it difficult to make decisions.

“Sometimes running away is winning.”  Libra is not that cowardly, they just think that sometimes they run away from the conflict, so as not to develop it further. After all, they are peacekeepers, wars and struggle are not for them.


“An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth”. Scorpions are vindictive. They will not rest until their abuser is as hurt as they are.

“Trust and life are lost only once.” The trust of representatives of this constellation is worth a lot. If you have lost it, then do not expect to get it again.

“Do your best and leave the rest to fate.” In Scorpios sit both a perfectionist who tries to do everything perfectly and a fatalist who believes in fate.


“Life is like the moon: sometimes full, sometimes at a loss.”  This saying most likely refers to the financial side of life Sagittarius. Either thick or empty.

“The dexterous one will climb to the top of the mountain, and the clumsy one will remain below.” Sagittarians are lucky and dodgers. Some unknown force drives them and helps them reach the pinnacle of success.

“To live without truth is to flee from the wide world.”  Sagittarius consider themselves fighters for the truth. But, sometimes, they can lie for a red word.


“Patience and a little effort”. Capricorns are very hardy, persistent, and hardworking. They bring everything to perfection and, thanks to their obstinacy and patience, achieve success. So where Gemini and Sagittarius fail to win with their luck and speed, responsible and strategically thinking Capricorns win.

“Live everyone with your good, but with your hump.”  Capricorns are used to achieving everything themselves, they don’t like to lend, so they appreciate those who, like them, live with their hump.

“Water wears away the stone.” The patience and perseverance of Capricorns can only be envied!


“To live with wolves is to howl like a wolf.”  Aquarius tend to sink to the level of anyone and find a common language with anyone. In their environment, you can find people of completely different social strata and wealth, and with all of them, they are on the same wavelength.

“The bear is in the forest, and the skin is sold.” Most Aquarians are big dreamers. They make grandiose plans, but they are not in a hurry to implement them.

“Even a fool can have some talent.”  It’s no secret that many Aquarius have a reputation for being such strange fools. However, they are very talented and even brilliant.


“God punishes those he loves.”  True Pisces are very religious, humble, and willing to be sacrificed.

“Life is fun, but there is nothing to eat.”  This folk wisdom speaks of the impracticality and frivolity of the representatives of this Zodiac Sign. They live in the present and do not think about the future.

“The brave man dies once, the coward a thousand.”  Pisces are not cowards. But many of them “die” more than a thousand times. These were Sayings about the Signs of the Zodiac, reflecting their whole essence.

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