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The Ideal Marriage Proposal According to Your Zodiac Sign In 2022

For this special day, are you rather discreet or explosive betrothal? Do you prefer that you be asked for your hand at home, in the middle of nature or in the middle of the crowd? Find out what is your ideal marriage proposal based on your astrological sign … You may recognize yourself!

1. The Aries:

If you are Aries, you are more natural than a city, rather sporty than romantic, rather dynamic than a housewife. Knowing all this, your other half has every interest to take you in the wilderness to make his request. One thing sure, Aries wants to be surprised on this special day.

2. The Taurus:

Of a relatively traditional nature, the Taurus woman dreams of a marriage proposal in an intimate setting. She likes to have landmarks and is not the type to expose her private life in public. For this reason, she sees her ideal wedding request at home, surrounded by roses and love!

3. The Gemini:

Basic Gemini is not necessarily attracted to marriage. But if the demand is at a birthday or at a major event, he can see things differently. For him, the ideal marriage proposal must be surrounded by the people he loves: family and friends together!

4. Cancer:

Romantic wish, Cancer looks forward to this day. He dreams of a great declaration of love with everything he goes with: candles, roses, and soft music. And if her half asks her hand on their birthday, you can be sure that Cancer will be touched!

5. The Leo:

For this special day, the Lion is waiting to be dazzled. His marriage proposal must be as unique as his personality. And even if it must be a big surprise, it will be necessary to think of giving him away to prepare himself to allow him to be on his 31. If he is not prepared consequently, the Lion would recover not!

6. The Virgo:

Whether at the restaurant, at home, or at a picnic in the wilderness, the Virgin will always be affected by a marriage proposal. She has been dreaming for so long. All you need to know with her is that you have to do things with simplicity and away from inquisitive eyes.

7. The Libra:

Libra is so adept at romantic films that she imagines her marriage proposal worthy of the most beautiful movie romances. It must be a magical and magical moment she will remember all her life! And that’s all!

8. The Scorpion:

With a Scorpion, everything is thrilled. If he could choose, he would spend his engagement day parachuting or hiking in the mountains. And because he likes to choose, he could even make the famous marriage proposal!

9. Sagittarius:

For the adventurer of the Zodiac, nothing will make him happier than a marriage proposal at the other end of the world. Before a sunset, in the desert or at the top of a volcano, this day must be memorable … and exotic!

10. Capricorn:

Of a rather conservative temperament, Capricorn does not want a fuss on the day of her engagement request. He wants something simple and elegant. Far from the crowds, he prefers to be at home outside. Remember that this is an ultra homemade sign!

11. The Aquarius:

With his atypical personality, Aquarius will be filled if his partner is bold for his marriage proposal. An improvised request in a karaoke party, on a theater stage, or in an amusement park … As long as it’s fun!

12. The Pisces:

This is the bluest flower sign of the Zodiac! Of course, he needs a princely marriage proposal. All the family and friends must be present for the Fish to be the prince or princess of the day!

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