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Single Horoscope For December 2023: Sparkling Moments At Christmas Time

December has a lot of love in store. You can find out which zodiac signs can look forward to tingling moments here.

Are you single and hoping for hot flirts, great dates, and maybe even great feelings? For some zodiac signs, this Christmas wish could come true in December. Read here what the stars have in store for you in December 2023.

Who does your zodiac sign harmonize particularly well with? Take a look at your singles horoscope to find out.

Capricorn singles horoscope

Always nice and slow

You are careful at first, the bull understands that. The velvet gloves are his chicest accessory. Slowly but surely, sympathy turns into real love. The attention and sensitivity that the fish shows you fascinates you. He’s also so gentle that you’ll quickly melt. Your flirtation with Aquarius will gain more drive. With him everything seems so easy and carefree – you’ll love it!

Aquarius singles horoscope

Erotic vibes

Mars encourages you to go on a journey of conquest. You like the scale straight away. You two are a perfect match. The lion opens his big heart to you. You two complement each other perfectly and experience the greatest adventures together. But Virgo’s clever comments also have their charm. You can talk to her about anything, which is something you particularly like as an intellectual sign.

Pisces singles horoscope


You immediately fell in love with the bull. There’s a sensual air around him that turns you on. But you need patience to catch him. Venus reveals: Things go much faster with Scorpio. It can spark violently with you. But you don’t fully trust your feelings yet. A direct hit is Capricorn, who will provide more stability in your life.

Aries single horoscope

Mars makes sparks fly

Erotic Mars is going great for you – and Sagittarius: you two complement each other perfectly. If you like it even more sensual: Scorpio offers sexy impulses that get under your skin. He is now using his entire repertoire of seduction tricks. The Gemini charms you with his cheerfulness. You enjoy spending time with him so much because he makes you laugh and relates to you effortlessly.

Taurus singles horoscope

Pretty demanding

Now your fans have to offer you something to lure you out of your reserve. The Capricorn will convince you with his solid life orientation and his cool sex appeal. The Virgo makes you immediately feel comfortable and finally arrives with her. Here you can relax and forget about everyday life. Cancer’s tender kisses will quickly melt your coolness away.

Gemini singles horoscope


The fiery Aries can tolerate your open nature well. He likes that you don’t hesitate and show him what you want. Things are getting pretty hot with you. Aquarius inspires you with his flexibility. You can forget boredom with him. If the spark jumps with the fish, you need more patience. Avoid direct approaches and let your gentle side shine through.

Cancer single horoscope

An Advent full of love

The lion warms your heart on cold winter days. He is open to closeness and intimate feelings, you like that. But your biggest fan in Advent is the fish. With him, you will experience life and love with all your senses and can live out your romantic side. Scorpio is more passionate. Let yourself be carried away by its intensity.

Leo singles horoscope


You get along with Libra straight away. She knows how to find many beautiful sides in life and is enthusiastic about everything new. This is exactly your world. With fiery Aries, the heartbeat and mutual enthusiasm happen quickly. It can be love at first sight for Sagittarius. You like his open nature as well as his boundless optimism.

Virgo singles horoscope

Happy to discuss

Venus and Jupiter will become a source of happiness for you and Pisces. He inspires you with his imagination and his special view of things. He intuitively senses what you think and feel. Aquarius is aggressive. Great, because you’re in the mood for heated discussions and the battle of the sexes. With the Scorpio, it tingles intensely, and your feelings for each other quickly go into depth.

Libra singles horoscope

Popular figure

Mars makes you open and sociable. The Sagittarius immediately likes your charming and likable nature. You don’t have to wait long for an invitation from him. Virgo also likes you because you come across as so smart and well-spoken. You two never run out of things to talk about. But Capricorn also appeals to you. You just like that it takes patience to conquer him.

Scorpio singles horoscope


With you and the fish, it is indeed fate. One intense look is enough and it’s over for both of you. Gentle Cancer is good for you and inspires trust. You feel that he can be a real-life companion for you. The lion delights you with his versatility and erotic appetite. Mars heats it in December, your Christmas will be a celebration of love!

Sagittarius singles horoscope

Ready for more

The joy of life shines from your eyes, and the Aries doesn’t need to be asked twice. He is spurred on by erotic Mars and before you know it, the two of you are heading for the bedroom. Leo also knows how to pique your interest. His generous nature and his great stories inspire you. Aquarius scores with you with his spontaneity and his sweet surprises.

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